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Driving Topless Dare



It's Collette again. Firstly I want to thank everyone who emailed me after my post submission. I was so surprised and you were all so supportive and inventive that it gave me the courage to try my first dare! Someone suggested a car dare and it just so happened that I had a three hour drive for a wedding this weekend. I thought it would be dark, so it was a relatively safe dare to try first...right?

I got into my car just as it was getting dark and drove for a while thinking about what I should do. I was on the interstate and there was little traffic so I started by fondling my breast over my sweater. It felt so odd to feel myself out in the open. Even though I was being timid I could feel my nipples peeking through my bra and sweater.

It was still a little light outside and I was driving a bit slower than the speed limit, so whenever a car would pass me I would quickly remove my hand so they wouldn't see what I was doing. After a while of being a chicken I became frustrated with myself and, summoning up some courage, I lifted my sweater and bra up and over my breasts. I can't even describe how I felt when I did that--exposed and vulnerable and so nervous but I couldn't believe how I started throbbing down there! Again I would drive with my breasts out until another car would pass and I would quickly cover myself up until they were well ahead of me.

Eventually I was about to be passed by a trucker and I thought, 'ok, I can do this. I want to make his day.' so I lifted my sweater high and held it there with my teeth as he passed me. The whole time I was thinking a million things. Was he looking? Could he see me? Did he want to? If he did see me I will never know because he passed on by and continued on but the rush I felt by the possibility was so strong that my hand flew up to pinch my nipples. I was breathing hard now, completely turned-on, and decided that when it got dark the bra and sweater were coming completely off.

So it got dark and I still hadn't lost my nerve so I stripped off and I immediately became sensitive to a lot of sensations: the temperature, the seat on my naked back, the way my breasts jiggled freely with every small bump in the road. My seat belt rubbed against my right nipple and it was so stimulating and distracting that I had to move it to the side of my breast. I rolled my window down to feel the wind whipping across my naked body and it felt incredible.

Soon I took an exit and entered a nicely sized city. There were a lot of lights and I felt the urge to cover myself up again. Then I came upon a yellow light and I saw out of the corner of my eye a car in the lane to my left. I panicked and thought there was no way I was sitting there half-naked beside another car and my hands searched for my sweater to cover up but it wasn't there! It had fallen under my seat and I had nothing but my hands to keep my breasts hidden.

I reached the red light and the car stopped beside me and I noticed it was very jacked up with big purple rims and windows so tinted I couldn't see a thing inside. I took a deep breath and put my hands down. There I sat, with my window rolled down, completely bare from the waist up with the light from a streetlamp shining on my breasts like a spotlight. I was mortified but I could feel my panties soaking through and my heart was racing. I closed my eyes and arched my back, think that if any one in that car was looking I would help them get a better peek. (I took a picture as this was happening, its one of the ones included.)

It was the longest red light ever but I stayed just like that, breasts on display and beet red. Finally the light turned green and I thought the car would speed away...but it didn't. The car stayed parallel to me even if I sped up or slowed down. I knew then that they were looking and the realization went straight to my pussy. I became painfully aware of the way the bumps were making my breasts jiggle and wondered if whoever in the car was observing could notice it too.

Then, as my luck would have it, I was so busy fretting over all of this that I passed a railroad track going full-speed, jarring my car and causing my breasts to bounce so hard that I actually moaned!! Totally mortified now, I folded my free arm over them to keep them still and soon the car that was driving alongside me sped off and away.

I couldn't believe what had happened but I was too horny to care. I was too horny to even drive. I found an abandoned theater and parked there and immediately started rutting my hand on my pussy. My other hand went straight for my nipples, pulling and pinching and slapping my own tits around. I'd never ravished myself this way (or outside of my bedroom even!) and it felt so naughty I was moaning so loudly I'm sure if anyone were nearby they could have heard me. There were cars passing by and I wished they could see me!

All of my shame was gone while I rode my own hand until I came in my panties. It was the most amazing orgasm I ever had and I sat there for a few minutes in sweet bliss.

Soon after I came to my senses and became really embarrassed at what I just did. I was shaking and I fumbled trying to redress myself but I eventually got back on the road and finished my trip fully clothed and red-faced.

Needless to say I had a thrilling first public exposure experience, even though I didn't do anything too 'daring'. I still can't believe I just wrote about how I touched myself in detail and I almost want to delete it! I don't have many pictures because driving and handling the phone is dangerous but here are a few. I hope you can make them out! Thank you again for the emails. I read them all and I'm working through the replies. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!

Maybe your idea could be my next adventure?


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