Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis

Nude Tennis Confession:

I met this guy in Las Vegas. We had the time of our lives. We saw each other every day of the trip. Later, on the forth day, I had to leave. I was so depressed. None of my close friends understood how horrible it felt to leave someone you loved. I talked about this guy everyday and thought about him a lot. Then my best friend went on a cruise three months later. She met the guy of her dreams, too. She even stayed as long as I had on my trip. Weird, right? Well, when she got back, she felt the same exact way as I had after meeting the guy of my dreams. She was the only one who could relate to what I was going through. She just got back a few days ago. She is the closest friend ever. I've known her since pre-school. This was really weird for us, and now we are two peas in a pod that are broken up into pieces over some guys. -Jenny, 20

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