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Nude Swim Club

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We went out on the town for a bachelor party but most of us ended up back at one of the guys house after the bars closed. We were enjoying a few bottles of beers when his wife came home from the bachelorette party being held on the same night. She was very tipsy and told the groom to be what a naughty fiancee he had. There was a male stripper there who had allowed her to feel his very large 'dong'. We all just laughed this off but she then asked all about what antics we had got up to with our stripper but we had to tell her we did not have one and we had just toured all the bars in town. "whoever heard of a bachelor party without a stripper" she said calling us all a crowd of deadbeats. One of the guys then challenged her and said "why don't you be our stripper then ?". She looked at her husband then stood up on the coffee table in the middle of the room. "Put on some music then" she called out. One guy raced over to the Hi-Fi while we all took our seats around the room. She treated us all to a sexy strip show and ended up totally naked for us. At the end she stepped down off the table and went over to the groom. She dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. Out popped a large boner which she played with for a while and sandwiched between her tits. We were all cheering and whistling when embarrasingly he suffered from premature ejaculation and exploded everywhere. We all had a great time. It's the best bachelor party I have ever been to. Much better to have an amateur stripper.


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