Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast

Nude Female Gymnast Confession:

i loved this idea, i ordered a small pizza and i answered naked. i pretended to hide behind the door, but i let one of my double D's slip out and pretended not to notice. i said,"can you wait while i put something on, you caught me naked." and he(pretty ciut) goes,"ummm, ye-yea sure" i say,"is there anyone out there?"he looks around and shakes his head, then goes back to staring at my tit. "i say, ok never mind then" and expose myself. i take the pizza and go off to get money. i come back and count it in front of him. i give him a few dollars change and he sais, "copuld you do me a favor?" i stare at him waiting "well, i just broke up with my girlfriend and-" SLAM! i shut it in his face. i felt bad though and i opened up again and gave him a hug. poor guy. i felt his hard cock on my croch and gave it a squeeze (it wasn't out, i put my hand down his pants) and i was surprised at how big it was. but he was a stranger so i said goodnight andhad to pry his hand off of my boob. kind of a wierdo but i guess he doesn't get a lot of fun delivery's.


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