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Part I - Carin's Revenge

BY: Lisa & Carin

Hey guys! It's me again, Carin! I know this is technically Lisa's story, but she wanted me to get things started and begin the story. If you've read my early story about the Football dare, then you know that I'm a 19 year old freshman at a major college in Florida. I'm about 5'6', 115 lbs with long dark hair and blue eyes. My roommate, Lisa, is 18. She's a little shorter than I am and has dirty blonde hair that she keeps short. She's very hot with a more classic body than mine (bigger boobs and a slightly wider waist). Anyway, as you remember, my last story ended with us heading home (South Carolina) for Christmas Break. We live about an hour apart, so we usually just take one car home. You might also remember that during my dare, Lisa volunteered to do a dare for me (that was when I masturbated in front of her and two other girls). On the way home we talked about it and Lisa started to flesh in some of the details. She said that initially it would have to with people she didn't know and wouldn't see again and that she really didn't want an out of control crowd around, so nothing in a club or at a big party. That gave me some food for thought and as I dropped her off, I promised to call her if a chance came up! She really wanted to do it quickly because she didn't want to lose her nerve.

After I got home, I made the rounds of all of my old friends. I was the only one out of my crowd that went away to school, most of the rest went to one of the Carolina schools. So, a couple of days later, one of my old high school girlfriends (Tanya) calls me up and asks if I want to go out. I don't have anything else working, so I say sure. It turns out that she's getting out of the house because her twin brother (who I know of course) is having a weekly poker party at their house (their folks are always gone somewhere on vacation). She's telling me that she has to get out because they always hire a Hooter's girl to be the waitress and she doesn't like to be around. Ding! A light goes off in my head. We start talking about stuff and how it is at college and everything and she says that once at a frat party she got drunk and they started yelling 'Show your tits!' and she did! She acted a little embarrassed about it and so I told her some of my story. She was speechless! She couldn't believe I'd done something like that and I told her that I couldn't either but that it kind of changed me because I was looking forward to doing something like it again. I also told her that my roommate owed me a dare and that I thought I could use her brother's party to get it done. I told her to get her brother and meet me for lunch at the mall the next day and we would talk about it.

That night, I called Lisa and told her to be over at my house the following Friday prepared to spend the night and to wear the same outfit she did the night of my dare. She went crazy asking me about what my plans were, but I refused to tell her. The next day, I met with Alex and Tanya and told Alex that I would supply the waitress for his poker party the next week and that they would probably get to see some skin, but that he had to keep it under control. No touching unless she asked. And no crude remarks, they could compliment her, but weren't allowed to make her feel like a slut or a whore or a freak (those of you that read my first story will know that I'm sensitive on this one). One screwup and I would shut it down. Not surprisingly he agreed to all of the terms. His sister was just amazed that I would arrange all of this and said she would have to be there too. Now that the situation is set up, I'll let Lisa take over and tell the rest from her side.

Hi! This is Lisa. I've been reading Carin's story and it's all been pretty exciting. I can't believe that I agreed to do this and she didn't even ask me! After I got the call from Carin, I spent a couple of nights all excited and freaking out. In less than a week, I would probably be naked in front of a bunch of people I'd never met! Talk about butterflies! I have to say, next time I probably don't want know about it so far in advance, too much time to think! So Friday finally comes and I tell my folks goodbye. I had my outfit packed up since I didn't want my parents to know what was going on. When I got to Carin's, she told me to hurry up and change and we ran out of the house quickly. She and I were wearing the same outfits that we wore the night of her dare ' mini-skirts and low cut blouses, but I had a bra on. Carin refused to answer any questions about what we were doing, she kept saying it was surprise.

We drove over to this big house in a really nice neighborhood. There were already a few cars parked around and I asked how many people would be there and Carin said probably 10 or 12 total. We parked and went into the house and Carin introduced me to Alex and Tanya as 'Lisa, your server for the evening'. Then she told all of us what was going on. I was to serve the poker party for the rest of the night (Alex said they usually quit playing around 3am), but with a twist. For me, it was to be strip poker! Here were the rules, The first three of a kind of the evening to win a pot would cause me to lose my shirt. After my shirt was off, a winning straight or flush would remove my skirt. A full house and four of a kind would take my bra and panties in that order. At midnight, I could get dressed and start over. There was one special rule, if anybody got a natural straight flush (no wild cards), I would go straight to naked whatever I was wearing and I would have to give my panties to the guy who got the straight flush. After all of that was explained, Tanya suddenly pipes up and says that's not all, if anyone gets a *royal* straight flush (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same suit) that both Carin and I would have to strip naked and give our panties to the winner! Carin protested that this wasn't her dare and Tanya said 'rules of the house' if Carin was going to make me strip it was only fair that she be at risk too. Carin looked hard at Alex and said, 'Okay, but here's the deal, on a royal flush all the girls strip! You too Tanya!' Tanya blushed red and said that there was no way she was stripping in front of her brother, but Alex agreed that it was only fair!

