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Strip BasketBall

BY: Holly

This was not exactly the dare I wanted to win in the poll Natalie set up for me, but the people have spoken. And this was the dare that won. Nat and I had not had any time together to do this dare, and with her current residence it is hard for us to get together for a dare. But, she is sure to get things worked out and be living closer again. Which will also mean she will be able to post more again too. I hope! However, all this being said I will try to type up this dare report the best I can.

Nat had come down to spend the night with my husband and I. No, it was not what you are thinking you dirty minded things, although she was being a constant flirt. I was getting kind of sick of it and brought up the basketball dare. Not, in front of my husband mind you. I was not exactly eager to do the dare, but I wanted to get her off my back, or at least away from my husband. You all know I love Nat, but she can be a real pain in the ass.

We had planned out doing the dare at a rec center that a friend of mine has access too. He assured me that we could use the center for our game and not have any interruptions. He also said he would keep the whole thing quiet on one condition. His condition was that he would get to watch the game. Not knowing how exactly how to do this dare on any other court I figured that is was the only way. Nat said she has a friend who runs a hotel that also offered to host the game. But, because we had not planned too far ahead my friend?s court would have to do.I was not thrilled about the possibilities of getting naked in front of one of my friends. He is actually one of my friend?s boyfriends. I didn?t want it to get around that I had even been dumb enough to get into a game like this. The only thing that helped me go through with it was my belief that I could beat Nat, and this would really be funny.

We had both dressed in the same number of items at my house. I had on my t-shirt white cotton bra and panties, and my nylon shorts. We both had on socks and shoes as well, but Nat dressed a little more ready for a game. She had on her t-shirt, biker shorts, sports bra, and panties. I normally work out in just my t-shirt and jogging pants. Noting too sexy I know, but at least it is comfortable.

When we met Detrick at the center he was not alone. Standing with him was another guy, who we later learned was named Robert, who looked strangely familiar to me. I couldn?t put my finger on it at first, but he looked very familiar. It only took me a few more steps closer to realize who it was. He was one of my towel dare guys. I almost turned and ran then!

First off I had not gotten a good look at him during my towel dare. I was way too embarrassed to make eye contact for very long. My luck could not be worse could it? Natalie got a good chuckle when I whispered to her who I thought the guy was in her ear, but her good humor didn?t last too long.

Robert is Detrick?s brother and thought he would get to watch too. After suffering the embarrassment of talking about what we were doing at the rec center in the first place we both had to agree that Robert could watch. I for one couldn?t have him running around telling anyone about the game and the only way he would agree to secrecy was to get a peek at the game itself.

I really didn?t want this guy to get to watch. He would surly go back and tell his friends about how the ?Towel Girl? was playing strip basketball at the local rec center and how he got to see what was under the towel. No, this was not going to be good. I wanted to call the whole dare off at this point. However, Natalie, who I had goaded into doing the dare on ?my terms,? was kind of loving the fact that my plans were all going south rather quickly. I guess she has had similar plans go wrong.

All I was could think was ?Damn small towns? because now this guy was figuring out that he has seen me before. He asked if we had met before. I think he recognized my blushing because he yelled out ?towel girl.? I could have just died. I started to leave, but Nat grabbed my arm and pulled me back. She was sure that this was only going to make the game more interesting. I was sure that she was also thinking this would give her a needed advantage. The problem was, I was thinking she was thinking right.

Already things were not going as I had planned. Nat was also not happy about having to let another guy get to see the game. My guess was that she already knew that she was going to lose this game. I had been talking trash all day and that coupled with the trash talking I had been doing on her web site had almost convinced her that I was as good as I said I was. LOL

The real problems were yet to come, and any embarrassment that we both felt by having to explain our story to the two brothers was to pale in comparison to the embarrassment to come. The game the dare called for was strip basketball. The whole idea was that one or both of us would end up naked! This was now complicated by the addition of a small audience of two people I have already had contact with. You can all debate if it is worse to possibly be striped in front of stranger or people you know. The thoughts going through my mind at the time said ?Both!?

We all four went inside and started to setup for what would be a humiliating game for one of us. Natalie and I both had agreed to a few new ground rules for the game. We would have to strip off the item off as soon as the point was made. That way the game would swing to one side easier, and in my thinking ensure a win. It is important to note that we came up with that rule before we knew anyone would be watching. Other wise I would have asked that only the looser strip at the end of the game. I can?t say that would have really helped me out a lot, but it would have made some of the days events a little less humiliating. LOL

The other rule was that the 3 pointers were worth two items. I didn?t want to play all day, and I also had been practicing them for the last few days. Natalie only had one major rule. She said that the looser would have to run a lap around the court for every point they got beat by. I agreed not giving much thought to the real math behind that rule. I don?t think Natalie gave that enough thought her self.

