Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table Confession:

donít see how some of the writers can say they would love to clean up after their wifeís lover. I tasted that stuff once and uck! Before we were married we lived together but she still had a crush on another guy. I encouraged the relationship because I didnít want to get married and then have her decide she married the wrong guy. She had a big Friday night planned so she asked me not to have sex with her that week because she wanted to be real passionate for him.

Early Saturday morning she came home, I asked her how it went and she said wonderful he was heaven. Of course not having sex all week I was ready to go so I said lay down I want to suck you off. She said I had better not because she had not cleaned up yet and was a mess. And a mess she was, she has a lot of hair around her pussy which catches semen and it was a mess but I was so hot this made me even hotter and then another turn on was that he had screwed her so long and hard that her pussy and upper legs looked like they had a sun burn.. I went down on her gooey pussy and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. That was the first time I had ever tasted cum and Iíll never forget it. Once started I could hardly back off so I spent a good amount of time sucking on her pussy trying to duplicate her trip to heaven. Afterwards she asked how I liked it and I told her it was not what I expected. She said thatís the reason she did not like guys cuming in her mouth. Ever since I have been careful to tell her when I was cuming so if she wished she could take it out of her mouth but she still lets me fill her mouth because she knows how good it feels for me. But for me, no thanks, you can do it.

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