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Nude in the Mall

BY: ??

Ok. This certainly isn't as great as any other dare report that I've read but it was actually pretty easy and all my nervousness was insane.

I walked around the house in my short skirt, loose white top and heels just to get a feel for what it would be like. It felt good in the safety of my own home...and since the only other place I've ever done what I had to do was in a super market, the mall seemed like a very scarey place.

Wearing tan shorts, tennis shoes and a black t-shirt, I headed out the front door. It was about 7:45 or so when I left....felt like I could throw up. Thank goodness my husband was at work so i didn't have to worry about explaining to him about where I was going and why I didn't ask him to tag along. Anyways, the drive to the mall was short, about 15 minutes or so, no traffic and night was beginning to come. The mall closed at 9 so I had to be inside of Sears by 8:30 in order for me to give the peep show for the whole 30 minutes.

Hehehe, I parked FAR away from the mall. Is that cheating? It was IN the mall parking lot lol but there were no other cars around me...hey, it was still public and this is my first dare so deal with it lol. I took a few deep breaths and decided to move to the passenger side of the car, had more room that way. Took my shoes and socks off first...easy part right? Then I took my bra off (under my shirt) lol Hehe, cheating again? I wanted nudity in the car to be I slipped out of my shorts very quickly and my pink panties went right along with them. Kicked them off to the floor and as my heart was pounding in my chest I prepared the white shirt, so I wouldn't get tangled in it while being naked and rushed to take the black T off. I was totally nude no longer than 10 seconds maybe less. GOD I was so releaved to get that white shirt on. Slipping into the skirt was easy and I also put on my black strappy sandles with a 2 inch heel (my fave pair)pretty quickly. It had to be around 8:20 by the time I was finally ready to make my appearence in the mall. Oz said I had to go inside of the mall, he didn't say I had to actually enter the hall of the mall or go into any number of stores so I had planned on staying in Sears. They've got so many departments it was like being in different ones anyways. The next part of the dare wasn't as bad as being nude, I hate that part! I walked....hiked the entrance into sears. Womans apparal...fitting eh? I decided to go straight to the shoes because there really wasn't anything low enough for me to bend over and grab so I had to find some items to do that with lol. I never even noticed if anyone was watching me...30 minutes felt like hours, days...years. Kept looking at my watch to see when I could flee! After passing the lingerie department, I chuckled to myself and thought, Torre would grab a thong, drop it and bend over just for the irony...however, I'm not that brave! I kept on walking and though....escalators. Should I? Should I not?


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I decided to use it and go down stairs to the house hold stuff. There I could easily find things to pick up and study lol Riding down the escalator seemed like the longest ride ever but I was really likiing the idea of someone being able to see my bare bottom! I was totally excited and hating OZ and Johnny for that poll! Anyhow, I browsed around the household section until it was time for me to jet. The store was closing and I was so ready to leave. There weren't that many people there so I felt pretty safe. My first dare was almost over and then there was the ride up the escalator...the only way back to womens aparal lol By this point I wasn't scared anymore. Anyways...hope you enjoyed reading about my puny little dare...I don't want to do anymore dares anytime soon lol so please go easy on me! p.s. When I got home tonight, all I wanted to do was jump someone, something, ANYTHING lol **wink** Maybe in the future I will be a little more daring


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