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Strip BasketBall 2

BY: Natalie

Well gang I know you all have been wondering about the rematch between Holly and I. As you all know we played a game of strip basketball once and I won. Well, this game was to give Holly a chance to get me back. It seems that some people just can?t win for losing!

Oz had suggested a few penalties and those had to do with sending him a nude picture, playing with yourself for 10 minutes in the middle of the court, or keeping your pussy bare for the whole summer. Holly and I felt that the last two would be better for the group as a whole. So, those would be the two penalties from OZ that we would assign the looser.

We also took some rules from Johnny. His Goat Game gave use some ideas. So, instead of playing full or half court we played ?The Goat.? So, we would each have 6 items on and then have to do a dare from the winner if we got the last ?e? on top of the losing penalties that OZ had given us. This was supposed to help Holly win. However, I am not a total slouch when it comes to basketball. So, I was really glad we were going to play this style of game. I do not do as well with all the running. Haha

We chose to play our game at the same location as the last game. This is a good spot except it means that the guy that Holly knows had to let us in again. Lucky for use he didn?t have any friend with him to watch. Or so we thought. He did however ask watch the game again. And after Holly got to know him so well the last game how could we say no.

I started off with the ball and sank an easy foul shot. Holly was a little embarrassed with her new friend watching and missed right off the bat on an easy shot. She took her shoes off and then her socks. I looked at her wondering what she was up to. She said that she was going to put her shoes back on. I guess she thought she would be a little smarter this time round. ?T?

I next went for a lay up, but missed. I never know what foot to jump with. Holly tried a 3 pointer and missed. I tried a granny shot from the foul line and missed. Holly made her second 3 point attempt and forced me to have to make it, which I did with ease. Holly was getting a little ticked, when she missed her next shot and had to take off her shoes. ?H?

I was sitting pretty. After a hook shot that I to this day have no idea how I got it to go in, Holly was down to just her sports bra, panties, and shorts. ?E? I was still fully dressed. I told Holly she was in big trouble. I think she knew that already. I was not even feeling bad for all those who backed her and would be doing a dare of their own as a result.

Maybe I was thinking about what others would have to do and not enough about what I would have to be doing if I missed. Holly made a left-handed 3 pointer and I didn?t. So, with the kick of my feet my shoes were free of my feet. ?T? Holly tried to run with her streak, but came closer to streaking then getting me and closer to naked. She missed her shot and then the next after I shot a great shot from right under the basket.

I told her she didn?t have to take it easy on me. She just stuck out her tongue out at me and pulled her shorts down. She was down to her bra and panties and I was about to make her The Goat! ?G? She was not too happy about this turn of events. I think she really thought she could beat me.

Well, trying to play in just her bra and panties was really hard on Holly. She couldn?t believe she had gotten behind so far so fast. And when she managed to sink a long 3 pointer she didn?t even say a thing. I missed and lost my socks! ?


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She managed another long shot, but I countered. She and I then went toe to toe for a few baskets in a row. We where both getting hot now. When I managed a bounce shot she about died! I slammed the ball down hard and it bounced into the basket. It is like a once in a 100 chance shot. But, one I practice a lot. Haha

Taking off her bra killed Holly. ?O? She was now topless and so pissed off she didn?t even bother to cover her tits up. Our one and only fan was easting it up. What followed was a lay up from Holly. I managed to miss it and off came my shirt. ?E? I knew my sports bra was plenty of cover.

Holly continued her run by hitting a lay up form the left side. I some how missed that too! So, there I am in just my underwear! ? G? Holly was much worse. Topless and tits swinging from side to side. I was so shocked that she didn?t try to cover up. I asked her why. She then informed me that once you have a guys cock in your mouth it really does not matter if he sees your tits. By the way she didn?t tell me that in a nice tone. Haha

That attitude should have helped her make the next shot. I did a backwards shot and made it. She had to bend backwards with her tits in the air to make the shot. Too bad she missed. The game was getting good! Haha She had to pull her panties down and show her bare pubic mound. ?A? She was about 10 shades of red!

I then informed her hat the game was not over!. She still has a ?T? and a chance to strip me. Why I opened my big mouth is beyond me. Holly shot a one handed shot totally buck naked! If missed this I would have to lose my bra or panties. I shot? I made it? and I laughed my ass off! ?T?

Holly now owed me a dare and OZ?s site a little center court playtime. I asked her what she wanted to do first. She said she wanted to know what my dare was first. I told her that I dared her to take a spanking form me in front of her friend. She had no choice but to do it.

I made her bend over and I gave her about 10 hard smacks to her ass until it was bright read. Haha She was really pissed off, but that, but I think having to play with herself in the center of the court was much worse then the pain of the spanking.

I didn?t really want to look, but Holly kneeled and rubbed away on herself for 10 minutes. Blow Job boy and I both really like watching Holly being totally humiliated like this. Thanks OZ, for the great penalty! For some reason Holly said there will be no more rematches. I wonder why?


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