Nude Female Soccer Players

Nude Female Soccer Players

Nude Female Soccer Players Confession:

When I was a junior in college i spent the summer in california and was trying out to be a lifeguard. The lifeguard training program was a 1 week camp of training and tests. Easily there were 50 guys there (I was the only girl). So one rainy night i was hanging out at our beach house with some of the younger (all were 18 to 25) guys. There were at least 12 guys there. Anyway we were playing truth or dare and doing some silly things. Eventually this degenerated into a big circle jerk. One guy dared me to lie down on the floor and be the cum rag. So I did and had 12 horny studs cumming all over me. I passed the test and ended up life guarding for the summer in Santa Cruz. Four of the guys who were there that night with me also worked in Santa Cruz. I spent that summer being their sex slave.


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