Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis

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How often do you find yourself in a bizarre situation? Friday night I went out to a local bar. It is a hole in the wall that attracts a large crowd on the weekends. The bar area is cramped and the restrooms are elbow-to-wall tight. Well I walked in the backdoor of the bar and squeezed into the mens restroom. This whole restroom is maybe 6' x 6' with a wall between the sink and toilet. Anyway, I heard someone walk in behind me. Then I heard a girls voice say "I hope you don't mind that I'm following you in here." I turned around and looked at her and said "No problem" So I whipped out my dick and began pissing into the urinal. I heard her set down her beer bottle on the sink. Then she moves in beside me, drops her pants and sits on the toilet. Her head is no more than a foot from my cock. She is a good looking girl with reddish blonde hair and a tatoo of a butterfly above her pussy. She says "I really have to go". She proceeds to piss right next to me while I am pissing in the urinal. I could tell that she is pretty drunk. I finish my business and begin to zip up. She says "No wait" and grabs my arm. She turns me toward her and sticks my cock in her mouth. I immediately got hard. She began stroking and bobbing and within 2 minutes, I erupted in her mouth. I then zipped up and left the restroom. She came out a minute later and disappeared into the crowd. Has anyone else had anything really weird happen?


Truth or Dare Videos

These Dare Videos are a small homemade operation. Like myself, the guy who makes them LOVES truth or dare and created a hobby website for it. He gets participants locally by placing ads in the 'personals' section of the university campus paper, asking girls to play 'Truth or Dare with other girls and some guys. All players are over 18 and do this for fun. No money, no pros!


Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos


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