Nude Volleyball

Nude Volleyball

Nude Volleyball Confession:

I must say that my experience with chatting has lead to a greater number of sexual encounters than I ever would have imagined. For a time after I graduated college I was the operator of a vehicle used to transport disabled individuals from place to place. Shortly thereafter, I started to develop feelings for one of my passengers, a near quadraplegic known as Sarah. We began to see each other socially; translation, I took longer and longer to drive her home each day and had my way with her along the way. The story was that she had once suffered from oxygen depravation; that's like when a person is not getting enough oxygen, for you people who are not trained in medicine, as myself. Anyway, she was known as being a bit "slow to speak." (my ToD fans already know where this is going) ...anyway, let's just say, Over the many months I took her from place to place I also "took" some "liberties" with her. Criticise me if you must but she never seemed to object to any of it. This is a degree of law significantly beyond "implied concent." She was conscious and didn't appear to object. When you were conceived, could your mother have said the same? I thought not!

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