Pizza Flash

Pizza Flash

Pizza Flash - Hi - we are Allison and Lorraine and we adore your website and read it almost every day! We only miss it during exam time LOl. We wanted to send you a dare picture for the longest time but never really had time. Well, this summer we went with our roomate to a conference (school-related) and stayed in a hotel for a few days. That gave us the perfect opportunity to try a dare. We decided on the pizza dare since it was your original dare and there haven't been too many others doing it. So, we called Dominoe's Pizza from the phone book and asked our roomate if she could take some pictures while we answer the door naked. She thought we were nuts, as she's not into that kind of thing, but was happy to help us out. After about 20 minutes we both stripped down and waited nervously by the door for the pizza guy to arrive. Suddenly Allison blurted out, "what's if it's a girl?" with a shocked look on her face. I said 'big deal' and that we'd still do it anyway. She just looked at me and said, "yeah, ok" and we giggled alot and waited still. After about 30 minutes our roomate started to take off her clothes too! We both looked at her and she just said that she didn't want to miss out on the fun. This was gonna be good. About 5 minutes later we heard "the knock". Allison took a deep breath and looked at us as if to say, "ready?" and nooded her own head as if to answer herself and swung the door wide open!

All 3 of us stood there posing/staring at him and his jaw dropped and almost hit the floor LOL. He couldn't believe what he saw and we couldn't believe we were doing this! Finally he said in a broken voice, "um, that will be $17.99" or whatever price it was. Allison, who had the door handle still in her hand took the pizza's and I went towards him with the money. We were all still serious-faced until I started burting out laughing and the everyone including the pizza guy did too. We told him we were doing this as a dare and he said, "oh!" and kept on staring at our naked bodies. I had to remind our roomate to take a picture and I hugged the pizza guy and posed while she did. Allison was busy talking to him. We paid and he left but took a long time to give us change as he kept staring and asking us questions. When he finally left we collapsed on the couch laughing and laughing, red-faced for at least 10 minutes. None of us was hungry just then but we talked and relived what had just happened. It was great fun and we are happy to submit it to your awesome website. - A & L



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