Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast Confession:

I have played a number of times. I played several one on one games with guys in college. It was always their idea, and I tried to lose. I usually gave them blowjobs afterwards. I played a few times with an old bf, where the winner got to tie the loser up for the rest to the night. These happened because he wanted to tie me up and I was too keen on the idea, so I finally agreed to play strip poker for it. I won the first two games and got to tie him up, which I really liked. I have also played some mixed group games. These were organized by some soft swingers, but never involved sex between players. Most of the players are couples. They did have penalties for losers, like streaking, nude jumping jacks, spankings, and nipple clips (which I can tell you hurt like hell). One game had masturbation penalties and two guys had to do it in front of everyone. That was wild.

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