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Skinny Dipping with my Sisters

BY: Jen


"What are you so angry about sis?"

"What do you think? You know I didn't want to go on this stupid trip. I don't know why you two insisted on dragging me along."

"Oh shut-up already you two! You're going to cause me to have a wreck! Amy, you agreed to come, so deal with it. Steph, just ignore her cause she's not going to do anything but complain."

Man, what sisters I have...

Hey folks, my name is Annie. Those girls arguing are my sisters Amy and Stephanie. You see, I wanted to take them on a little outing over Spring Break. I thought we'd spend some time together, make a few fun stops, all the while bonding. We rarely get to spend time with one another, I thought it would be a nice way to spend time together. How wrong I was!

My sister Amy is a 20 year old College student that wishes she was away in Cancun boozing it up with her friends. She only came because I told her I would introduce her to some nice guys I knew in California.

Oh, by the way! The inspiriation for this trip was because I had to make the trip to California anyways. I work for a computer software company and had to travel down there for business. I wanted company, and that's how this all got started.

Well, anyways... My ploy of getting Amy to come was mostly the offer of cute guys, a good time, and boozing if she really wanted to. Unfortunately, about a day into our trip, she discovered I wanted to make a lot of other stops first and got disgusted with having to wait. Since then, she's done nothing by complain.


My other sister Stephanie is a cutie. She's just 19 years old and had just graduated from High School. I wanted to show her a good time and maybe get her into a tiny bit of trouble. I mean, if it's going to happen, who better to have it happen with then your big sister right? I guess the only flaw in this part of the trip was that Steph doesn't get along very well with Amy because of how she tends to booze it up a lot and complain.

Hehehe, now you see my situation. 2 Sisters who don't get along... One a booze hound wanting sex and freedom. The other a youngster looking for fun, but not wanting to put up with her sister. And me in the middle, the mediator trying to keep the peace, keep the trip fun, all the while worrying about the business side of this little trip.

Some peaceful relaxing journey huh?

Oh, I guess I need to tell you a little about me to while I'm at it...

I'm 23 and as I said, I work for a computer software company. I do alright for myself, but don't have much time for my family. Yet another reason why I wanted to make this trip happen.


If only I could get my sisters to stop complaining, arguing, and start having a good time things would look up... What's a sister to do in this situation? There has to be some common thread between us that might bond us togethe....

Hey, wait just a second... I might just have the perfect plan. You know, I'm bound and determined to make this trip work. Hehehehe... Those two won't know what hit them after I'm done. Yeah, this is a great plan.

Oh, if your wondering what I'm thinking, well... Just wait and see, cause this should be quite good...

"Ok you two... I'm going to be coming up on our Hotel soon, and I don't want to hear anything else out of either of you! If you'd just try to have fun, you would! Trust me"

"Yeah right," barked Amy. "You promised me some hot studs and I haven't seen even one so far!"

"Well, that may be true, but I never said when they would be coming into the picture. Besides, I have something planned for us at the Hotel that should brighten your spirits."

"Oh really? Well, I'll believe it when I see it."

"Oh come on Amy! This is getting so old hearing you nag on!"

"AHHH!!! You two are driving me crazy! I told you not to pay her any attention Steph. Just, shut-up!"

Well... After yet another outbreak we pulled up the Hotel, checked-in, and before long were in our suite relaxing a bit. It felt good to have some peace and quiet in the room, as, for some reason, my sisters had stopped bickering. Maybe it was just the calm before the storm. Regardless, I had to set my plan into motion as soon as possible to avoid more conflict. The sooner I got things straightened out, the sooner things would start getting fun and manageble.

So... I waited a bit to see how long I could push it before Amy and Steph started getting on each other's nerves again, and then once I felt the tension rising, I decided to strike....

"Hey girls... I told you I had something planned, and well, here goes... I think we should head down to the pool and see if we can't scope out any hot guys."

"Your kidding right?" Started Amy. "That's your big plan? What kind of hot guys are going to be roaming around at the indoor pool?"

"Well, you never know! What do you think Steph?"

"Whatever... Anything for a change of pace."

"Come on Amy... At least give it a try. What do you have to lose at this point?"

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Hehehe, seems she didn't have much. Before long we had dawned our bathing suits and started heading down to the pool. Honestly, I didn't expect much to come out of the hot guy thing, but that was ok as my plan didn't nessecarily involve hot guys...

On the way down to the pool, though, I had a chance to check out my sisters... Yeah, so what?! You telling me you've never checked out your siblings? Or other guys or girls? Don't sit there and say no, never! In this crazy competetive world, you have to keep on your toes. You gots to check out the competetion...

Ummm, anyways... I just happened to notice how, well, putting it loosely, how hot they had become. As the older sister, I was always the first to do stuff and honestly I never took much notice of the changes of my baby sisters. But, during this calm period, I started to notice how lovely they had become.

Amy had matured well. Her curly hair and round behind really made her look good. I also noticed she vouched for a two piece, which figures, considering she's always on the hunt for a hot guy.

Steph was also starting to look good. Now at 19, she still had some room to grow I suppose you might say, but as far as I was concerned, she could pass off for someone much older. She was very tall and shapely... And I loved, and kind of hated in a way to, her dark hair she must have gotten from dad. Hehehe.

Steph was still pretty conservative though, opting for a dark one-piece, which, looked very good on her.

As for me, well... Of course I'm a hot ass bombshell! What else do you need to know?!

