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Car Wash in Towel

BY: Tamala

I did my car wash dare. I still am amazed that despite common sense I actually went out in public, and I mean PUBLIC, wearing only a towel and washed my car. As for my report, well let's just say I did it and it was sweet!

Oh, you probably want more information like say what actually happened, huh?

Well I hate what has happened with this group lately, but I just got into this dare stuff and like I don't really want to quit just yet so I guess I'll be the first to spill the beans. I'm not so good at this writing thing but I'll try and copy Torre's way of reporting and hope that's OK.

I decided to do this dare myself. Mostly cause I was afraid of being in the way if things didn't work out with Torre and her new boyfriend if we did our dares together. Well, that and the fact that Torre would have probably made things worse for me if she was along after what I did to her in the store window a while ago.

I used a large red beach towel. It was long enough to wrap around me twice and provided ample coverage of all the essential parts. I was able to tuck it in pretty far and it felt really secure. Now I know ya'll probably think that was cheating but I really wasn't about to take too many chances on my second dare ever. There were no designs on the towel so at a distance it looked like a large, sleeveless red dress. At least that's what I hoped it looked like. I practiced, rather pretended, I was washing my car in my bedroom looking at myself in the mirror over and over again to see what if anything I was showing. After about 45 minutes of this I was pretty convinced that I was legal and that the towel could withstand some abuse and still not fall off.

I read my email earlier that day and several of you nice people (or should I say perverts) suggested that I get the towel soaked on purpose or intentionally let it fall but I'm not that brave!!!

I was like nervous and jumpy waiting for the time to go. I decided to do this at 10:00pm. I figured it wouldn't be as crowded then. In retrospect, like it wouldn't have mattered what time it was 'cause I was like a person on a caffeine-high I was so jittery. I took one last look at myself in the mirror before leaving my apartment. Even though I was covered pretty well, "I" knew I was naked underneath the towel and all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I was like half- crazy at the time and feeling pretty wild despite my fears so I decided that I would try and not touch the towel once I got to the car wash. The thought of adding a little danger would keep me on the edge so-to-speak.

I almost chickened out as I walked down the stairs of my complex and headed for my car. People were still out and about. I told myself I would just go about my business and act like everything was normal. I purposefully walked to my car, got in and drove away. I was pretty excited as I drove along. I mean I was covered and all but I was only in a towel! Nothing else!!

When I got to the car wash there wasn't anyone in the bays. I circled the lot a bit to be sure. As I did so I had the crazy idea that I should get out and vacuum my car out first but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I pulled into a bay at the very end of the place and turned my car off. All the time as I was preparing to do this dare I was nervous but pretty confident I could pull it off. Once I turned off my car I knew this was the moment of truth. I sat in the car too chicken to leave for like about 10 minutes. I cussed myself a bunch 'cause I was like being a wuss. Then I got to the point that I didn't care.

For some reason and I still don't know why, I just got out of the car. I guess I had reached the point that it just didn't matter that much. I reached in and grabbed a roll of quarters that I took from the shop and opened them up. I then walked over to the machine and put in $3.00 worth and turned on the sprayer. I rinsed the car off and then flicked the knobby thing to "soap" and proceeded to soap my car up. So far it was no big deal. I was washing my car. The towel was still on and I was having fun! There were cars in the street a distance away passing to and fro, but no one was in the car wash. My time was up on the meter thingy and my car was still like soapy so I put some more coins in and rinsed it off.

It felt good to be out in the night air and I felt naughty. . . but "safe." No one else was around and there was nobody to hassle me, though the possibility that someone would come up and see me was still ever-present. All too soon my car wash was over. I got in my car and left.

That would have been a nice little dare if that's all that happened. But sadly it wasn't. I was too worked up for it to be over so soon. I wanted some more excitement. I drove around thinking of what in the world I could do but nothing came to mind. As I passed the beach where my store is, I decided to pull in the parking lot and stop. It was a nice night and it was after midnight. Not too many cars about.

A walk on the beach seemed like a good idea. I was going to start the car up again and drive across the street to the beach and park but dared myself to get out at the store and just walk across the street on foot. I was getting that nervous feeling again. I got out and quickly shut the door and calmly walked across the street. A few cars passed by but I was apparently not noticed. When I reached the sand I decided to walk for a bit. The more I walked the more relaxed I got. As I walked, I kept thinking about meeting Torre and then discovering this website and finally the dares we had done. I kept thinking how brave Torre, Natalie and Holly are and wondered if I could EVER be so fearless. The night was beautiful and the smell of the Gulf was very relaxing. The sound of the waves lapping at the shore was all too enjoyable. I could have stayed out there all night.

I passed several hotels, a few restaurants and some older private beach homes. I had no idea how long a time I had walked, but I must have gone about three miles judging from where I was. I decided to turn around and head back to my car. I thought about skinny-dipping but I wasn't too keen on stepping on a stingray or getting zapped by a jellyfish. Probably wouldn't have happened, but swimming in the Gulf at night is too icky for me. Still, the idea was erotic. There weren't many people about on the beach and those that were out were far away from the water's edge where I was walking. They were closer to the hotels and stuff or at the outside bars. I was pretty much in the shadows at the water's edge. I couldn't bring myself to skinny dip but wished I were brave enough to do something that daring. That's when I decided that I would take a low risk dare. One that would be exciting enough to keep me aroused but in all likelihood not happen.