Detrick, (Who knows if I am spelling that right? Who names their kid something like that anyway?) flipped a coin to see who would get to get the ball first. I had won the toss with tails and I was feeling confident that this was a good sign. I needed a good sign after all that had already gone wrong. The game started off and I was moving down the court with the ball. I was really nervous about missing the basket, which might be why I missed such an easy lay up. Nat was quick to get the rebound and headed down the court with it. I went after her trying to steal the ball by slapping at her hands. Nat can be quite competitive and shoved me. I stumbled and nearly crashed into the wall. Playing in doors makes for some challenges for clumsy people like me. LOL

At least I wouldn?t be picking gravel out of my butt if I fell. However, my fall had given Nat an unguarded shot at the basket. She fired a shot from inside the paint and started dancing around with joy as it went in.I didn?t even bother getting up. I knew she had just taken an item from me, so I quickly thought over what I would remove. We had both agreed that shoes and socks counted as one item per set. So, both shoes would equal one time. An item that wouldn?t reveal anything to the two guys or Nat. LOL

Now it didn?t take me too long to realize that lack of exposure should not have been as important as being able to run up and down the court. I was sliding all over the place and fell twice just dribbling. Luck for me I was able to hold onto the ball both times. Nat tried to pull the ball away while I was down, but in the end had to let me get up. I drove closer to the net, but let the ball get away from me. The socks were killing me, and Nat was showing no mercy. She took the ball down the court again, with me trailing badly.

She made another easy shot and looked back at me laughing. All my big talk was really coming back to haunt me, but taking my socks off an playing barefoot was really a blessing. I was able to get a little better traction even if it was a little painful to run as fast as Nat was with her shoes still on.

Barefoot and more in control I took the ball in and headed for the net. Nat was all over me, but I did a nice short-range shot that rolled in with ease. Nat seemed a little let down, it was as if her early success had her thinking I would lose everything before I managed a single shot. I was more then happy. This basket would mean she would have to take off an item and that item would more then likely be her shoes.

After all that was what I had done, and why wouldn?t she follow suit? In my mind I could see this at the turn in the tide. In her socks I could out maneuver her and easily rack up some points. I needed this break to get into the game and make good the promises that I had made with all my trash talking. The one problem with all of this is the fact that Nat is a little more of an exhibitionist then I am. She chose to take off her t-shirt. Having the sports bra under it was a plus for her

She as able to lose an item and not be nearly as embarrassed as I would have been had I taken off the same item. I guess Natalie has learned something from her pervious dares. In this case ignorance was not bliss. I had gotten myself into trouble and I knew it!

Natalie took the ball in and tried a 3 pointer and failed. I got the ball back and tried a 3 pointer of my own. The guys got a good laugh as I missed and Nat followed up with another brick off the backboard. It was a comedy of errors. I got the ball and Nat ?accidentally? smashed my toes with her shoe. I was so mad, but kept the ball. The bad thing was I was now faced with having to turn the ball over due to a double dribble or shot from where I stood. I was in deep 3 point range and really too far for me to make a good shot. I tried a granny shot and sent the ball strait up into the air. I tossed it so high I hit a rafter and it came back down with force. Nat and I both dove for cover. LOL

Natalie managed to get to the ball before me and then went in for a close shot to be sure she would make it. I ran up behind her before she could get the shot off and pulled her shorts down to her knees. She dropped the ball and went for her short. That was just the break I needed to get the ball back. I grabbed it and headed for my basket.

I had all the time in the world to line up my shot and sank a nice basket. Nat was pissed because she now had to take off the same shorts I just pulled halfway down for her. The guys loved this and I had some revenge for Nat stomping on my foot. Natalie took the ball down the court in her panties and sports bra. She was protecting her shoes, which turned out to be a wise decision. She was able to get to the 3 point line way before me and fired off a nice shot that made me regret asking for them to cost 2 items!

I looked at Nat and then at the guys. I would have died right then and there. I pulled my shorts down to reveal my white panties, and then pulled my shirt over my head to show off my white cotton bra. My red blushed shin made my underwear look even brighter. Now another 3 pointer would leave me naked and running 4 laps totally nude! These guys were in for a real show if I didn?t get my game working for me. And Robert and Detrick were cheering for every play. That and yelling out a few crude comments about us playing with balls or ?scoring.? Natalie was really eating this all up too. She as sure she had me beat at this point.

I moved the ball down the court and managed to get another short rage shot. Nat was not happy because she was now going to have to expose herself or lose her shoes. I would have taken off the shoes. But, Natalie is a little tramp as you know and pulled her bra over her head without a problem. The guys let off a cheer and Nat quickly covered her tits with her hands. This was good for me because she now kept trying to dribble with one hand while she covered her bare-boobs with her other arm. This made it much easier for me to get the upper hand.

