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Nude Swim Club

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I was 20 years old just got married and moved into a little house in Michigan. There was a couple across the street late 20's. There master bedroom was in the front of the house with sliding glass doors facing my house. I was sitting on my front porch playing my guitar right after I got out of work. In pulls this guys wife. Gets out of her car in her nurse dress and goes in the house. I was not thinking a thing. I glance over while playing a Jim Croce tune and she stands at her dresser and unzips and removes her dress. My mouth drops wide open and I get an instant hard on. Then she pulls off her bra and begins rubbing and scratching her beautiful c cup sized breasts. This is an honest to god true story. Then she slides off her panties and begins scratching her beautiful bush! And she was a very HOT looking blonde. I really do not think she had a clue I was there watching her. From that day on I have been a voyeur. I cant walk by a window in the evening without checking it out closely! Prior to that incident I honestly never thought about peeking or anything.

YOUR PENIS !!              
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2 - Confirm Email

3 - Login and Click on Adult Chat Rooms

4 - Click on Girls Watching Guys on Cams
Girls Watching Guys on Cams

Follow instructions to Join group and enjoy!!!!

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