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BY: Central Jill

I know it has been a long time since I have submitted any adventures but nothing really story worthy has happened that I wanted to submit. Well that all changed last month when I went to up north to a wedding reception with Mike.

It was a Friday evening and some of Mike’s friends and I were sitting around drinking and playing cards. That's when Mark came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. I was both excited and scared by the proposition of such a game. The last few times that I have done anything like this with Mike things have not turned out the best for me. Probably the only reason I was entertaining this game was because before I went away with Mike for this weekend I made him promise that he would not try to embarrass me this weekend like he has done in the past.

We were all still at the hall because everyone had just finished with rehearsal. Two of the girls from the wedding party, Kelly and Amy were there. Kelly is a tall skinny blond with short hair and not much of a figure. Amy was shorter, dark hair, glasses and a few more curves. There were three guys as well. There was Bill, the short, skinny small man in the group. He wore thick, framed glasses, and was relatively considered a nerd. There was Mark, who was tall, blond and athletic. He had broad chest and firm legs. And there was Mike of course.

I looked over to Kelly and Amy, wondering what their reaction would be. I thought I sensed the same kind of fear and excitement that I was also feeling. I decided that instead of saying anything, I would just see what happens. Mike quickly piped in saying he thought it was a great idea, but the girls would chicken out. Thinking back, I'm sure it was a setup, because Mike and I have been friends a long time and he knew I would have a hard time saying no to the game.

Kelly spoke up and said that they’d do it, but they thought that the guys would chicken out before things got interesting. Mark talked with Bill & Mike and they all made up some rules.

1.) Once the game starts, nobody leaves until the game is done.
2.) We'll play for one hour. Then at the end of each hour we decide if we play for another hour. If we agree to play, we have to keep playing the full hour.
3.) No sexual touching (us girls added this rule).
4.) Everyone would be assigned a number and role a die. If your number was rolled on the die, you got to choose who you asked the question or offered the dare to.

After the rules were set for some strange reason (maybe it was the alcohol) we all agreed to play. We all sat in a circle in boy/girl fashion with me as 1, Kelly as 3, and Amy as 5. Mike was 2, Mark was 4, and Bill was 6. The timer was set, and the first set of questions began. They started out with questions about whether or not we have seen the other sex naked, or slept with someone of the other sex. When Mike was asked, he admitted that he had slept with two different girls. This brought a smile to both Bill and Mark's face (I think that they knew he was lying). As the timer went off, we realized we had spent an hour and hadn't really gotten all that far. So Mark offered up the suggestion that we should change the name of the game to dare. You have to do a dare on your turn, since nobody has been brave enough to take one yet.

I was a bit nervous by the prospect, as I sensed the others were. If you can remember from my previous adventures this seems to be the time when things have a tendency to start going downhill for me. In fact the only reason I agreed to continue was that Mike had basically promised to behave this weekend. But still we all agreed to continue playing.

The next roll was a 4, Mark. He looked at me and announced that I should do the first dare. My heart jumped, but I smiled a fake smile of confidence and gave him a nod, unable to speak. "I dare Jill to strip off her jeans and sweatshirt." My face reddened. But I knew I was in for the hour, so I agreed and stood up. I first began by reaching down and unzipping and unbuttoning my jeans. I carefully pulled them open and slid them down; making sure my sweatshirt had fallen down low enough to cover my white cotton panties. Next I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my sweatshirt, making sure I didn't grab my t-shirt that was underneath. I carefully began to slide it up and off, leaving me in my t-shirt, bra, panties and socks. I smiled at Mark and then sat down.

Now it was my turn to roll the dice. I reached down, grabbed the dice, and rolled. It came up a 2, Mike. Mike looked over at me at smiled. It was right then that I knew for sure that I had been set up. Mike never had any intention of not trying to embarrass me. In fact I think that he went out of his way to set this whole thing up!!!!!! Mike called out his dare. "I dare Jill to remove her t-shirt," he said with a smile. I protested that that it was not fair picking on just me. Mike stated that that wasn't in the rules and if I wanted to offer rule changes, I could do so in 53 minutes, when this round is over. I wasn't happy about being put out on display like this. I know both Kelly and Amy were glad I was first, but I was really hoping that they would have been in this mix with me. I reached down to pull my shirt off. Mike told me to stand up. I protested and said that there is nothing in the rules that says I have to stand, and since you didn't specify it, I'm not going to. I pulled my t-shirt up slowly, revealing first my tummy, then slowly up to my chest, where I pulled it up, showing my white lace bra. I lingered with my head covered, concealing my embarrassment. Then I finally pulled my head out and dropped the shirt on the floor beside me. Everyone's eyes were on my chest. I could feel my face burning red. Everyone was quiet for about a minute, so I reached down and picked up the die to roll.

This time it came up a 3, which was Kelly. The smile on her face had me worried. Then she spoke "I dare Mark to switch underwear with Jill." Everyone seemed to think this was a good idea, aside from Mark and myself. Mark gave me his best I'm sorry smile and stood up. I thought he was going to drop his pants right then and there, but then he suggested that we do this in the bathroom. I heard rumbled protests, but we both left the room, and I covered my white cotton briefs as I exited. Once we were in the bathroom, Mark smiled at me and asked me if I was having fun. I told him that I was not having that much fun since everyone seemed to be picking on me. Mark promised me that it'll get better. Then he said something that totally shocked me. I could believe he actually said it. I really could believe that it was true. He said “I think you are having fun, at least the damp spot on your panties would indicate such." I looked down. Oh my god. I couldn't believe I was actually getting excited by all of this. He just smiled. Although, Mark really was a gentleman. He gave me the choice that if I didn’t want him to see me he said that I could turn around and remove my panties and he would do the same with his underwear, then we could switch and get redressed. I handed him my panties, and he handed me his gray boxer briefs. I quickly pulled them up and turned around to see him struggle to pull up my panties, which were tight on him. He then pulled up his pants and refastened them. He gave me a smile and we returned to the game. We went back out, me in Mark’s gray boxer briefs, and he in my panties and an obvious bulge in his pants. Once we were reseated he took the die and gave it a roll. This time it came up a 5 for Amy.

