Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis Confession:

Now it seems like years ago, but in reality, this time last year I was taking my own photos and posting them like crazy on . I loved being naked outdoors, especially as the weather gets colder. A coat that goes to mid thigh, boots to my knees and nothing else but my camera really got me going.

Some creepy stuff happened, and then I met my now boyfriend. He's amazing and smart and the sex is fantastic, but I never told him about my "fetish" and since everything else was going so perfectly, it didn't seem to matter. In fact, I was glad that I hadn't told him, because this could be a closed chapter in my life.

Well, for some reason two days ago, I got the idea that I wanted to do pictures again. Maybe its the perfect weather, the sunshine, or just that its been too long. Anyway, there's no way I would do it without telling my guy and well, I don't know if I can come clean about it.

There's no way I'd leave him just to indulge my fantasy of being naked in public...or finally getting my "naked in a bar" pictures that I've been dying to have. But I wonder if I broached the subject, if he'd be into it.

Last night we went a bar after dropping his daughter off at her mom's house, and since I was feeling frisky, I was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I asked him if I should stop and he said "no, but if someone comes by, you might want to." I said that wasn't a concern of mine and he said "It wouldn't bother you to turn around and see a line of people watching you touching me?" Of course, since I'm a huge exhibitionist, that would be the LAST thing that would bother me, but when I said it wouldn't, he just gave me this look like I was a freak.

The sex is fantastic, and we've even done it outdoors once (although, I know he was freaked out about it). Is it worth potentially messing up what I have to do the pictures once again??

How would I even bring it up? "Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you, there's a TON of pictures of me naked on the internet...would you like to help me take some more?"

Any ideas will be warmly welcomed!

(oh, and I deleted ALL copies of my pictures when I moved in with him, so if anyone has any, I'd LOVE to get my hands on at least one for my profile picture!! lol) Kim (Loves 2 Flash)

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