Strip Games

Strip Games

My wife and I like to play strip games. We rented a cabin on our anniversary and played strip backgammon. Every game was one article of clothing. For her first loss she took her shirt off and wasn't wearing a bra. She proudly sat at the table in front of the open window topless. I knew it would be a good night. I lost the game big time and asked what I wanted her to do. I said "take a naked hot tub". The hot tub was on the back porch overlooking the woods. I brought her "rubber dickie" in the tub with us. As my gift for winning, she took the dickie and, well, "took it". Completely in her pussy. I moved her so her clit was right in the path of the bubble jet, and she came so loud it echoed. I'm sure the other cabins heard us. I recently asked her to strip for me for a picture so I could send it to you. - Malcolm



"Clips from different sorority sister's houses and dorms across colleges."

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Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos

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