"Ordered to Flash Outside my Work"

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Ordered to Flash Outside my Work



Hello again!! Sorry it's been a while since my last post! I've had many life changes and all the adventures that go with it since I've been here last.

I had pretty much all but forgotten about posting here until I received an interesting email from a pen pal site I had signed up for a while ago. He was aggressively dominate but endlessly patient and if I'm being very honest, it was rare that he would send an email that wouldn't leave me a shaking, flustered mess. We had a wonderful correspondence for several months. Eventually we moved to chatting, and he would make me do embarrassing things for him. Little things like send photos of myself grinding my bed pillows, record voice clips while touching myself, and even giving blowjobs to sex toys on video calls while he talked dirty things to me.

Sometimes when we were playing he would tell me to send him naked photos of myself, and I would refuse. He would give me "punishments" for being disobedient, like not allowing me to touch myself for several days and then make me fuck myself until I couldn't take it anymore. He never asked to see me touching myself, he would only order me to send him voice clips, or watch my face as I came. Somehow that made it so much sexier. He told me, "I WILL see you naked one day," and I got so turned on as he said it because I knew it was was just a matter of when. I was determined to delay it as much as possible.

I was at work one night and he texted me. He told me he wanted me to start touching myself at my desk. There was no way I could do that. I work in a very male-dominated field, for one. To give some perspective, I was assigned to a new project in Seattle where I was the only female out of a 24-person team. And here I was at work, crammed in a small office space with no kind of privacy and already receiving too much attention as is. He knew this, but persisted with his demands and said I had to send a voice note as proof, making sure I would be heard even if I went to the restroom. I kept texting him, begging him to not make me do it. Finally he said I had an option. Either touch myself until I came and send him the voice notes for proof, or go outside and flash my tits in the parking lot, with picture proof of course. I was devastated. I must have been noticeably worked up because two of my coworkers asked me what was wrong. My heart was racing and I could already feel myself getting wet in my desk chair as I rubbed my knees together. If I stayed inside and masturbated in the office, it was guaranteed someone would notice, if not everyone. But if I went was dark, and while the parking lot is sandwiched between two busy restaurants, there was a chance that no one would be outside to see me.

I told my manager I had to get something from my car. I thought my heart was going to pound right out of my chest as I walked outside. I texted him that I was in the parking lot. He gave me instructions. He told me that I was to face my work building, no hiding myself from the front windows. I was to stand under a light, no hiding in the darkness. And since I made him wait...I was to stand with my shirt open with my breasts exposed for a full 3 minutes. That's 3 years when you are naked in public, and an eternity when you're presenting yourself to a window where 23 men you work closely with everyday could look out and see you. It was so incredibly risky, but I was so aroused, there was nothing else I could do. I was getting wetter and wetter with each of his demands.

I started by unbuttoning my blouse and sending him a photo of my bra, which thankfully was a front clasping one that night. He told me it wasn't good enough, I knew better. My hands shook as I undid the clasp on my bra. Cars were driving past and I was trying to imagine if their headlights were bright enough that they could see or not. I slowly began to pull my undershirt up over my naked breasts. I remember my knees were trembling so bad I thought I was going to fall on the cement. I took photos of my naked underboob and sent to him, begging him to not make me pull my shirt all the way up and completely expose me to the outside air and all the eyes that could fall on me. He told me to know my place or I would have to stand for 5 minutes. I was dripping down to my knees as I read his response. I bit my lip and pulled up my shirt, breathing heavily from being so aroused from the feeling of the cold night air on my naked chest. He demanded a photo then. I sent it to him, the first photo I ever sent him of my nipples. He told me how pleased he was with me and for a moment I forgot about how dangerously close I was to being seen by not only my coworkers but anyone in the restaurant parking lots or the road as well. He said I was to send him a new photo every 30 seconds, to prove that I wasn't cheating on the time. I sent him photo after photo, terrified that someone would walk up to me while my head was down looking at my phone.

After the 3 minutes were up he said I could cover up again and told me I was a good girl. The whole event had me so worked up I don't even know how I was able to go back inside and finish my shift. Once I got off of work, I touched myself in the car, in the shower, and when I got to bed, sending him recordings every time I orgasmed to thank him for making me feel so good. I came so hard imagining what would have happened if someone from work had seen. If anyone saw me, I'll never know.

I appreciate everyone who has sent me mail in the past! I love hearing from all of you. As a special favor, I would love it if anyone could give me some ideas or fun dares to do while traveling. My new job sends me all over the United States and I travel a lot by car and plane.

I would love to hear your fantasies of what you would like to see a girl do if you were traveling too. Of course, all dare ideas are welcome as well!!

See you soon,


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