Naughty Night of Public Flashing

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Naughty Night of Public Flashing



Its been so long since i've posted and I just have too many sexy pics I should be sharing with all of you. I absolutely love doing naughty things and taking pics to prove it. A couple months ago L and I had one particularly sexy night out on the town. I made sure to wear a skimpy semi see through dress for the evening. We took full advantage of all the people walking around and did a little photoshoot being sure to flash the camera with tits, ass, and of course pussy.

I got so turned on thinking about all the people who could easily see me pulling my dress up. I definitely noticed lots of men checking me out, staring, taking second looks and looking back over their shoulder. I get so wet and horny when I turn someone on like that. All it takes is one lingering look or little smile, that brief moment of connection where I can look and see the lust-fullness in their eyes.

I would love to know if any of you would come up to me if you saw me posed like that on the city sidewalk. what would you say to me or better yet what would you do? Later on L and I were standing on a corner waiting to cross the street when he grabbed my ass and started kissing me. Suddenly we heard cheers, whistles, catcalls and claps coming from a balcony above us. As we looked up, there was a second story bar with a balcony full of people staring at us.

Sooo I decided to put on a little show and flashed my tits to an enormous roar of cheering and applause. We decided it would be a good idea to go into that very bar for a drink or too and to my surprise, drinks were bought for L and I left and right as men were coming up to L just to shake his hand and tell him how hot is woman is. We instantly made friends with just about everyone on that balcony. After several drinks, while leaning over the railing chatting with some people, I turned around to see L and a group of men behind me looking at me longingly, just as i realized my dress had ridden up and my entire pantyless ass was exposed while leaning over the rail. I simply smiled coyly and turned back to my conversation making sure not to adjust my dress. I get so turned on being the object of attention and could feel my pussy gettting wet. As you can imagine we had amazing sex later that night.

Do you want to see more pics of me? I love all of your nasty suggestions! I get wet reading all of them.

Let me know what you would like me to post on here.



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