Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table Confession:

My wife and I were at a 21st party last Saturday night. We didn't know a lot of the people there, as it was a girl from my work having the birthday. I was outside having a smoke, and when I came back inside my wife was talking to this guy who I didn't know. They seemed to be quite animated in their chat, so I didn't interrupt them, but went over and got myself another drink. I was watching them from the corner of my eye and he was touching my wife often. Not groping, but touching her arm or sometimes her cheek as they spoke. I was curious as to what they were talking about, but she was laughing and seemed to be a bit flirtatious, leaning in close to him to talk. I'm usually a bit of a jealous type, not domineering, but I like to keep an eye on things. Well, this was getting over the top. An outsider would have thought they were a couple very much in love, the way they were carying on. Funnily enough, I found myself getting horny watching her, and wondering how far this would go if I let it. As it turned out, she spotted me and excused herself and came over. She told me that the guy had introduced himself to her and told her he thought she was the most attractive lady at the party, and got quite flirty and suggestive. She said he was "cute" and left it at that. my point is, I can't understand why I got horny watching her flirt. So much so that I fucked her 3 times when we got home as I thought about her actions earlier. I'm wondering now if I would like to watch her with another man, and if she would let another man have his way with her. Her actions on Saturday suggested she might be open

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