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Handcuffed Dare

BY: Youngsupple23

Once my friend and I did the bet a button dare. If we saw someone with a red shirt, she lost a button and a green shirt I lost a button, I said no bra or panties, but then she wouldnt do it. so I said, fine we wear them, but if a teacher is wearing red you loose em and green I do. so she agreed. I wore a button up dress. when I was halfway through my buttons my principal walked by and told me to pull my shirt over, my bra was showing. I did but he was wearing a green shirt so after he passed I took it off. By the end of the day you could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and could see the bottom of my slit if you tried. all i got was stupid detention. and my friend lost like 3 buttons and no underwear. it was prety lame, but I'm just getting started

Another time I had to handcuff myself in the men's lockeroom naked and wear a blindfold. I went in between two benches, I cuffed my ankles to two separate benches at the one end and then blindfolded myself and cuffed my arms to the other end of the benches. now it was time to relax and wait about ten mins till gym is over. Then all the sudden I heard somebody come in and gasp. he came up and grabbed my tit, I just said "mmmm.." he said "oh shit" and left he came back 3 mins later. then left again.


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I heard the bell ring and then people started comming in making lots of noise, then dead silence. then i hear "sweet, let's fuck her" no opposition here. but then someone stuffed a sock in my mouth and that wasn't too fun, but atleast I got great sex. well it was like this all day and then after school I was worried I hoped someone would have told and gotten me out. then the janitor came in and I was relieved. but then he fucked me too and left and then the other janitors came in and fucked me too. Then silence, for too long. And longer and longer and my stomach was starting to hurt, finally i fell asleep and woke up later. it was the next day needless to say I was there for three days getting my brains fucked out until someone thought I must really be stuck and told the principal.

They took the sock out and blindfold off. They asked if I was ok and i said i was but just needed sumthin to drink and then sumthin to eat. i saw above me was a sign that said "fuck me please" I denied that I did it to myself and didn't know who did it to me so I didn't get in trouble I didn't want to go to the police cuz I did it myself. everyone felt bad for me after that which was cool, better grades and gifts and shit

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