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BY: Jill

After the WalMart dare I figured that I had better refine the system a little bit and put some more though into these dares before I tried again. I think that maybe I should have some kind a back up plan in effect just in case. I am really starting to love the rush I get when people see me naked. This hobby seems to be additive. Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on doing a dare this evening so I didn’t have a back up plan.

The next dare I got myself into was with Mike again. I know I said that I would never do this again but somehow I forgot. It all started at the once school had started back up. Everybody had gone home for the weekend a Mike and I were the only ones left on our floor for the weekend. I went over to Mikes on Friday PM to torture him some more. I was wearing my usual outfit that I wore when I wanted to tease the boys. I had on my boxers and a loose baggie T-shirt (no bra or panties). I still had never shared with the boys that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I know Mike had seen me completely naked in the laundry mat dare but still that was almost a year ago and I could tell he wanted to see me again.

Mike suggested that we could play some drinking games (his favorite pass time). I told him that I wasn’t playing any drinking games tonight because last time I did the whole world fell apart. We just sat around and watched TV instead. To my surprise I didn’t need to play any drinking games because over the next couple hours I seemed to have drank a little bit too much because I was starting to get a little wild again. I was starting to talk a little bit too much. For some reason I told him about my WalMart dare and his jaw just dropped. He couldn’t believe that I did something like that again. Especially by myself. He just couldn’t believe it. Then that is when it happened. He said “I think you should do dare tonight”. “WHAT???”, “NO WAY”, “You will never see me naked again” I said. He just looked at me with those big brown eyes of his and said “Why not, I have already seen you naked once. What is the difference?” At this point my mind was really spinning. Was I actually entertaining doing another one of Mike’s dares. Then I came to my senses. “The answer is still NO”. Then Mike came up with a new idea. He said, “Lets play a game on the X-box, loser has to do a dare”. I thought about it for a minute then agreed only if I could pick out the game. You see I knew I had a game that he didn’t have and I knew that I could beat him and get some ever so sweet revenge. Well to make a long story short I lost.

Once again I put myself in a horrible position with Mike. It is almost like he has some sort of evil powers he uses on me. I told him that he had better go easy on me or I might not do it. Once again he reminded me and said “You are not the one making the rules to this dare. I am. You will do what ever dare I can come up with”. Then just as fast as he started to talk he blurted out “Your dare will be as follows: I will invite some friends over tomorrow night to watch TV and play some drinking games. I will tell them that I learned to hypnotize people this summer. You will come over for a visit and you will let me try to hypnotize you. You will pretend to be in a trance and you will do what ever I say.” I think that he must have been thinking about another dare for me since the laundry mat, because he had every single detail worked out. I didn’t like where this dare was going and it sounded way to risky to me because he wouldn’t tell me exactly what I was going to have to do. But I had no choice.

The next day I was a wreck. My stomach was in knots. I begged Mike to let me off the hook. But there was no changing his mind. The next night came way to fast. I watched out my window and waited for his friends to arrive. One by one, by one, by one they kept coming and coming. He must have invited eight or nine people over. One of them I recognized from my history class. This whole thing started to feel exactly like the laundry mat. It wasn’t as much fun as WalMart. I think that I don’t like not having the control to choose my fate. But still in all I really didn’t have a choice this time, I had already lost and it was time to pay up on my debt so I headed next door. There was so many faces in the room I felt pretty scared but I tried no to show it. After about a half hour I heard Mike say “Maybe I should try out my new talent tonight. Do I have any volunteers?” So crowd went silent. Then Mike looked at me and said “How about it Jill. Can I try on you?” “Try what?” I asked. He then proceeded to make up this elaborate story on how his uncle had taught him to hypnotize people summer and it really works. I put up a little fight and finally agreed.

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I was so nervous because I just knew that very soon I was going to be naked. I just couldn’t imagine him being any nicer than he was for my last dare and I knew I was in trouble. Then he started. He placed me in the middle of the room and got out this necklace and started swinging it in front of my eyes. “You are getting very sleeping”. This went on for a few minutes and I finally pretended to be in a trance. Mike then said “You are now my slave. You will do what ever I tell you to do and you will be happy about it.” In the back of my mind I always knew just what he was going to say but I just didn’t know what I was going to have to do. He then pretend to wake me up and asked my how I felt. The crowd was laughing. The whole thing looked pretty dorky. Then it started.

“Slave”, This apparently was my new name. “Go in the kitchen and get me a beer”. So I did. So far so good. Not to tough, I thought. The crowd didn’t seem to believe any of it and then Mike asked them what would it take to make you believe. Someone across the room piped up “Tell her we want to see some skin”. Oh, no here is comes. “Slave, you heard the man time to lose you shirt”. Without hesitation I peeled my shirt off and threw it at Mike. Mike moved to the living room and sat on the couch and called me over. “Slave, we want to see more skin. Lose the bra.” I dropped my bra to the floor and the room went totally silent. All of sudden they believed I was hypnotized. I felt so awkward standing in the middle of the room with my tits hanging out. All of the guys where now paying complete attention to what ever words came out of Mike’s mouth. Then my worst fears happened. “Slave, we want to see all of your skin lose everything!” I played along well. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes and stood there in the middle of the living room completely naked. Mike just smiled. OK I thought. Time for this to end. Time for me to go.

I looked at Mike with a smile and started to walk to the door. “Slave” I stopped dead in my tracks. What is he doing? How long is this going to last? “ Where are you going I never told you to leave”. I walked back into the living room and just stood there. One of the guys went over and whispered something in Mike’s ear. Then he got up and slid a coffee table to the center of the room. “Slave, lay down on this table”. Then the next thing I heard I just about died. Never had I dreamed that he would say anything like this. No way was I going to do it. Those most awful words I heard was “Slave, pleasure yourself till you orgasm”. Being naked was bad enough but to masturbate in front of a crowd. What was wrong with him? Why would he do this to me? Finally I reached down and started to play with myself. All of a sudden it felt really good. I forgot all about the crowd and really started to get into it. Within a couple a minutes I had one of the strongest orgasms that I have ever had. After I was done he told me to get dressed and go home. I can’t believe I actually went through with something like that but I have never felt so alive.

The next day Mike came over to talk. He couldn’t believe that I went through with it. He said that nobody there had ever seen a woman masturbate before. I told him that they probably never would again so don’t get any ideas.

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