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Tinkerbelle & Pan

Wife Sex Night



we are Tinkerbelle and Pan,

To give you a little background on how I (Pan) came to arrive at this little naughty slice of the web. We are a very open minded couple that have experimented a lot and tried new things that get us excited and turned on.

Tink is a very naughty girl that loves to show off her very hot body and other skills :-) and experience all forms of naughty fun. We have turned various sexy fantasies into reality and have had great fun doing it. Tink loves "attention" of both men and woman and I have had the pleasure and watching her receive "attention" from both men and women as has Tink watched woman give me "attention".

We are both professional career people and recently been finding it haRd to find naughty time. This led to a discussion on how we can rectify this very unacceptable turn of loss of naughtiness time ! We decided to implement "Date Night" but our normal naughty twist... "Naughty/Sex Night".

The rules are simple, each of us is responsible for planning a "Naughty/Sex Night" every 2nd weekend and the other person only finds out what it is on the day/night with the exception of a few clues during the week should the other person need to "prepare" in some way i.e. outfit, travel etc...

It is my (Pan) turn first to plan something a little naughty. Using the faithful web to do some researcher led me to this little naughty site and I thought this would be perfect as a starter.

So I have attached a few pictures of Tink and I hope/know this will turn her on and I am sure she will love to her your feedback on the pictures I have chosen to share with you all. I am sure Tink would love to hear/read what you all (guys and girls) think or her and I know she would love to know what you would like to do to her ! She is very naughty after all ! ;-)

So wish me luck with my first "Naughty/Sex Night" and let Tink know what you think and maybe email any ideas of what I could do for my next turn to arrange the "Naughty/Sex Night"

Thanks ! :-)

Tinkerbelle & Pan - EMAIL ME!!

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