Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table

Nude Pool Table Confession:

After reading all of these confessions, I have to make one of my own. I've been with my boyfriend for five years. He's the only one I love. We've each had our own indiscretions, but we made it through the ups and downs. Well, I also had a best friend in high school whom I was very close to. When I got to my senior year, he started to get way cuter and sexier than ever before. I couldn't help being attracted to him. At one point, my boyfriend and I were on the outs. My best friend was there for me and confessed that he'd been in love with me since we met. I was really confused because I had similar feelings. But then again, I loved my boyfriend, too. So, for about three months, we snuck around. One time, my boyfriend, my best friend, and I were at my house. My guy friend and I were downstairs making out, and my boyfriend was right upstairs. It was very sexy and hot. I really couldn't help myself. My boyfriend almost came downstairs and caught us. That's when it had to stop. Although I still cared for my friend, I ended all the romance between us. Nowadays, we don't even talk although I see him all the time because he has a baby with my friend. Crazy, huh? I'm still with my boyfriend, who I love just as much, and we're even planning to get married. Occasionally, I still think about those hot times with my ex-friend. -Trina, 21

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