YMCA Nude Swim

YMCA Nude Swim

YMCA Nude Swim Confession:

I love the most to be a pathetic wanker that watches his wife being fucked hard by her lover. usually, i watch them and then i clean her pussy full of her lover cum. i am not allowed to fuck her. when i finish to clean her, sometimes they allow me to wank my tiny penis and then to swallow also my own sperm. what they enjoy the most in the last times is to pee (both) in my mouth after they had sex.

last weekend we all three went with the car at the city limits, in a forest, where they put me to undress completely, they put me then to jerk off in front of them and then they let me there fully naked for more than 2 hours. it was so embarrassing. then, they came after me (i suppose that they fucked well somwhere ...) and allowed me to enter the car. that way we went back home - me naked in the back seat, while they laughed at me what a pathetic wanker i am ... back home, they kept me still naked, while they watched tv and drank beer. then, the guy took me at the bathroom and pee in my mouth and over my face, while my beloved wife watched and laughed. i didn't suck his cock until now but i think that if she will ask me to do it, i will !!! i didn't suck any cock and i don't know how it could be ... to knee in front of my wife's lover and let him fuck my mouth ? i think that is the most humiliating part of cuckolding, but if she wants to see her lover fucking my mouth, i will do, because i love her so much. what do you think, will i be probably turned on sucking cock fully naked in front of my wife ?


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