Finally the ground rules were set and all of the other guys had arrived. They played two tables of five each with set amounts of chips. As guys got knocked out, they watched or played video games (or left, although I suspected nobody would be leaving tonight!). When they got down to six left, they merged to one table and finished it that way. They quit at 3 or 4 in the morning or when one guy had all the money.

Alex had explained the situation to all of the guys so I was getting some pretty interested looks as I moved around getting everyone drinks and snacks. I hadn't even finished the first round when a guy wins with three of a kind! At this rate, I'll be naked in 10 minutes! I walk over to the table and look at his hand, sure enough three Jacks. I slowly unbutton my top and hand it to Carin. My bra is a low cut and lacy, but really covers up about as much as a bikini, so this isn't too bad.

I resume serving and now that it's sinking in, I'm really distracting a couple of the guys. One or two of them are really, really cute, but most are about average. There is one guy who is just really awkward and he's trying hard not to stare at my tits. I can tell his mind really isn't on poker and I expect that he'll get knocked out pretty soon. A couple of minutes later I hear yelling and somebody saying Straight Flush! WHAT! There is no way that I have to be naked this fast! Carin and I both run over to the table and it's Alex that has it! I'm looking at his cards and realize that he must be using a wild card. I call foul and Carin reminds Alex and everybody of the rules. All 'clothes' cards must be natural, no wilds. Whew! My stomach turned over as I realized how close I came to being naked so soon, but also as I realized that this was for real and that sooner or later, I probably would be naked. I got myself a drink and went back to serving everybody.

About twenty minutes later, I realized that both tables were playing only 'no wild' games. I guess they wanted to make sure that I got naked! A couple of full houses came up, but Carin reminded everyone that a full house wasn't good until after a straight or a flush won. Table two started talking about the rules and suddenly one guy tells everyone at the table that he has a flush and everybody promptly folds! I cry foul, but this time Carin refuses to back me up! She smiles at me and says, I wondered how long it would take them to figure out the loophole! I start to sweat a little bit as I realize that I'm wearing very brief thong panties (way smaller than my bikini) and that I'm going to be within an eyelash of bare assed naked from the waist down (actually with the thong, my ass would be bare!). I take a deep breath, lock eyes with Carin and slowly unzip my skirt. I'm about to lower it when I hear Full House called from the first table! Oh crap, now I have to lose my bra too! I start to panic a little bit, but Carin see it and comes over to me. She puts her arm around me and tells me it will be fine, to just get it over with. Then she takes the skirt out of my hands and lowers it to the floor. There is not a sound in the room. Nobody's playing poker at all, they're all staring at me! I reach behind me and unhook my bra and slowly remove it while moving one arm across my chest. Carin again reaches out and slowly forces my arm down to my side. 'No cheating' she says Remember, I did worse. I look at her and nod. I kind of shake my head and start moving around the room to resume serving. Like I broke some sort of spell, everyone starts talking again and the winner rakes in the pot. Poor Mike (the nerdy guy) is now almost completely speechless and is playing terribly. I hear one of the other players talking about him and apparently he's like the star player of the group and everyone is hoping to get even with him while he's distracted. I feel a little sorry for him since he's obviously not real good with girls, but every time I try to talk to him he gets more distracted, so I kind of left him alone and hoped that he would work it out.

As I'm working along in just my very brief panties, I realize that the anticipation is worse than the event! I have gotten somewhat used to being on display topless, but was I about to go all the way' I suddenly realized that not only was I nervous, I was also excited. Sexually. I mean, I was a little wet down there. I know from reading Carin's story that she said she got excited like that and I saw it with my own eyes, but I never thought that I would get that way! Holy crap, these guys might be about to see me nude and I'm wet! I may die.

About an hour later, sometime around 11, one of the really cute guys (Doug) jumps and yells Yeah, baby! Four Kings! Read 'em and weep. He's about to rake in a huge pot from the table when he suddenly stops and looks at me! Four of a kind! Oh my god, the moment is here. I start to back up a little bit and I run into Carin and Tanya who are standing right behind me! Carin whispers in my ear that it'll be fine and just to get it over with.

