Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast Confession:

I moved to this apartment building along with my husband and two kids. One of our friend's cousins also lived in the same building as us. I came to find out that she was a lesbian! I've always been curious about that "other side". I guess just knowing that she was one on that side kind of turned me on. She is beautiful with beautiful, long, curly hair, and a banging body. My husband and I talked about the thought of being with another woman. Well, one day my husband went out to hang with his boys. I called the girl and asked her if she would like to come over and have a little drink with me. She said, "Sure, why not?" She sounded half asleep. I think I woke her. I guess she must have been feeling me, too, because she came upstairs in no time. She came upstairs and we talked. I finally had the guts to tell her how I felt about her. To my surprise, she felt the same! We kissed and felt on each other for a while. This whole thing was strictly curiosity, nothing more. We started to hook up on the low without my husband knowing exactly what was going on. Renting hotel rooms was my favorite because I had her all to myself! Now that felt wonderful! Her body felt so soft and smelled so good. I have to stop there. We had to chill for a bit. That affair was dangerous in a good way. The funny part is that I only feel like that towards her. I can't look at another female the way I look at her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another one of those trips. -Samantha, 20


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