Anyways, we eventually made it down to the pool, and sure enough, not a guy in sight. The only thing that really sucked about this was Amy. I knew she'd bark up right away, so I quickly cut her off before she could even think about it.

"Nuts, no guys, but that's ok! Let's just lounge for a while and see if any show up. You never know! Right Amy?!"

I gave my sister a stern look letting her know that if she started complaining I would get very pissed. And she knew better than to mess with me when I was really mad.

So for the next hour or so, we just lounged around in the pool. We messed around for a while, and then before long I realized that everyone had exited that had been there and now we were all alone. It was time...

"Ok girls... Time to get things cooking!"

Both of my sisters looked confused, but boy would they be surprised at what I'd suggest next.

"I told you I had something planned, and well, here goes... No one else is here right now, so let's take advantage of that and.... SKINNY DIP!"

With that, I disrobed throwing my top way over to the corner wall, soon followed by my bottoms. Now standing stark naked in front of my sisters, I could see they were stunned. But, before they could respond, I jumped in the pool at the deep end and started swimming around.

"Come on girls! I promised a good time and I'm going to deliver! You've never lived until you've gone Skinny Dipping! And the water feels so great against your naked skin."

Still shocked, I could see my sister's pondering if I had gone insane or something. But, I decided to force my hand and get things moving. So, I swam directly over to Amy, and, before she knew what was going on, I had her top undone and as she reached up to censor herself, I pulled her top away and threw it outside of the pool.

"Hehehe... Go ahead and go get it if you dare! What are you guys waiting for?! LET'S GET NAKED!!!"

"But, but..." Stammered Steph. " What if someone..."

"Oh, don't worry about that! There's no one here now right? Just do it and if someone walks in, so be it! That's what makes it so exciting."

Well, I finally had them hooked. Just as I finished my sentence, I turned and noticed Amy had her bottoms off and had now joined the naked club. She smirked, threw the rest of her suit to the side, and then we both turned and faced Steph.

Smiling, she knew the fun was about to start and she quickly slipped out of her one piece and threw it to the side as well.

Now, wait a sight we were! 3 Naked Sisters skinny dipping in a public Hotel pool. Little did my sisters know, we probably were being watched at that point. The hotel we were staying in was a nice one and I'm sure they had security cameras. But I didn't bother bringing that up, nor did I let myself be concerned. Odds were it was some male security guard watching the cameras, if he was even paying attention. And if he did notice us, the odds of him sending someone down to get us out was slim to none. I knew he would just sit there in his booth and watch the naked angels play.

So, for the next 20 minutes or so, we did a ton of crazy naked things. We played some Marco Polo, being loud on purpose to see if we could attract some attention. We all got out and laid on the lounge chairs naked, blatantly exposing ourselves to anyone who might come in.

We imagined 3 hot brothers coming in and getting naked with us, and for a while there, it was almost so crazy we about all started to masturbate right there! But, I thought, that might be going a bit far in a very public place where even children can be, so I detered our actions before they got that far by pulling out my camera I had snuck down in my towel.

My sisters couldn't believe I wanted to photograph this, but I said it needed to be done, but just for us to remember! They loved the idea and soon we were taking turns posing for photos left and right. Hehehe, in a few of them, we even got pretty freaking explicit with some spread eagle going on. But, for the most part, we were pretty tame, rarely even letting anything major show in the pictures. Still, it was a good time to be had by all.

Erotic Story and Picture

Well, at this time about 45 minutes or so had passed and we were all starting to feel our luck would be running out before someone would notice us or come in. Generally, later at night right before the pool closes, there is a rush of last minute people who checked in, people going for a late night dip before bed, etc... How we had even managed 45 minutes uninterrupted was amazing.

We all got out of the pool and started to gather up our things, and then I had another stroke of brillance. Just as my sisters were about to put back on their bathing suits, I said...

"Hey! Before you get dressed, how about... We only go up in our small towels, and whenever we can get away with it, we walk around naked in the hotel!"

This idea was much more advanced than my first and it took them a while to ease into it. But, I convinced them and soon we were heading back towards the stairwell in which we had come down in nothing but our skimy towels which barely covered anything.

At this point we all were so hot and horny every little thing was turning us on and driving us nuts. Everytime the floors would creak we'd jump, laugh, and then take turns removing our towels and flashing the area.

Once we made it back up to our floor, still without having been seen amazingly, we ran into our first customers. There were a couple of guys at the end of the hall and immediately my other sisters were getting nervous. Although the possibility of exposure had always been there, none of us actually thought we'd be flashing anyone. But, since the opportunity had arisen...

We all ran down to where the guys were, threw them our towels and started circling them naked. Their eyes became as big as saucers I tell you! My boobs were flopping up and down, and I was laughing so hard!

After we had done a few laps, we ran back the opposite way and then we all beant over, mooned them, and then ran down the hall towards are room.

On the way there we ran straight past a bag boy carrying up some bags for someone, and boy did he get a show too. We were so into it at this point that we didn't even care. Stephanie even went straight up to the guy, kissed him, and then kept running. It was insane!

Well, we finally made it back to the room, and let me tell you... We weren't holding back anymore. My plan had worked and we had bonded together closer than every before. We all had a major group masturbation session and even though it was a bit akward masturbating and fingering myself in front of my sisters, when I orgasmed it was probably the biggest and best of my life. Somehow I feel it was the same way for my sisters.

Hehehe... The rest of that trip became very fun as we were constantly trying to flash and expose ourselves whenever and wherever possible. And since that day, we have stayed very close and take frequent trips together in which many interesting things go on. It's been great!



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