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Amateur Night

BY: PizzaChick

It was about three years ago. One day I got a call from a friend and Domino's co-worker. They said that Mary was going to compete in amateur night at a local strip club for her 21st birthday. There were a few things I needed to clarify first. They did mean Mary's birthday, not Ken, her boyfriend's. And that there would be other dressed girls at the club. I was assured that both were true. I had to ask how Mary decided to take her clothes off for her birthday. I found out that Ken, her boyfriend, who was also a pizza driver, would go to the strip clubs after work with the others sometimes. Mary went with him a few times. Apparently she had a few lap dances and slipped some money in a few g-strings. She talked with some of the dancers and decided to give it a try.

I arrived at the club at about 11:00pm. There was a whole group of pizza people already there, and a few of them, including an area supervisor, were already pretty toasted. There were two or three other women with our group and a fair number of other, non-employee, women in the club. I had never been in a strip club and did not know what to expect. It was dark and loud, with beer lights and sports posters on the walls, like most sports bars. The big difference was the three of four stages with nearly naked women dancing on them.

Amateur night started a little after 11. The first girl up was dressed in a bikini and shorts set. The shorts and bikini top did not last that long. The guys seemed to enjoy her show. A few guys threw wadded up dollar bills at her. Some other guys were crowding around the stage yelling for her to take off her bottoms. There was a loud cheer when she did.


The next girl up was dressed in jeans and a plain shirt. It looked like she got talked into performing after she got there. She wasn't very pretty (It's hard to hide your flaws when you are on a stage with all of the lights on you. The flab shows.) She was wearing plain white underwear and a plain white bra under her clothes. She took off her jeans and top, but didn't take her bra off until almost the end of the song. There were some boos from the guys since they did not get to see much skin.

My friend Mary was next up. She was on stage with a friend of hers from high school named Jen. They were wearing white oxford shirts, pleated "Catholic School Girl" skirts, long white socks and Mary Janes. They both had their hair in pig tales. Mary is a size 2 with small breasts, and blonde hair. Jen is a little bigger and has black hair. Jen is a model in New York right now. They did look a lot like schoolgirls. They were carrying wooden rulers to finish out the look as naughty schoolgirls.

The shirts went off early, followed by the bras. For most of the first song, the rulers got used for spankings, blow jobs, and rubbing of crotches. Money and cheers were flying. Into the second song, Jen pulled Mary's skirt down and then Mary tossed her panties to her boyfriend. The cheers increased as Mary's dark black muff came into view. More money rained on the stage. A few of the pizza guys stepped up and slipped the girls some money. Jen seemed reluctant to drop her panties. The crowd was egging her on. Near the end of the song, Jen dropped her skirt and tossed her panties into the crowd. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I caught her panties. Jen's muff hair was dyed blonde to match Mary's hair. It was quite a site.

After they were done, we all congratulated them and returned their clothes. The contest went on. Mary ended up finishing second, and became a dancer at the club for about a month, before she tired of her co-workers. She and Ken are married now, she has a quite office job and so does he


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