YMCA Nude Swim

YMCA Nude Swim

YMCA Nude Swim Confession:

Your wife's previous lovers? --> I have met six, but the first very little, met him just the once, and been told about eight more, I'll tell you about the other five I've met. The second I know because he and wife live down the block and she had it off with him a number of times when he helped her out with things - wifey never found out. I also met her previous husband, apparently he has a huge dick, bigger than mine and too big to give oral to without choking - she tells me it was a great feeling, but as she says to me its the way you use it, and he didn't use it enough. Then there is the teacher she had a previous relationship with - who gave great oral and massage - but then so do I. Finally there are the two lovers she had while we were together, both of whom she told me about, one of which before I found out about him she use to fuck at lunchtime - nipping out from work to a motel, and then come home and screw me silly, and even after I found out about him tell me about what happened. The other apparently had a long thin dick. She used to come home from him with the crotch of her jeans dripping wet from their combined juices, once she came home as quick as she could - about 20 mins - from him to have me inside here so she could feel the difference - and said to me I felt a lot better - filling her out much more - very gratifying as I dropped my load in her.

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