Nude Swim Team

Nude Swim Team

Nude Swim Team Confession:

I was in London on business, and at a bar met this gorgeous blonde babe, and we started talking. We had a few drinks and she left, after leaving her cellphone number, but said she could not meet up as she was living with her lover. A day later I called her up and we again met for drinks, I took her out for dinner, and on the way to her car, we started kissing heavily. She said she would not 'cheat' with me and she left. I was aching to feel her sexy mature body on me. She was 56 years old and I was 41. I traveled back to Kenya, and about a year later I got an email from her, followed by a phone call. She was now separated from her then fella, and she cried how he 'cheated' on her and she felt pained, and now was living on her own. I decided to take a week off and visit her in London. She picked me from the airport, and as soon as we got to her car we were kissing and touching. We went to her apartment, a few miles from the airport, we were to change and go out for dinner, but as soon as we got in, I un-dressed her and started sucking her shaven pussy. In our talks I mentioned to her that I loved a shaven pussy, and she had hairy blonde pubes, but she surprised me with this. Her pussy was soooo sweet and soft. I couldn't stop sucking her and my tongue went in as deep as it could and she couldn't stop shaking. I made her stand up and hold the wall while I ate her pussy and arse, her legs kept giving up on her, as I also played with her breasts. I carried her to the bedroom, and took out a bottle of aromatic oil from my holdall. I massaged her softly all over her sexy mature body, lightly touching her breast, ears and her pussy, which was now swollen with pleasure. We had passionate, long sex that lasted about three hours. I later opened a bottle of Glenfiddich Solera Reserve, that I throughly enjoy, and we sat on her carpet and drank the whisky. A mature scotch with a special mature lady. I poured some of the whisky on her body and licked it off her sexy body, putting my tongue in every curve, every fold, from head to toe. The babe had just had a full body pedicure and manicure done for my visit. I spent a week there, and will continue with this later, especially when she had stocked lingerie for my visit. Tell me how mature women feel about a man like me who really appreciates her.


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