I stole the ball from her and scored again because she couldn?t cover herself and my shot at the same time. This was the shot that cost her the shoes and put her at my mercy. In just socks and panties she was quite a site. The guys were about to get a really good show because she was not able to hang onto the ball in her socks. I snagged the ball and tried a big hook shot.

The ball came off the backboard so hard it rolled down the court and right to Natalie. I then cursed myself for thinking I was Michael Jordan and ran to do some damage control. In my bra and panties I had to look silly. I didn?t have on a nice sports bra like Nat did. I just had my normal everyday sitting around the house bra on. Plenty of cover, but not a lot on the that great at keeping my boobs from bouncing up and down as I ran at full force to block Natalie?s next shot.


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Natalie got close and tried a one handed shot but missed. She got her own rebound, but that gave me enough time to get closer. Natalie looked back and then dropped her cover to use both hands. She used one hand to hold me back and the other to dribble away from the basket. She moved into 3 point land and the guys were now on the court just waiting for the game to close. Natalie went for her shot totally exposing herself as she stretched out for the shot.

Up it went and toward the basket. If it went in I would be stripped naked! I couldn?t do anything but watch as it rolled around the rim of the basket. When it kicked out I was so happy. I grabbed the rebound and took off past the sock footed Natalie. I shot a Granny shot from mid court and hit the top left corner of the backboard. The ball came back and rolled right past me and back toward Natalie. I again found myself running to stop Natalie from shooting the ball that would leave me naked. She now had the ball and plenty of time to shot before I could stop her.

Now less modest she lined up and fired her shot with just the right arc. I ran past her with the hope that it would miss and I would get the rebound. As the ball touched the backboard it the horror of what was about to befall me hit me hard. I stopped and screamed, ?NO!?

All my protest were to be not in vain. The ball again rolled off the rim and back to me. I got the ball back and then tried to keep a cool head. I dribbled toward Natalie and she was now swinging both arms trying to free the ball. In doing this she looked very silly. Her boobs, or what there are of them LOL, where swinging back and forth.

She had such a determined look on her face. I got laughing so hard that I dropped the ball and let it roll half way through the paint. By the time we got to it we both got our hands on it.

I managed to pull it away from Nat and as a result forcer her to the ground. Her socks caused her to slide down just as mine had done me. I now had a clear shot and made it without a problem. Natalie kicked at me from the floor. Then she pulled both socks off and tossed them toward the laughing guys.

Threw this all the guys were getting more and more pumped up. They were yelling and cheering like the NBA championship was on the line. It was very distracting and I am not sure if it was the running back and forth or the shear embarrassment that hand my heart beating out of my chest. Natalie seemed a little less effected, but then again I guess she is in a little better shape.

She took the ball and then started for her basket. I now only needed to get the ball back and make a single shot. She would be naked! She would have to run 2 laps if I shot a 2 pointer or 3 if I made a 3 pointer. I couldn?t keep it to myself. I started to trash talk worse then before. One thing I remember saying was, ?Hey, Nat you are going to be naked in a minute! What do you say loser blows the fans?? This got the guys really worked up, which was just what I wanted. Now they were yelling all kind of comment at Nat about how great it would be to get a blowjob from her. And how she was going to need something to swallow after a long game like this one.

Natalie was laughing, but I could tell it was getting to her and that this would be the key to her missing her next shot! At least that was how I saw the plan playing out, I guess that I should not have been placing too much faith in any of my plans at that point. LOL

Natalie was now down to just her little green bikini panties. I hade this whole game in hand and Natalie knew it. The one thing that Nat now had going for her was we where both on equal footing so to speak. Now that we were both barefoot she wouldn?t be sliding around as before. She used this to her advantage quickly. She drove the ball past me pushing my aside with her backside.

I was a little taken back by that maneuver and spun all the ay around. I then tried to play catch up. I ran up behind her and jerked her panties up into a weggie and stole the ball. She was now mad and shoved me down as I went for a shot. The guys were yelling no blood no foul as I checked out the court burn I got on my knee as I fell.

I got up to see Natalie moving the ball down court again. This time it was her that was trash talking. She was moving her head back and forth talking smack about how she was going to beat me now and how I would be the one rewarding the fans with a bare ass run and blowjobs! I could see this whole thing had gone a little too far and I started to yell, ?Wait! Time Out!? Natalie shot and made the shot with ease because I had stopped chasing her. She turned around and stuck her hand out to say hand over something. I then told her that I had called time and that the basket didn?t count.

She was really pissed off now, so I tried to calm her down. I told her that I would like to talk this all over real quick. She didn?t want to hear it and pushed me away. I could tell she was way too mad now. (Any wonder she gets into the trouble she does?)

So, I tried again to explain. I told her that I was not about to show two guys I hardly know my tits. And I was defiantly not going to give them blowjobs. Natalie went off on me because she had been playing topless for about 15 minutes now.