So I'm standing in the middle of the room and there are 10 pairs of male eyes locked on my body. A body that I'm about to reveal in all its glory. I keep a very small patch of pubic hair above my'pussy, I guess. I like to be able to prove the blond hair is real, but I keep the rest shaved for the beach. I do live in Florida most of the time after all. And as I said earlier, when I'm aroused my labia tend to swell noticeably. Neither Carin or Tanya has let go of my arms yet, so I pull a little loose and stand up straight. My heart is going is a mile a minute and my face is burning! I lock my eyes on a blank spot on the wall and just sort of push my panties down my thighs until the fall, then I just stand straight back up and step out of them. Still looking above everyone's heads I do a slow turn around and then look down at Carin. She's got this bright look in her eyes and I suddenly realize that I couldn't have done this without her. I bust out laughing which gets the whole room moving again! Suddenly everyone needs drink refill so I move back into duty as a waitress. Naturally giving everyone a pretty good look in the process. My face and chest are still burning red and I'm really worried that I'm getting wetter and wetter. A couple of guys try dropping things on the floor, but I just crouch down to pick them up and Carin warns the guys about crude behavior.

The next hour or so goes by in a little bit of a daze. The guys keep me hopping pretty good trying to maximize my exposure and I don't really have too much time to think about the fact that I'm completely naked in front of 10 guys I don't even know. I'd gotten a little careless about bending over and the first time it happened, the guy behind me apparently just looked up and got an eyeful because all he said was WOW! I realized what I'd done and got all red again, which started a little good natured teasing from some of the more confident guys. After a while, I did it again, this time on purpose and got a thrill when I heard the guy gasp! I looked at Carin after that and she just smiled at me and kind of brushed her hand across her crotch. I looked down and realized that I was *very* visibly wet and excused myself to run to the bathroom to wipe off and calm down. Coming out of the restroom was really hard, but I did it anyway.

Suddenly, Carin announces that it's midnight! All of the guys groan and Carin brings me my clothes. As I'm getting dressed, I realize the trap she's put me in! It probably would have been easier to stay naked than to have to strip again in front of everybody! One look at Carin's face confirms that she planned the whole thing for exactly that reason! She just smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek. The guys all decided to take a 10 minute break and everyone mills around for a few minutes waiting for the bathroom to open up. A couple of guys have apparently been knocked out of their game, but as I expected nobody's left. Ha!

I notice with some surprise that Mike is still in it and even looks to be winning some. He stays away from me during the break though; I guess he was trying to focus or something.

Just before they start someone asks for a rule clarification and Carin says that since the ice has been broken, anything full house or better takes clothes except the panties which still have to be four of a kind. For some reason, the guys are on a much better streak this time and it only takes about 20 minutes before I'm down to panties again! This time it wasn't as hard to lose the blouse or skirt, but the bra was still very embarrassing and it doesn't seem like the panties will be much easier.

They'd been playing for about an hour since midnight and no one had gotten four of kind, it was about 1 or 1:30 in the morning and once one more guy got knocked out, they would be down to one table. I was talking with Carin and Tanya (everyone had a drink) when there was a commotion at the second table. Was this it' Was I about to be bare for the second time?

We walk over to the table and it looks like Mike has passed out! He's sitting back kind of breathing funny and someone says he's hyperventilating. There's a whole big commotion while I rush to get a paper bag and somebody gets his head down. After a few minutes of excitement, we've got him breathing again. I'm crouched down next to him holding his head while he breathes into the bag. Carin is standing next to us and she looks down at his cards, then turns them over and starts laughing! Everyone asks what's so funny' She says, he hyperventilated because he got a straight flush! I start to turn red as I realize what that means and then I realize that Mike is also blushing! He pulls the bag away and leans over and whispers 'sorry'. Awww' He felt bad for making me take off my clothes! I tell him not to worry that I'm doing this because I want to, it excites me, but don't tell anyone it's our secret.

So as the commotion slowly settles down, Carin turns to me and Mike and says 'to the victor go the spoils, Lisa those are Mike's now'. All the guys are razzing Mike about hyperventilating and I get a little pissed and say real loud, 'Then he should come and get them!' and step back from the table!

Mike stands up very slowly, I think he was more scared than I was. Carin leaned in and whispered something in his ear, I don't know what she said, but it made him smile. He walked up to me and very carefully knelt down right in front of me. I quickly realized that I was going to have to run to the bathroom right after this, I was starting to get really, really wet. He looked up at me with these total puppy dog eyes and raised his eyebrows like he was asking a question. I nodded my head and he slowly gently reached out and pulled my panties down to my ankles and then lifted each foot in turn to remove them. He looked at them for a second and then put them in his pocket. He stood up right in front of me and I realized that he was a little taller than I thought. I leaned forward and gave him a little kiss on the lips and a hug. All of the other guys were quiet for a second and then the whole room went nuts! All the guys were shaking Mike's hand and patting him on the back. I took the chance to run to the bathroom and clean up a bit.

After I came out and got everybody another round, Carin came over to me and said that may have been the sweetest thing she's ever seen! I asked her what she told Mike, but she said some stuff was better off secret. Bitch! Ha ha, not really of course.

Obviously, there's a second part to this, but I'm not as fast as Carin is so it may take me a little longer to get it all ready.


To be continued...

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