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I dared myself to walk back to my car and if the towel slipped or fell, I would like finish my walk without it. I liked argued with myself as I stood on the beach trying to imagine myself actually "doing" it if it happened. Fat chance I thought but still it was a fantasy that had my juices flowing.

As I continued my walk I was ever so horny thinking that at any minute the towel would fall. Of course I had already washed my car in it, drove about 45 minutes, ran across the street in it and walked for who knows how long without anything happening. I was pretty sure nothing would happen. Still it was kinda cool thinking it could. I would see someone on the beach as they walked along and wondered what I would do if it fell off right now! I almost gave myself an orgasm twice just thinking about it!!

Alas, I reached the point on the beach where I had to cross to get to my car. My walk was essentially over. What a let down. I thought about walking some more, but it was late and I was getting tired. I consoled myself with thoughts of taking care of "business" when I got back home.

I waited at the edge of the street for a few cars to pass by before I could safely cross the 4-lane road. When they did, I started out almost in a fast walk so as not to linger in the road way. I had barely hopped up on the median when it happened! That damn towel fell off!! I had no warning!! I guess my mind was preoccupied with other thoughts that I just didn't notice that it was about to leave me!! I screamed and started to turn around to get it when I saw the headlights of a car up the road. I just panicked and ran. I don't think I have EVER ran so fast in all my life!! All I could say, half under my breath was "OH SHIT, OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" Over and over again until I finally got to my car.

I ran around to the driver's side and ducked down. I was shaking so badly that I fumbled for the car key on the key ring and dropped the stupid ring twice. Once I got it I couldn't seem to get it in the car door! The harder I tried the worse it got. Part of it I'm sure was like I was so busy looking up and around to see if anyone could see me that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, you know? I mean, I was nude, in my store's parking lot for crying out loud! ME!!! NAKED!! Not Torre or Natlalie. It was ME!!!! It suddenly wasn't fun anymore. I finally got the key in and opened the door, The damn overhead interior light about caused me to piss myself!! I jumped in and slammed the door but the stupid light was still ON!! The checked the door to be sure it was closed - and it was. Why the fuck was it still on??!! I panicked again and finally pulled the damn light cover off and popped the light out of the socket!

It's a good thing my heart was in good shape cause it was like beating faster than I think it has ever done! I sat in the darkness for like a nanosecond and then looked around. to see if anyone was coming my way - you know like if they saw me or something. I had my hand on the key ready to start the car up and burn rubber but I calmed down when I realized that no one was around.

Then I had the sickening thought. How was I going to get back into my apartment? I like had no clothes and I wasn't about to steak my complex! I wasn't too keen on driving around naked either! I started mumbling again, "OH SHIT, OH SHIT, Oh SHIT!!"

I saw my cellphone tucked under the seat and thought that maybe Torre could like bring me some clothes. I called her 6 times. THAT'S SIX DAMN TIMES but there was no answer!! Then I realized that she was doing her dare too. I wondered how she was fairing. I couldn't call anyone else. There wasn't anybody I wanted to confide in about my you know, new hobby. The longer I sat, the more naked I felt and the more ashamed. That's was the worst part - feeling ashamed. I was literally about to lose it when I had an idea.

I had the store keys on my ring and there were plenty of clothes inside the store. I can't tell you how relieved I was on having a solution to this mess. My car was parked in the middle of the lot. I debated for a bit about starting my car and driving closer. If I parked just outside the store, I thought, with the driver's side against the curb I could offer myself some cover for my naked dash to the front door. Then I worried that by starting the car and moving it I would draw attention to the fact that someone was in the parking lot and maybe some of the gang who might happen to be cruising the beach would see my car and pull in. Shit, I couldn't have any of the guys I knew see me. It would be all over town. I was still wondering if anyone in my apartment complex saw me swimming in the pool in just my underwear! I was paralyzed and couldn't make a decision to save myself.

Then I almost lost it. A car DID pull in and headed for the row of stores at the end of the center. I didn't have to think about what to do. I started my car and got the hell out of that parking lot. My foot was shaking so badly on the gas pedal I could hardly make the car go. I was slouched so far down into the car to hide myself that all anyone could see was my head barely peeking over the steering wheel! I had to get off the main road so I turned off at the first road and then it hit me. "DUH! There's a back door to my store, stupid!"

I swung the car around and made it to the alleyway behind the shopping center. I stopped my car and looked around. No one was about. I jumped out and standing naked outside that damn bright security light that shown against the back door of my store, I fumbled through the key ring looking for the key to open the door. I should have located the key BEFORE getting out of the car but I wasn't thinking too clearly at that moment. Once finding it, I got it inside the lock, opened it up and ran inside slamming the door behind me! I hurried to shut off the alarm.

I found a nice sundress and threw it on. I was never so glad to be clothed in all my life! It barely fit and it wasn't fashionable, but I didn't care. It was long and it covered everything!!! That's all that mattered to me! Being covered!

Looking back I know I wouldn't have had the courage to plan and do a naked streak but having it happen on accident was the only way I could ever see myself making it a reality. Now I think I understand why Torre likes her friends to help her in some of her dares and why she wasn't mad at me for what I did to her. She must be the same way in some respect. When it's out of your control, you're much braver than if you had to force yourself to do it yourself. If that makes any sense at all.

Well. there's my report. And don't ask me to do another one anytime soon!

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