Nude Swim Team

Nude Swim Team

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Yes, I have had a few occasions where I have actually lost clothing (and a few times I've done it purposely) First time was on a school trip to France. I was 14 and it was an all girls camping trip. Five of us had hired some bikes and went for a long bike ride. the weather was very hot and we found a lake and it was suggested we skinny nip. I'd never done it before, but agreed as they all did. I was a bit embarrassed being naked, I was reasonably well developed but my Father had used humiliation as a punishment since I was little, so I was both ashamed and aroused at the same time. But after a little while I was swimming and playing with the others. One of the girls had gone onto the bank and was asleep and I suggested we steal her clothes. The other said no as the would be mean. I felt a little embarrassed for Suggesting it. Then we were all on the bank, all naked and letting the sun dry us off. I fell asleep. When I woke up not only were they gone but my clothing too! They had left the bike and had unlocked it thankfully, but it took me four hours to get back to camp, and it was dark and cold! I was passed by I think five cars and one did stop but when he heard me try and speak french and ask for help he drove off. I was able to get back to my tent without being seen and once dressed I went to find the girls who took my stuff. The teacher with us told me off for being so late and I said I was sorry but lost track of time. She was not pleased. I found the girls giggling and asked for my stuff back, but they said they had left it on the road! I guess it was either taken or I missed it. The problem was I had only brought the one pair of shoes so had the spend the rest of the holiday barefoot. I told the teacher I had left them by the lake and she did allow me to go back, but I found nothing. She said it was my fault and would have to do without. One girl offered me a spare pair but they were too small. The other time was a couple of years ago, I was out clubbing in a one piece pvc cat suit. I went to toilet and because floor was wet I put it over to door while I peed. But then someone swiped it and was out the main door before I could open cubical door! I wasn't wearing any underwear (didn't want to spoil the line of outfit) and my shoes and handbag were in main club! The first girl to come into toilets just laughed at me and left. But the next one gave me her coat (which was short) so I could get my shoes and bag and get a taxi home. I have on several occasions stolen shoes at a club. I really have a thing for bare feet. When I was 16 I hung out with a gang, 6 of us, 4 girls and 2 boys. One of the girls was really tight with money, although we knew she had plenty. We went to the pool in town one summer and as she always did she snuck in without playing and shared a locker. She also used to annoy us by spending ages in the shower washing her hair. SO this time we all got dressed quickly, took her towel and all her clothing and left and waited outside for her. About an hour later she came out wearing a very grubby old T-shirt that came half way to her knees. It was obvious she had nothing on her top, her nipples could easily be seen. After a lot of cursing she told us they had offered to call her parents but she knew her dad would go mental if he found out, so she said no and hoped we would be outside. Lucky for her we were, we were about to leave! She demanded, then begged for her clothes, but we made her ride the bus home with us before telling her we had left them hidden in the town centre! She went mental! and even slapped one of the boys. We told her where they were and left her. Apparently she WALKED all the way back to town to get them. Jenna said they only time she has actually lost clothing was in a club when she was 18 and she took her top off as a dare (she was wearing a bra) and never found it again. She said she was once pestered by a man at a club so much she agreed to go into the car park with him and give him a BJ as long as they were both naked. He agreed and she ran off with his clothing only leaving her mini dress for him to cover up with (She's a fast runner) I hope you find these interesting and not to long and boring. I look forward to hearing other peoples. Tina

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