Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table Confession:

Best of two wives. #1 let a few of my friends cop a feel early in marriage, later she downbloused several strangers, pretty mild stuff. about married 8 yrs, truck stop in montgomery, al, 2:30 am or so, she goes in for a coffe run while i stay with the two sleeping kids. she comes back and says (and points) that guy just asked me climb up into his cab. me, are you going. she, you kidding. long/short, she goes, back in 30 minutes and shares all with me, she had a ball and i enjoyed the story. she was still pretty hot, 29. divorce 10 yrs later, never did anyone else. #2 is 14 yrs younger than me and a slut on wheels, super hot, lots of men in her life, fuck all night, hard drinking. We truely are in love and i could care less about physical contact, who gets in her, touches or kisses her, etc. Really, at a minimum she will french 2 or 3 stranger any night we go out. My concern is she has fucked every male boss she has had since age 19. This could affect her career, promotions, advancements, income. I have to convince her to let the bosses go. A few less business trips wold help. Well wish me luck.

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