Shy Wife

Shy Wife

Shy Wife Gone Wild - My shy wife has never been one to expose herself to anyone. She even hides behind a towel when I want to see her. I never understood that because she has a gorgous body. She is 5 ft tall 105 pounds and has a 38-26-33 shape. Her breasts are very nice and although she thinks they are just average I keep telling her that a 38-C is very large for a girl her size.

Anyway a couple months ago I dared her to write to your site about the time she was way out of caracter and got caught up in the moment at a car show and exposed her tits and her thong clad ass. She agreed to the dare and after she sent it she said that nobody would read it probably because she wouldn't allow me to send a picture of her with it. I then took the opportunity to bet her that if we recieved more than 10 e-mails from the readers that she would have to post a pic of herself on your site. We finally got the tent e-mail so even though the picture isn't that great and she still won't show herself completely to you all, she did agree to press her nice tits against the shower door for you to see.

I am betting her something sexual again that I recieve more than 15 e-mails telling her what you think of her picture. Please send those e-mails titled Shy Wife Gone Wild to dtwdevil @ - DTW


As some of you may have read a month or so ago I was the shy wife behind the shower door pressing my tits against the glass (above). That was as much as I dared show on the net and I really didn't think anybody would even acknowledge seeing me so I bet my husband that if we got 15 or more e-mails from people saying they wanted to see more, then I would show more but as I said I didn't think it would happen. Well......It Happened! So ...

Shy Wife Gone Wild

Not only did we get the 15 e-mails but we got them on the first day and then some. Me and my big mouth! My husband reminded me of our bet, not that I had forgotten and I told him that he needed to be nice and let me have a second chance. He smiled and said no way, but that he would be nice enough to let me pick the daring act and surprise him for his birthday. The only stipulations that he had was that it involved nudity, his camera, and at least one other person which I knew that he had his best friend Steve in mind as they both have tried countless times to catch me in the shower or peep through my window at me while I was changing. I know his friend has at least seen my breasts a few times cause I have worn loose fitting tops around the house with no bra on and he would stop by unexpectedly and I have caught him looking. Anyway the dare was up to me and I was warned that if it didn't live up to his expectations that he and his friend were going to tie me up, strip me naked, and take turns feeling me up and tasting me while they took pictures and then they were going to post them. WOW! No pressure here!

I gave it some thought and even spoke on-line with a couple of your readers about what to do and was given a few ideas for the dare. This is what I did.

I told my hubby to invite his friend over to help him with the deck we were building and that later that night I would fix a nice meal for his birthday and the 3 of us could celebrate. He said that his friend's birthday was just a week away also and that we could celebrate his too so I told him that I would add Steve's name to the cake I would bake!

Wife Gone Wild

Saturday came and Steve stopped in around 8:00 a.m. and the three of us began working on the deck. It was a hot day and I had on some jeans and a T-shirt with no bra. It was exciting having my breasts giggle around in front of them but I knew my husband expected more and I wasn't about to risk being tied and stripped by the two of them. I said I was hot and was going to change into something cooler and that I would be right back. I went to the bedroom where I had previously opened the curtains wide for them to look in if they dared and from the corner of my eye I could see my hubby and Steve straining to see in. Do I know them or what? I turned and semi- faced the window. I took a deep breath and tried to relax thinking about how I got myself into this predicament and my heart was racing a hundred beats a minute as I crossed my arms and lifted the T-shirt off my head. I let the fabric of my shirt cling to my breasts so that when they finally fell free they did it with a great bounce. I stood there wiping the sweat from my breasts with my shirt before dropping the shirt and unsnapping my jeans. I slowly opened the zipper and since I didn't wear panties my pubes were starting to show.

I turned my back to the window slowly wiggled out of them & unveiled my ass for them to see. I stepped out of my jeans one leg at a time keeping them spread slightly so that they could see both my ass and my puffy pussy lips. I know this isn't the first time they peeped in at me but this is the first time that I was a willing participant even though Steve didn't know it yet. I could hardly believe that I was totally naked in front of him as I slowly went through my dresser drawers to find just the right outfit to put on even though I already knew what I was going to wear. It was a loose fitting pair of terrycloth shorts with no panties. The legs gapped open a lot from the times my hubby couldn't keep his hands off me and stretched them. My top was a thin white wife beater tank top that was cut off just below my breasts. It had shrunk some and if not careful when I reached upwards my nipples would show. ( That was my plan!)

