Dildos by the Window

Samantha & Edd - 7

Dildos by the Window



Thanks for all the replies! I love reading all the responses. We don't typically reply but reading your emails makes me wet and want to submit more stories. is my day off and Eddy is at work, boo. He started being commanding and texting me what I will wear to suck and fuck him tonight. He requested I try it on and open the front door while snapping pics. ..ahhh! I complied but was pretty nervous and made it quick. It was cold outside on my skin and breasts so I went to our sexy bed and get under the covers for a bit. Eddy wasn't done yet though. He ordered I get not one but two dildos for my pussy, he likes my hole stretched and stuffed full. It makes me hot when he texts me what to do bc he usually tells me to do things I'd never do alone.

Next he commanded I open our bedroom blinds that open to the street. He told me to show the neighbors my stuffed pussy and ride both cocks. It is soooo sexy and a little scary when he makes me be an exhibitionist. I always take pics and we text as its happening. Sometimes he sends me pics showing how hard I'm making him at work. So, as I spread my pussy open in front of the window...a strange thing occurd..a neighbor came out and got in his car! At first I thought he would just drive off but he seemed to stall at the end of my driveway. I snapped a pic and froze. After a few seconds, started to move up and down on the dildos and I slowly got myself worked up closer and closer to an orgasam. Eddy was egging me on. Telling me to be his slut and cum for the neighbor....fuckkk...omg I did...and he inched his car closer up the street to my window. My pussy was so wet that cum was running down the toys...I spread my thighs open and came again for Eddy and the peeping tom neighbor that wasn't driving away. Mmmmm....god...then Eddy told me to ride them hard, breasts bouncing, sucking one cum covered dick, in front of our window. Omg it was so sexy I came and moaned and screamed. I fell back on my hand, let my legs spread wide and I pumped my dripping little pink hole..mmm. After I came a fourth time, I closed the blinds, cleaned the toys, and took a warm sexy shower....and maybe played a lil in there too ;-)

Can't wait for Eddy to cum home to me with his sexy cock for my slutty, oh so juicy hole.

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