Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis Confession:

I was stationed at Pearl Harbor HI from 1988-1992. During these four years I discovered seveal topless and nude beaches. Needless to say I spent much of my time at these beaches. However, my most memorable voyeur experience happened in downtown Waikiki. I owned a 1972 VW bus and I basically lived in it on the weekends. Anyone who was stationed in Hawaii at that time will remember that the military had a large parking area near the Hale Koa hotel in Waikiki. Anyway, this was where I parked my van on the weekends. My usual routine was to go downtown Friday night and visit my favorite bars and clubs. I would get back to my van around 2-3am and get a few hours of sleep before going to the beach on Saturday. On one of these weekends I awoke about 9am Sat. morning. As I was getting up I noticed a car pull up in the parking space directly in front of my van. Again, this was in a military owned parking lot in downtown Waikiki. I sat up a very beautiful woman in her early 20's got out of the car. She was dressed like she might be going to a job interview. She went into the trunk of her car and pulled out a large beach bag. She brought the bag to the front of her car and placed it on the car's hood. Again, I was no more than 5 feet away in my van. She then produced a very small two peice bathing suit from her bag. Needless to say she now had my full attention. As I watched she took off her top and then her bra. Her body complimented her incredible looks. Her very firm breasts must have been a C cup. Instead of putting on her bikini top she took off her shoes and then stepped out of her pants and panties. Her neatly trimmed bush matched the light blond color of her hair. I just sat there speechless as the incredible woman stood right outside my van totally naked. She then quickly put on her bikini starting with the bottoms. She then put on her top and a pair of flip-flops. She folded her other clothes and put them in the backseat of her car. She then came back for her bag and started walking toward the beach. As she started walking away I rolled down my window and started clapping. She turned around and looked in my direction. When she realized that I had been right in front of her and had seen her incredible performance she turned about six shades of red. She then quickly turned and headed for the beach. Saddly, I was never lucky enough to see this woman again. I did have many other wonderful voyeur experiences while stationed there but I don't think that any others were quite as memorable as this one

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