A short while later I went back out walking hard on my heels as any girl knows adds an extra bounce to her breasts and the silence was awesome. I could tell that I had their attention and my hubby gave me a big wink. I asked what I could do to help and my hubby said that I could hand him up some nails from the box. I bent over giving his friend a good view of my ass as the shorts crawled up my cheeks and I had my legs parted giving him a veiw between them at my shirt that hung down loosly allowing my breasts to swing back and forth as I dug for the nails. I knew he was looking up my short shirt as well as at my ass. I filled a small box with nails and instead of climbing up the ladder I just stretched my arms up with the box to him. I kept staring at him and waiting for him to take the box but I could tell his eyes were focused on my breasts which I knew had come out the bottom of my shirt. I didn't look but I know Steve was also staring at my breasts because he was only a mere three feet away and I practically had them in his face. Soon my hubby took the nails. I picked up some scrap lumber laying around and tried to tidy up a bit while doing more than my fair share of bending over and then I said I was going to fetch some drinks.

I returned in a short while with a pitcher of lemonade and 3 glasses. I poured them some and we all started drinking. As I was gulping down my drink I made sure to spill some on my shirt making it almost transparent. My nipples were clearly visible and extremely hard both from the ice cold lemonade and the feeling I was getting from showing myself to them. Steve couldn't take his eyes off my shirt so after I drank I picked my shirt up and wiped my mouth off exposing both my breasts fully in front of them. You should have seen their eyes pop out! I smiled as I put my shirt back down and simply said you didn't see anything that you haven't seen before, then I turned and went back to work. Steve stood motionless with his mouth gapping open for what seemed like 10 minutes. My husband finally told him to snap out of it or he would send me inside so that they could get some work done.

After a few hours we decided we had done enough for one day. I told Steve he could use the basement shower and get cleaned up while I made supper. After he went in my hubby came up to me and told me thanks for the show & that I was doing a great job in pleasing him for his birthday. I smiled and told him the party was just about to begin! He raised his eyebrows as if to ask "There's more?" I asked him if he told Steve about the bet and he said he just did a few minutes after the tit flash. I said good because that will make what I have planned for the evening go a little easier. With that I heard Steve holler for some towels. My hubby told me that he had just put a whole stack in there this morning and I told him I know, I had to take them out right before you guys came in and I winked at him and headed down stairs with a towel. I knocked twice as I was turning the knob not giving him time to cover up before I got a chance to see him naked and to my surprise he not only was naked but was fully erect. He never tried to cover up and I asked with a smile, Did I do that? I handed him a towel and turned and walked out. I closed the door and left him there. I knew for sure with his reaction and hard cock that I was getting to him and that it would be easier for me to do stuff without him thinking I was a real slut. The last thing I wanted was for him to think badly about me and as hard as he was he was thinking anything but bad of me. I will admit I was getting turned on just knowing the power I had over these two horny guys!

Soon Steve got out of the bathroom wearing only some loose gym shorts and still sporting an evident erection. My hubby let me go next. I walked out of the room removing my top as I went. I didn't bother closing the bathroom door cause I knew they would just try peeking in anyway. I removed the rest of my clothes and climbed in. I saw movement on the other side of the glass door immediately so I took special time in washing myself everywhere. I soaped up my breasts and let the water cascade down them and then I rubbed myself almost to orgasm but I resisted as I know that after an orgasm I am lifeless and I wasn't ready for this party to end yet. My hubby still hadn't got the camera out and I was afraid that I may have to repeat my performance if he didn't do it soon. As I turned off the water I heard them scamper off. I dried myself and slipped on a short silk robe that I tied loosly. It barely covered my ass and if I bent over it wouldn't, my breasts were covered barely also as the V-neck was open and plunged to my belly button wear the tie held it together. If I leaned or twisted at all and you were at the right angle you would get an eyefull of my nipple. My hubby took his shower as I finished preparing supper with Steve sipping wine and watching me closely for any skin shot I would give him and believe me I gave him a few breast shots and a couple bend over shots just for fun. Soon my hubby joined us and we ate, had cake and watched a movie while sipping wine and I was getting pretty tired. I didn't do much flashing however I did lay my head in my hubby's lap while he caressed my shoulders inching my robe open with each caress. I let it happen and soon one of my breasts was on display for Steve. He was on the other end of the couch so I let him rub my feet and legs. He slowly rubbed higher and higher and I shifted allowing my robe to ride up on my ass a little exposing the bottom of my cheeks to him and I even laid one leg off the couch so that my pussy was on full display for him. He never tried touching me there though and I was a little relieved and a little dissapointed also. The massage they gave me was very relaxing. Combined with the alcohol and the outside air from today I was soon very sleepy. I sat up not bothering to tuck my breast back in and I leaned in to my hubby and kissed him good night and as I did I wispered that he forgot to use his camera and that if he gave me a few minutes I would give him another chance to complete my dare. I then turned and leaned into Steve and kissed him as my robe fell open completely. I didn't try to cover myself and Steve was a gentleman and never even made a comment about it. He did take a good long look and hugged me extra long pulling my breasts against his bare chest. When he released me I stood and took my time adjusting my robe on my shoulders allowing him ample time to check out my bush which was eye level to him. I closed the robe and with that I went in the bedroom not closing the door completely and removed my robe and laid on the bed. I covered myself from the waste down and pretended to go to sleep however I was so turned on that the thoughts of what might happen next would never allow me to actually fall asleep.

