Machine Sex + a Gift

Samantha & Edd - 32

Machine Sex



From time to time fans have sent me gifts. (What girl doesn't love gifts?) Sometimes they are toys for me or Sexy outfits. A while back a very Nice Guy sent me this particular outfit. I loved it and really appreciated it him picking out something just for me! I hung it up in that part of my closet for my sexy lingerie and often times pick it when I'm being naughty. So thank you again MUAH!

On this day Eddy was at work and I invited him home for lunch. I knew if he walked in and saw me fucking myself he would be very pleased so I started the machine and slowly turned up the dial. I teased my pussy slowly and could hear the cock sloshing through my wet juiciness in that Sexy slow rhythm, in and out in and out.

My legs started to fall open as I turned up the dial bit by bit. I played with my big soft tits and let the cock fuck me, more and felt so good, my pussy was dripping, need more cock, wanting it harder and faster. I turned it up more and the cock started to fuck my pussy so good and hard that I came.

My ass shook and I came but it just kept fucking me so I kept cumming, moaning , squeezing my tits, sucking my fingers, legs open, getting fucked. And then I noticed Eddy was at the doorway watching and stroking the bulge in his office pants (which is one of my big turn ons, love office clothes).

He crossed the room and spit on my pussy, watching me get fucked. "Getting started without me," was all he said while he leaned down and started to lick my clit. He commented at how wet I was and how there already was a small wet puddle under my pussy on the bed. He cranked the dial up and put a vibrating wand on my clit.

He must have turned the dial up double what I had bc I was suddenly get pounced hard. The cock was drilling my juicy wet hole fast and deep and I screamed out in surprise and pleasure. He took his cock out and stuffed it in my mouth and told me to cum while 2 cocks fucked me.

Mmmm, I love when he says things like that while I lay spread open and vulnerable. He then brought me to the floor and told me to sit on all fours. He brought the machine down and sat in his chair stocking while my pussy stretched open from behind by the mechanical cock slowly pumping my pussy.

I could feel the cum drip down my thighs. He stood then with his cock in my face and told me to suck it and turned the dial up higher. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face just as hard as the machine on my pussy. After a while I thought he was done. He turned the machine off and to me to lay down on the floor.

I was out of breath and panting. He ate my pussy, lapping up all the cum, moaning into me as he licked and sucked..then hit spit on my pussy again and watched up close as the machine started again. This time he turned it up full force he geld my legs open and watched as I came, squirted, dripped, my cum was all over the cock but it kept fucking my hole. He stood over me and stroked his cock hard watching it all and then his hot cum shot all over my face.

I came again just at the feeling if being fucked and cum on at the same time. His cum covered my face, my hair, the floor. He then turned the machine off, brought me a towel, kissed my thigh and left. He left me on the floor panting and back to work he went.



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