"I came so many times Today!"

Samantha & Edd - 49

I came so many times Today



Hi guys! Just mailed off some juicy panties for fans....mmmm. Today I have cum at least 2 dozen times...Eddy stayed home, yay!! He refuses to stop fucking me. He makes me cum all over his cock, then suck off my cum and he bends me over to fuck me more, and then his cock goes back in my mouth..over and over.

I love sucking his cock. LOVE! So many female fans have been responding lately with comments on how yummy his cock looks. Let me tell is! He absolutely has the most suckable cock I've ever tasted. It begs to be licked, kissed, splits my pussy lips open, teases my clit, pounds my hole, fucks my face, it cums on my tits, all over my face, fills my pussy and ass with cum, it even makes me hold my hole open and shoots cum all over and into my pussy (which is the sexiest feeling EVER. Hot streams of cum shooting into my gaping hole and all over my cunt) .

It cums at least 3 times a day (with me, maybe more while at work and stroking to the pics I send him). When it fucks my tight ass it pounds that hole and pumps at least 2 big loads back to back before he even pulls it out of my ass. His cock has the most kinky mind and is ready to go at all times, needing my pussy spread open. So, yes ladies it is above and beyond an amazing cock. Drop him a compliment so it gets hard and I can ride it later. Tell him how badly you want to lick my cum off his cock while he fucks me. He doesn't play with other women out of respect to me, but I love to hear when other girls want him.

It secretly makes me really wet thinking of him fucking all the women he knew before he met me, he obviously learned these skills through an insane amount of practice....mmm.....oh I just got wet..fuck...ok I have to wake him up from his nap for more....or maybe I'll play with my pussy while he enjoys a rest.

I added pics of the hottest dick ever and some of me that I send him at work. I also added a pic of him sucking my entire pussy into his hungry mouth and making me/DEMANDING I cum on his face while he eats licks and sucks all over my wet pink pussy....omg I am ridiculously horny right now.

If anyone wants to purchase my panties, email me, I'll still be here, in bed, playing with my naughty cunt.

Always looking for people in the Tampa area, let us know!



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