Amy looked at me and smiled. I got a feeling it was pick on Jill hour. She looked at me and smiled. "I dare Jill to remove her bra." I gave her an evil stare back. "This seems unfair to me" I whined. But I got no sympathy from anyone around. All eyes were on me, so I reached back and unhooked my bra. I stared at Amy the whole time I slipped off first one strap, then the other, keeping my arms crossed across my chest at all times. I finally slipped it off and dropped it on the floor, but kept my arms close to my chest. Both Mike and Bill tried to sneak a peek, but to no avail. Then Mike suggested it was my turn to roll again. I leaned forward, one hand over my boobs as I rolled the die. I was hoping for a 1 so badly. But it was not meant to be. Instead, it was a 6.

Bill seemed shocked, unsure what he should do. Mike was suggesting he have me get naked, everyone else remained quiet. I wasn't sure what he would do. Bill then said he would like to see someone get a spanking. Mike told him to pick me, but he said he would like to use random chance to decide. He would roll the die and that would determine who would do the spanking. Then that person rolled the die to determine the "victim". I personally didn't want to be involved in either end of it. The dice was rolled and it was a two for Mike. He smiled and asked if he could give the spanking bare bottomed. "No, it will be dressed as the person is, on all fours," was Bill's reply. Mike rolled and it came up 4. He asked for a re-roll, but everyone said no way. He mumbled and had Mark get on all fours. He gave him about four swats and stopped and sat back down, clearly unhappy with the outcome. I for one was relieved. Mark sat back down and grabbed the die. He rolled it, and this time it came up a 1. Finally!

But whom do I get even with? Mark for starting this, Mike for continually picking on me, or Amy for making go braless? I decided that it had to be a guy, or else it would become a cat fight and I would be outnumbered. I decided to pick on Mike. "I dare you to strip down to your underwear, Mike." He gave me a look of half defiance, and half I'll be glad to. He slipped off his t-shirt. Next he slipped off his socks before standing up and undoing his jeans. He made a dramatic presentation of pulling them down and off. He then spun in a circle and sat down in his tighty whities. He leaned forward to grab the die and whispered in my ear "Wait for your turn." He took the die and rolled a 5. Amy again.

Now that a guy was in a similar situation as me, I hoped she would opt for his nudity, or someone else to get down to his or her underwear. She looked around and said, "I'm getting a bit thirsty. I dare Jill to go into the bar room and get us a tray of beers. She has to bring it back here on a tray and serve the drink to each one of us." I knew what she was doing. She was setting me up to display my boobs. I glared at Amy and stood up, keeping my chest covered in the process. As I began to walk to the bar room, I realized that the boxer briefs slipped a little bit. I grabbed them with one hand and hurried back to the bar. I went into the next room slowly to get the drinks. My heart was pounding. I know nobody was around, but that doesn't mean I don't get nervous walking topless through the building. I gathered up a tray of drinks and began to go back into the main hall. I could feel the boxers slipping, but not falling past my hips. At the doorway to the main hall I pulled them back up. I walked into the room with the tray in my hands. Everyone was still sitting in the circle. I first went to Amy, she asked me to lean down so she could take her beer. I gave her an annoyed look and bent over, my tits swaying freely. She smiled as she grabbed one. I remained leaned over as I went around the room. I felt the boxers slide a bit, but stop at the top of my hips. When I handed Mike his beer, he "accidentally" lifted it up into my nipples. It was cold and sent a shiver down my spine. I gave him an even more annoyed looked and sat back down after pulling up the boxers again. I picked up the die and gave it a roll. It came up a 1 again. I smiled.

Looking over at Amy, "I dare you to strip down to your panties like me." She gave me a dirty look. I know that by doing that I probably missed the opportunity to strip one of the guys, but she seemed so intent on displaying me that I had to pay her back. She stood up and unbuttoned her shirt. She slipped it off her arms, revealing her breasts encased in a powder blue bra. She kept her gaze on the floor as she slowly undid her jeans and carefully slid them down off her hips, revealing her matching powder blue panties. She sat down finishing slipping them off. With a final look of defiance she hooked her bra and sent it flying across the room. Finally the attention was on someone other than me.

After a few moments she leaned forward and grabbed the die, rolled it, and this time it came up a 3, Kelly.

I wasn't sure what to expect. Then she looked around and said. "I dare Jill to stand in the middle of the circle with her hands on her head, while Bill pulls her boxers down and off. She must then turn around slowly, giving everyone a good view of her, hands remaining on her head." My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. My stomach was in knots. How did I let myself get into this situation? I could have expected this from Amy, but not from Kelly. I took a few deep breaths and stood up. I shook my hands a few times to shake the tension off. I went to the middle of the circle and stood facing Bill. He almost had a scared look on his face. I raised my hands and interlocked my fingers behind my head, closing my eyes and preparing to have my only piece of clothing removed. Just as I could feel Bill's hands on my hips I heard the beeping of the watch. The hour was up and I had a chance to save my dignity.

That is all for today check back soon and I will fill you in on the rest of the details.


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