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Sex with Twins

BY: Lucky

I never had twins, but I dated one. One night we were at their house, and only I was there. The sister's boyfriend wasn't there. We were drinking and we started talking about how closely they were. I didn't they they were that closely releated but I played dumb to see how far it would go. I said I would have to see them topless to see if I could tell them apart. All I was supposed to look at was there chest and they sat down and covered everything else up. I actually couldn't tell and was suprised.

I moved quickly and felt both of them at the same time as I said I was trying to figure it out. After a sec the sister freaked out and jumped up and covered up. Later on that night I talked them into having an ass feel test to see if I could tell. They covered up again, but not as well since they were mostly in the bag. I was too, so I couldn't tell right away. I grabbed one of their asses and quickly moved my finger to her pussy. She was bent over the couch with a coat over her head. I was hoping it wasn't the sister so she wouldn't freak. They were bending over one at a time.


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I slid my hand over her ass and slid my middle finger right into her pussy. She didn't freak and I just assummed it was the girlfriend. I wanted to see how far she would take it, so I dittled a little. I noticed she was slightly tighter. I started wondering and she started both laughing and moaning. I wanted to pull out my dick and take her right there, but I didn't want to push my luck. My flimsy shorts wasn't hiding my erection at all and suddenly the other girl that was behind me hugged me from behind and whispered "hi". It was my girlfriend and I had my fingers in her sister! I motioned to eat out her sister and as I started to my girlfriend crouched underneath me and started to suck me off.

It might have been the sloppiest blow I had because she was so drunk, but still great. I concentrated on the sister and kept it up until I felt her shiver all over. Then she moved away and sat down onthe couch. I turned around and sat down next to her. my girlfriend continued on me full force as her sister watched. I had all I could do to hold it in. She stopped and asked her sister if she wanted to continue. Unfortunalely that was all I could take and I shot my wad. I shot all over her sister for the most part. If her boyfriend came in at that point I would be dead. Coming in to seeing my cum allover his girlfriends belly and legs. Things calmed down quickly and we ended up passing out. I almost couldn't fall asleep at all, but after an hour or so listening to them snore I passed out too. I was just so excited about what just happened. My heart was still pounding 200 times faster. I'm alive to type this so obviously the boyfriend never found out.


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