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Victoria's Secret

BY: Torre

A shopping trip with a twist.

Go to the mall. Find a man (anyone willing. And not someone you brought with you or told to meet you there.) Ask him to help you pick out undies from Victoria's Secret. Certainly you may tell him what you need help with. After he has helped you make your selections, try them on and show him his choices.

Here is how it went…

I went over to the mall today not really planning to do this dare. I really went to pick up a few last minute Christmas gifts. But, while I was there I stopped by Victoria’s Secret with the single intent of getting a new bra. Once there I started thinking about how I could do this dare from a month ago.

First up I would have to find a guy to “help” me out. This might not seem like such a hard thing to do, but it was by no means easy. You can’t just ask some guy to help you pick out underwear. You have to be sort of slick about it. So, that little part of the dare was going to be a big obstacle to overcome.

To do this I started looking at things I would actually wear. I had picked out a few items by the time a lone guy wandered into the store. Most just glance in and keep walking by. It is almost like there is a force field that blocks them from rushing right in. Well, this guy wandered in and was looking at a silk robe. So, I thought, “Hey this guy is alone. He is in the store already. And he is old enough to be my father.”

I casually started to look at the same robes he was looking at and asked him if I could ask him a question. He readily agreed and I asked him which one of the items I had picked out he thought would look the best on me. He blushed at this question and I figured he might not go for part two of this dare.

He nicely answered and told me that he thought that the black push put would look good and the silky panties that matched. I thanked him and asked him if I might have a little more help. I then explained that these were for a special evening and I wanted to make sure they looked just right. I could tell that this made him really uncomfortable. And maybe he could tell I was getting really nervous too. So, he said that I was sure that they would look great on me and excused himself.

I bought the bra and panties and then went to the restroom and put them on, in one of the stalls. New under-roos in place I headed back to the mall. I then went back to Victoria's Secret and again looked for something... anything. Ok I was mainly there to find someone to give me the ok on my new Bra and Panties. So, same game plan as before… find a guy and ask him how some item would look on me. Well, it was about 15 minutes on in store time before the next guy came in. I know that the workers were looking at me like I was up to no good, because they asked to help me about 400 times!

Well, now that the my next victim… I mean the next man finally came into the store I was now in a rush to finish off this dare and get the hell out of this store. I walk strait over to him, hoping I would look like a total prostitute to the workers in the store and asked him if he thought the robe I had in my hand would look good on me. Yea, I am so original. Well, bachelor number two went for the gimmick a lot faster then the last guy did. He countered my question with a smug, “I would have to see it on you to tell.” Remark. Bingo! This was going to be easy. So, I told him I would try it on for him if he stayed to see me in it. What do you know… he agreed.

I stripped down to my new bra and panties and then slipped into the creamy silk robe. Then I peeked out of the dressing room. Sure enough my newfound friend was standing around acting nonchalant. I whispered for him to come over and take a look. And by look, I meant look! I left the robe totally open, so as soon as I stepped out you could see inside to my new bra and panties. He was stunned. But played it cool. And told me it looked great. Which would have been for the 10 seconds that I actually let the robe stay open.

I quickly jumped back into the dressing room and changed back into my street clothes. My new friend was waiting on me when I got out. And after having to explain that I couldn’t go for a drink with him, he gave me his card and took my number. Or, what I told him my number was. LOL

To sum up this dare may not have gone as it was originally set up, but I found out that it really couldn’t. It was really hard to pull off. Harder then I ever thought it could be. And I never thought it would be easy!

So Embarrassed ... She Turns Red

*** An introvert. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. Her way of letting off steam.

What's happening?? ...

"She Lost - While playing she had second thoughts and desperately tried to win."

"I won - Not only did she pay up but I put her on display, AND played with her emotions, exposing her more."


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