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I have never felt so scared and excited at the same time before, Steve arrived at exactly 9pm on Thursday night and i was ready, showered and hair done - half way down a bottle of wine and shaking like a leaf, wearing just my dressing gown as instructed. Phil also seemed quite excited, he had drunk the other half of the bottle, but was obviously far more relaxed than i was. As soon as Steve arrived they both asked me very seriously if i was ready to accept my dare and go through with it, just as they instructed. Without thinking i agreed - God i was shaking!

Phil looked at Steve and then took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen, i was expecting to be taken out to the car but instead Phil turned me round and slide my dressing gown off my shoulders and tossed it back into the lounge,'thats the last you will be seeing of that for a while' Phil said grinning. I now started to worry that this wasn't going to be just a few pictures and that i wasn't going to be the one calling the shots! Taking my shoulders he steered me into the nearest chair and Steve then took over. 'We want to warm you up and give you something to think about in the car', he gently pulled my legs apart and then using a camera with the longest lens i have seen took the first picture. I could feel myself blushing as both guys stared at my pussy and the flash went of several times.

Steve said ok and Phil started to lead me to the door, i started to reach back for my dressing gown, but was intercepted by Steve who was holding the belt from the dressing gown but not the robe itself! Before i could really protest he placed the cotton belt across my eyes and firmly tied the ends behind my head. Now i had no idea where we would be going and i was naked accept for the blind fold - this was getting further from my control at every moment!

I was turned and led to the door, a cold blast hit me as we left the house but the car heater soon hit me, my nipples were aching in the night air. They put me in the front of the car which stopped me from laying down and hiding and the belt was pulled across my breasts. As we pulled out of the yard and turned left i tried to keep my bearings, after a few minutes i realised that we were heading roughly in the direction of the nearest town - me stark naked for anyone close to see and both the guys clothed in the car. Well at least it isn't far to Steves house. After about 15 minutes we pulled into Steve's drive and i was again treated to a cold streak, still blindfolded into his house, as i felt carpet under my feet i started to relax - afterall there were only the pictures to pose for and that couldn't be too hard!

Phil guided me to a sofa and sat me down, some relaxing music was on the stereo and i started to warm up. I was aware of the guys moving around, presumably setting up the camera and a glass was pushed into my hand - just the trick - the vodka was gone without delay - minutes later and another drink despatched and with a click i was aware of a bright light in front of me. Now the scene was, as far as i was concerned, Phil and Steve in the room setting up the camera equipment, with me sitting naked on the sofa, the heating on full blast and me relaxing as the drink, whatever it was starting to make me very relaxed indeed. I lay back and let the music and drink work. Suddenly a voice said 'ok then'. I sat bolt upright, that wasn't Steve or Phil's voice i was sure although the drink was now making me very fuzzy. Before i could collect my thoughts Steve told me that he was ready to start. I listened to his voice as he directed me into different positions on the sofa, i was so relaxed that when he started to tell me to play with myself i just followed his instructions. This was begining to become sexual as i played with my clit and ran my fingers up and down my pussy. I wasn't aware of the camera shots but assumed that Steve was doing the business as he guided me.

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Naked Photo Shoot
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After a while i was starting to get very aroused, only to be taken by the hand and led into another room. I felt the bed behind my legs and without being prompted lay back and continued to pleasure myself with my fingers - the instructions had stopped now but i was still aware of the guys in the room taking pictures - occasionally a hand would rest on my breast or open my legs further and i would stop for a few seconds. By this time i was soaking wet and as horny as hell. I felt somebody kneel on the bed with me and heard a familiar buzzing sound. A vibrator was pressed against my pussy lips and my clit started to throb. I wasn't in the mood to mess about for long so i took it from the hand that held it and pushed its length deep into my pussy until the hammer part was drumming against my clit - seconds later my back arched as an orgasm ran through me.

More Photo Shoot Pics
Naked Photo Shoot
Amateur Photo Shoot
More Photo Shoot Pics
Naked Photo Shoot
Amateur Photo Shoot
More Photo Shoot Pics
Naked Photo Shoot

As i relaxed it occured to me that i had just put on one hell of a show for the camera! Reaching up i peeled the blindfold away, for a second i was blinded by the camera lights and then i focused on the 3 guys standing around the room, Steve with camera in hand and Phil and Matt with massive grins on their faces!

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