Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping - Hi, please post this on your site. It is a picture of my girlfriend and her friend. My gf is the naked one. This is how she got that way:

My girlfriend's college roomate was getting married and had us all fly in. It was going to be on the beach and her parents had rented out a beach house for her and the wedding party (my girlfriend was a brides maid)

The bachelorette party was the friday night, and me and the 4 other guys stayin in the house were kicked out. No problem, we went to the bar and hung out.

She was a pretty loose girl, and i was told she had brought 2 guys home once, one for her, one for my girlfriend. My girlfriend had rejected, so her roomate enjoyed both guys to herself.

My girlfriend had admitted to doing things she regrets because of this roomate, but I wont get into that now.

So anyway, we get back around 1, and the girls are in their underwear. They were about to go skinny dipping in the ocean, and were trashed. With us back, they asked if we wanted to go, but go with them. So we did, couldn't see much, but it was the thrill of it.

To make a long story short we went and shone the car headlights towards the shore and after about 10 minutes she came walking out with her friend. Noticing us they quickly went back in the water where it was dark. After about 10 more minutes, I noticed my girlfriend wasn't out there any longer.

So I head back to the house looking for her. So I had my towell around me, and did not remember which door we came out of, and end up going in through the side door. I heard noises coming upstairs, and I wander up, to see my girlfriend standing by an open door. I asked what she was doing andshe made me promise not to say anything before showing me that she was standing guard for the bride, who was getting fucked byone of the guys that was there.

She apparently wanted a last harrah. We said nothing to no one, but knew her coming marriage probably wouldnt last a lifetime. - Mike


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