My husband told Steve that I was a very heavy sleeper especially after a couple of glasses of wine and that they should sneak in and see if I was asleep but first he had to get his camera. When my husband returned Steve was already standing at the door to our bedroom and I was laying on my back with my breasts exposed. I heard slight wispers as the two of them came close to the bed for a closer look at my chest. I heard the distinct clicking noise and although my eyes were shut I could tell it was the flash of a camera. I knew my tits would soon be seen not only by these two guys but also by all the readers on your site. Thus picture # 1 above. I heard more whispers and then I felt them both touching my breasts and I could feel my nipples hardening. Then they lowered the covers slowly past my belly button and kept going down as I could feel my pubes start to come into view and then the covers were completely gone. Fingers started caressing my bush. A hand grabbed my ankle and lifted my leg that bent at the knee and was left in that position for another picture as you can see from picture # 2. Then 2 hands took hold of my ankles and spread my legs. My arms were raised above my head total exposing me for yet another picture # 4. Fingers were probing my pussy lips and opening me up and I felt one slide into me and then another and I knew it was from 2 different hands. Suddenly I was feeling way out of my element so I started to move a little and quickly the fingers were removed and I rolled to my stomach so that wouldn't happen again. A few more pictures were taken of my ass See picture above and I felt hands rubbing my back and my ass and I have to admit, it felt great! I didn't ever want it to stop and my legs were inched apart and again fingers found their way into my pussy and it tickled so I started to move again and I pulled at the covers to cover my backside they removed their fingers and took another photo. Then my hubby yanked the covers from me & I turned to look at him and acted surprised that Steve was in the room with me naked. I couldn't help but laugh as I tried to crawl away see picture above. My hubby dropped his camera and removed his shorts.

He hopped on top of me wrestling with me while Steve watched. I tried to fake being humiliated in front of Steve and my hubby said well it is only fair since I walked in on Steve in the shower with the towel. I said that was only a little look and with that Steve slipped out of his shorts as well. My hubby laid his cock between my breasts and told Steve to take a picture which I've shared with you in the picture below . I was getting into it again and soon I started sucking his cock as Steve took another photo that is also attached see picture below. I looked up and said happy birthday to him and he said thanks and again reminded me that Steve also had a birthday next week and Steve took the hint and presented his dick close to my face. I know when I am beat and I gladly took Steve into my mouth as well. You can see the attached photo below.

My hubby then slid down while I sucked Steve and ate my pussy,( sorry no pics of that I guess they were both too busy!) and after a tremendous orgasm he got up and sank his cock into my pussy. I sucked Steve while my hubby fucked me and soon Steve began to buck as he shot a heavy load of cum down my throat. I swallowed every bit of it and licked him clean. The first picture below is me making sure I got every last drop. My hubby filled me from the other end. Steve never went limp and my hubby suggested that I climb on him so I straddled Steve and buried him in one quick easy slip into my pussy. In the next picture you can see Steve filling my cunt with his cock. My hubby watched and soon was hard again as well and he climbed in behind me and using his cum and my juice as a lubricant smeared it all around my asshole and started fingering my ass. I started yelling and bucking and soon I felt him remove his finger and press his hard cock against my tight opening. It slid in with a pop and I was fucking 2 guys at once. It was awesome. I sent a picture of my ass being filled by him see picture # 3 below. After both men and I came once more we slept like babies till morning when we fucked one more time!

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So Embarrassed ... She Turns Red

*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

What's happening?? ...

"She Lost - While playing she had second thoughts and desperately tried to win."

"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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