Naughty Jog Dare

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Naughty Jog Dare



Well the weather finally allowed me to get out and do my big plan lol. I go to this park at least 3x a week when the weather is pretty. All the rangers know us as do most of the other "regulars". Ever since that dare from last summer, (at this same park) I've wanted to do some pics around the lake.

There's over 20 miles of trails here, so it's hard to get bored seeing the same thing. This is my jogging trail, it's 2.4 miles around. Instead of my normal booty shorts and a crop top, this time I wore some boy short underwear. Also that top is just a bra, but hey who cares right? We've wanted to do this dare for some time.

I actually cut the crotch out of the bottoms last season, for this very reason lol. It was a lot of fun jogging around with my bits in the breeze, but only one person out of 38 that we encountered seemed to even notice. We're not sure if he was just checking me out, or if he noticed my shorts. He's the one that's last in the pic of the three guys behind me.

I hope you all enjoy, and if by chance you see a jogger, maybe you can think of my crotchless escapade. Tell me what you think!

P.S. Check out my last post's video in case you missed it.


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