Sexy Sleepover

Sexy Sleepover

Sexy Sleepover - Last year on a winter night, my friends and I decided to have a sleep over. It's been ages since we've done that and we wanted to basically hang out and catch-up on each other's lives. There were 5 of us girls and my boyfriend was there but was on the computer upstairs and I told him to stay out of our way. He begged me to let him hang with us but I told him it was girl-only party. After some food, lots and LOTS of talking and some booze one of my friends asked what my BF was doing. I told them he was playing around on the computer. They all looked at each other and said, "I'll bet he's watching porn! Let's go see!" When we got there, he quickly turned off the monitor. I turned it on and to our surprise, a naked girl appeared, and we followed the links on the site. We watched porn until midnight, and then two out of my four friends went to sleep. The ones that were up decided to have a little fun with my boyfriend and daed him to strip for them. He looked at me and I laughed and said, "go ahead." So, that progressed to playing a drinking game called quartes and that lead to more booze and that lead to us daring each other to do all sorts of things. One of the hottest was watching my BF lick, suck and kiss my friend's body while doing shots off of it. We were up all night doing dares and having a fun, erotic pleasure-fest! It didn't go any further than that as I wasn't comfortable with my BF being around my other horny friends as I believed he was gonna jump them sooner or later. My 2 friends passed out within minutes of the game ending and my BF and I, sexually charged had sex with them in the same room. They were passed out and didn't know we were doing it but it was a thrill just the same. here are our pics from that night (I am the one watching). - Sandra




Sexy Sleep over


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