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Day of Dares

BY: Holly

The group came out in force and posted their butts off. And as a reward I promised all of you that I would do a dare. Well, it may have taken me about a month to get around to it, but here it the report of how that dare went. I hope you enjoy reading it at least half as much as I was embarrassed doing it!

Before I get into what I did… Let look at what I was asked to do!

1. Go to work dressed as usual in a dress - but no panty hose. Stockings and a garter or thigh highs are OK.

2. At lunch you "accidentally" loose your panties, therefore having to work the rest of the day "bare" under your dress

3. When you leave work you "accidentally" loose your bra. Now you must go shopping (at the mall, groceries, whatever - Holly's choice). Driving from work to the shopping you must have your dress hiked up so that anyone in a large truck that looks into the car can see your pubic area if they look.

4. After shopping (without underwear), you drive home, one again with your dress hiked up, but this time also with your breasts exposed. This would require not just having your top undone, but the material "fastened" so your breasts would always be clearly visible and the view unobstructed (i.e. have the material pinned behind you, take the top of your dress off, I think you know what I am getting at).

5. Upon getting home, immediately write your dare report and post it to the group.

(Option - upon getting home but before getting out of the car, you masturbate to an orgasm in the car)

Ok now for the report! The first part of this dare was not too hard really. All I had to do was not wear panty hose. I was able to do this with ease. I had on my white button up blouse and a pleated black skirt that comes halfway do my knees. Not too short, but not too long.

I was able got to work and not think about what I was about to do. It really was not until I got to my desk that it set in. I knew at lunchtime I would have to “Lose” my panties and then got with out for the rest of the day. So, the whole morning was spent waiting for lunch. LOL Much like everyday at work. LOL

Lunchtime came and I was hesitant about taking the panties off. I went to the ladies room three times before I worked up the guts to pull my panties all the way off and tuck them into my purse. LOL It might not seem like such a big deal, but I knew that once I did that I would be bare down below for the rest of the day and honor bound to doing the dare. LOL

I knew the worst was yet to come. After stewing in my own juices the rest of the workday I was already pretty warmed up by the time the workday was over. It was already getting late and I slipped into the ladies room again to remove my bra. I don’t have a lot up top to flop around, but enough to make it obvious that I didn’t have a bra in place under my shirt. LOL

The next phase was to simply go shopping as I was. Now, sure I had to have my skirt jacked up enough that anyone looking down into my car would see my bare pubic area… But… What? Show my what? To Who? Well, I did hike the skirt knowing that I would be basically unseen. (The loaner sits up high. LOL) Even knowing I was 90% safe from exposure I was starting to become physically excited by the whole string of events.

By the time I made it to the mall I was already warmed up and ready to be naughty. The key was not to let my naughty ideas manifest themselves while I was out in public. I was only mildly successful at this. I made use I bent over a few times and let my skirt raise up when I was loading the cases of cola under my cart. Then I also did a little jump to get some cereal off the top shelf. Right in front of the stock boy I must add. LOL

When I finally got my ice cream out of the freezer you can guess my nipples were hard and pressing through the shirt. Yea, I didn’t even plan that one, and it just kind of worked out to humiliate me a little more. Call it dumb luck or the evil power of the Zone. LOL it was embarrassing.

Had I gone for new shoes it could have been worse, but as it was I was only mildly naughty. However, I knew the worst was yet to come. The next part of the dare dealt with how I was to drive home. This time it wouldn’t be just pulling my skirt up so that no one could really see it unless they looked in and down. This time I would have to drive with my tits out! My bare breasts would have to be on display.

My mind raced to think of how I could find a loophole in this part of the dare. I could only think of one. I would have to wait until it was too dark to be seen. This would mean having to go home late. Well, I couldn’t shop all night. So, I decided to swing over to the gym and work out for a little bit to blow some time.

Those of you who remember what happened the last time I went to the gym and did the towel dare might have some idea where my report could go from here. LOL Small towns and all… you do tend to run into the same people often. But, no… I didn’t run into the boys that saw Nat and I in only our towels. I managed to just workout and run a few laps before hitting the showers.

So Embarrassed ... She Turns Red

*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

What's happening?? ...

"She Lost - While playing she had second thoughts and desperately tried to win."

"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


I was still very horny from the days events and I was more then a little turned on by being in the large group shower as the rare occurrence of actually showering with a group had befallen me. I was in the shower with 3 other women, two much older then me. One was about my age. I would guess. All of them gave me a strange glance when I walked in and removed my towel to expose the hair… I didn’t have. All of these ladies had not even bothered to trim let alone shave bare! So, I had to wonder what they were thinking.

After the odd shower moment I got dried off and dressed again. It was now later, but by no means dark. So, I called home and left a message that I would be going to the tanning bed. Had I thought I would have gone before my workout, so that I wouldn’t have to get all sweaty twice in one day. However, I am stupid and Didn’t think of it at all.

I headed down to the tanning beds and logged a half an hour trying to tan my white ass. Sad to say, I am still white. LOL But, it was a time killer and also a time to be alone naked for a few minutes. LOL No, I was not too bad. But I did have fun rubbing the lotion on. LOL Too bad none of you could have been there to help. I could have used a hand for sure. LOL And as horny as I was I would have been very generous with your reward. LOL

So, after the tan time was over, I was sweaty, and covered in lotion. So the white shirt… minus the bra… was sticking to my tits! Great thinking on my part. Lucky no one seemed to see or care as I went to my car. The shirt was thick enough not to be see through with that little bit of moisture. The lotion and sweat always make me look shinny, even if I do stink like a sweaty coconut. LOL

So, now the sun was dropping fast and I walked to my car minus my panties, bra, and soon any shred of dignity. LOL As I got in my car I slowly did the hardest thing of the day. Unbutton my shirt. My fingers almost didn’t work. As I fumbled with the buttons I felt like 100 eyes were watching my every movement.

When I did get it unbuttoned I now had to pin it back behind me so that my boobs would be thrust out there for any motorist to see. LOL I only hopped that this would be a short trip. LOL Once when I was in high school, I was parking with a boy. I had my bra off and my shirt open when the cop pulled up. LOL You should have seen how fast I got my coat on… zipped up… and my bra shoved under the seat. LOL All before he made it to the car. LOL Lucky for me he didn’t think I was hiding drugs or going for a gun. Looking back I was really dumb. LOL

The ride home was the worst. I am almost totally sure about 14 or 15 people saw my tits! I kid you not! I got stopped at every fucking red light there was. Each seemed to be right under a streetlight! And as each car went by I swear I saw a look of shock on their face! I could have been my own reflection in the glass, because I was so embarrassed I couldn’t contain myself.

The final option to the dare was to get off before I left the car. However, because I had taken so long to get home my husband was already home. So, when I pulled in it was all I could do to get my shirt buttoned before he came out to help me unload the groceries from the car. LOL

Now for those of you keeping track… I went to the grocery store first. Then I went to the gym. Then I went to the tanning bed. Can any of you guess where the ice cream went? Yea, all over the back seat of the car! Who is going to clean that up? You guessed it! Me!

So, with the dare done and a car to be cleaned I can only hope that my mindless naughty adventure brought you as much joy as it did sticky creamy goo to my backseat. LOL Well, I did have fun doing the dare regardless of how I may have made it sound. Thanks for the dare guys! I hope you liked hearing about how it went.


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