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BY: Holly

Since you like underwear so much, for this dare you get to wear undies! How's that for different. You get to wear your sheeriest panties, thongs or crotchless prefered, your sheerest bra, thigh high stockings with garters, garter belt or just the stay up kind, up to you. Comfortable shoes since your going to be in them all day.

Once you've gotten your undies and shoes on, grab a coat cuz that's all your wearing. Undies & a coat. Your going to leave your house as early in the morning as you can without getting into trouble and your staying out all day.

So here you are, out wandering about in your undies (and a coat, shortest one you can get away with). Where should you go? How about a library? The supermarket. A book store. A store that sells comics, I'm sure there's one somewhere. Anywhere else you can thing of is fine. You have to tell us all where you went.

Now here's a couple of things you have to do. Once an hour, on the quarter hour, no matter where you are, you've got to take the coat off, shake it out, then put it back on. If I was you I'd be sure I was somewhere private at that time. Also you've got to flash four people; two guys & two gals. Who, where, when, are up to you, but it has to be at least a 30 second flash.

At the end of the time, make sure you get home before your hubby so that you can greet him at the door without the coat on. Hope he's alone cuz no matter what you've got to do that.

The Report

This dare was by no means easy. The main problem was not that I would only be in my undies. The Main problem was it has become very cold here. So, the idea of the shortest coat kind of got tossed out. I had to have a coat that would allow me to be out for a longer length of time. The other problem was that I didnít get started until about 3:00 PM that day. I had stayed up all night the night before and I was out of it. I slept until around 2 and finally rolled out of bed. It was almost took TNT to get me out of bed.

Once up and about, I got my bath and got cleaned up. If you are only going to be in your underwear you might want to at least smell nice. LOL Once that was done I was ready to pick out my undies for this dare. No, I donít have crotchless panties. So, I didnít wear any of those. LOL I wore my black thong panties and my black sheer lace bra. My garter belt does not match so I had to just use my black thigh highs that stay up all on their own. LOL


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I was feeling kind of sexy at this point. A quick peek in the mirror had me thinking this would be a fun dare. Funny how when you are horny, your brain shuts down. I picked out a pretty long coat as I said. Not to use as cover for my embarrassing outfit, but just to keep from getting frost bit from the cold.

Dressed, if you can call what I had on dressed, and ready to go I got in my car. It took forever for it to warm up. I almost bailed on the dare right then and there. I am really going to have to cut back on any dares until the weather improves. Well, I first drove to the library. One, I had a book to return. And two it closes early then the other places. As luck would have it by the time I got there it was about time for me to take my coat off for a quick shake. I made my way too the stacks before doing this. I was extra careful to make sure NOBODY was around when I did my little disrobe.

My next stop was the supermarket. It was here that I got some strange looks. I guess people are just not used to seeing some one with their coat buttoned up to their neck. Well, again the time for a quick disrobe had rolled around. So, I took advantage of the restroom stall. LOL So, so far the dare was going uncommonly easy for me. Which could only mean that things were going to go bad at any moment. LOL For my finally stop I was going to go to a comic book / hobby story that I had gone to once to pick up a gift for a friends child. Well, the place is kind of out of the way and by the time I got there it was about ready to close. I was on of the only 5 people in the store. The woman and old man that run the place. And a couple that were looking at the old issues of comics.

I came in and it was really past time for a disrobe. I also had to flash 4 people. This seemed like the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. So, I walked up to the counter and told the old man that I was dared to flash him and if he would mind. See, I am not an idiot. Had I asked the woman the answer might have been different. LOL But, lets face it if you work in a comic book store and a woman offers to flash youÖ you donít turn down the chance of seeing boobs not sketched by Stan Lee. He gave me the ok, and I dropped my coat. All of a sudden all 5 sets of eyes were on me. Five you say? Yes! Seems in my rush to get in the store before it closed I didnít look the whole store over! And up from behind one of the displays comes the nerdiest, pimple covered, grease ball of a teen. I was so stunned I couldnít bend over to pick up my coat at first. And when I did, they got a nice look at my thong covered butt! Needless to say I will not be shopping there ever, ever, ever again. Even though for the record they did all clap. LOL I guess they all took it in the spirit of fun it was meant and it was really not so bad except the teen seeing me. I would say that he was 18 or 19 and had never seen a real girl in her underwear. Well, until my dare. LOL

Once home I was already horny. Heck I had been all day. Well, I was a little worried that my husband would bring someone home with him. He often does. But, when he got home I did meet him in nothing but my underwear. Would you believe he had a headache? So, all that and I had to go to bed horny! I was so mad. Maybe I should go back to the comic book store. At least there I got an applause. LOL





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