College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest - I sleep nude and have been doing so since I was about 13. My parents actually knew about when I was a teen and they had no problem with it. Now I am in college and both me and my roomate sleep nude and neither and neither of us care. It is a lot cooler during the summer and I can't stand it when your underwear bunches up in the middle of the night. I dont see what the big deal is if someone sees me. I dont care since it won't be the first time someone has seen my pussy.

That brings me to this picture and my dare. Last year during our freshman welcoming party, my roomate and I were some of the courageous ones who stayed late were the party turned into a nude sex frenzy! I am lying down with my roomie near my beaver while I kiss some guy we just met. It was a wild party and one that has brought me and roomie closer!



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