I could see there was no dealing with her. So, then the fight broke out over if I called time out in time. The guys were called in to make the call. This was Natalie?s idea, and that should have given her the advantage, but the guys ruled that I did call time in the nick of time.

This only made Natalie even more determined to win. I was starting to feel bad about making her so mad so I kept my distance as she made her next shot. Lucky for me she missed. I took the ball down the court and then made a lazy shot, not wanting to look like I was really trying to make her look bad. I think I had fallen right into her trap! She had tried to make me feel bad so that I would take it easy on her and it has worked!

Natalie took the ball in and then dribbled the ball toward me. She stopped and had not even made it past the middle of the court yet. She would now have to shot the ball or double dribble and hand it right over to me. I had let my guard down, thinking there was no way she would shoot the 3 pointer from this distance and not worried if she did. What came next was something I never expected. She threw the ball at me and bounced it off my butt as I turned to head out of bounds to take the ball in on the turn over. The ball bounced back to her and she started to dribble down the court and toward the 3 point line. I just stood there looking at her and then back at the guys expecting a call. ?Was that legal?? I asked out loud. Natalie just kept going as she fired a rocket toward the basket.Swish! That was the sound I feared. It was the sound of my fait being sealed. As I looked up to confirm what I feared I saw Natalie jumping up and down like mad. I was not sure what to think at this point. I was frozen to the spot I was standing on.

Natalie turned toward me in want seemed like slow motion, but really could have only taken about a second. Her face was forged into a grin. And she let out a laugh that could only be described as an ?I told you so? laugh. All I could do was watch as the ball bounced up and down on the floor under the basket. The guys let out cheers as well. All of a sudden the reality of what just happened kicked in and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. My knees became week and I wanted to faint. I didn?t move. I just stood there with my jaw dropped looking on in horror.

As Natalie walked over to me I was stunned. I couldn?t hear what she was saying. I tried to read her lips. My mind was filled with an echo of my bragging and boasts. I couldn?t hear Natalie, but I could hear myself upping the bet and claiming an early victory. It was not until Natalie shook me that I snapped out of my daze.

Natalie ordered me to strip. I looked over at the two guys not wanting to believe that this was not a dream. I looked back at Natalie and started to plead with her. I really didn?t want to have to strip in front of these two. After all that was not a part of the original dare. Natalie reminded me that a bet was a bet and I had lost the bet. Now it was time I pay off my debt. Pay off all of my debt! I slowly unclasped my bra and then let it slide off my shoulders. As soon as my nipples came it to view the guys laughed and I blushed even more. I tried to keep them covered as I pulled my panties down. I was going too slow I guess, until Natalie ?helped out? and yanked them down to my ankles. I kicked them off and was now covering my bare mound with my hand. I now had 2 laps to complete. Not wanting to stand around naked in front of these guys and Nat too long I started running the best I could. Covering my tits and my shaved lower body the best I could. I couldn?t believe I was doing this. I have never thought about doing anything like this.

The strange thing was I was getting way too excited doing it! Running like that and having two guys look at me naked and beaten like that was making me wet between my legs. And I was not sure if I would be able to finish the whole second lap with out breaking down. Some how I made it, but it was harder work then any I had ever done.I headed back to my pile of clothes when Natalie reminded me that I still had a few penalties to pay off. She was really loving my predicament way too much. I Hung my head and walked over to her. The guys had already started undoing their flies and lowering their pants. I looked at Natalie hoping that she would say this was just a joke, and that the guys were kidding, but she just smiled and pointed at Detrick?s hard cock pointing up at me.

Now I am married! I can?t go around sucking cocks! That is not what married people do! I looked back at Natalie and pleaded for mercy. I told her that I couldn?t go through with that because I am married! She said fine, if I wanted to be known as some one who didn?t pay up on her debts. I didn?t mind being known as a chicken, but I think the guys knew that.

They then added a little blackmail. They informed me that if I didn?t pay up on my debt they would make sure my husband found out about my little game. And even if I didn?t pay up on the last part of my dare they would say that I did. That was all the encouragement I needed. Dropping to my knees I managed to work off my debt to Natalie, or more likely her new friends. I will not go into the gory details, but lets just say I was forced to swallow a little more then crow. Both guys assured me that this wouldn?t be the last they saw of me. I told them that I am really sure it will be. I have learned my lesson and will not brag about anything on Nat?s site again. I willalso not be sharing this adventure with anyone I know in person ever! I was so humiliated by the time it was all done. I couldn?t believe it went so far. The part of me that enjoyed it, was want scared me the most. Regardless of how much I enjoyed this dare I will not be doing this again anytime soon!

I hope this does not damage your opinions of me. I am normally not such a slut. I guess I got caught up in the moment. But, I will assure you it will not go that far again! I really am a good girl! I promise! Really!



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