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CFNM - Clothed Female Naked male

BY: Lost Boys

Once I lost a bet to my girl and had to do whatever she said for one hour. As I arrived at her apartment at the appointed hour she said that she had invited 3 of her friends over and that I was to be the entertainment! I had to strip for her and answer the door for each of the girls nude, while holding onto my cock! When all 3 had arrived, I was told to stand in the middle of the room and start playing with myself with both hands. I had to go around in a circle so each girl got a good view. Then I had to bend over in front of each girl with my legs apart and pull on my cock, and tell each one how much I enjoyed playing with myself while they watched. Then I had to stand in front of each girl with my hands behind my head while they played with my cock and asked me how I liked it. I had never been so embarrassed in my life! One of the girls I worked with, and one was a friend of my sister! Then I had to lay on my back with my legs in the air and play with myself with both hands until I came, cumming all over myself. They then made me escort each of them to their cars naked with my hand on my cock and cum still on me. Fortunately no one else saw me. I can't wait to get even with my friend!


My roommate had a girlfriend over and we were playing poker and the loser of each hand had to drink a beer. we only had one case so that game was over pretty quick. Then I said why don't we play one hand and the loser has to do what the other two say for 15 minutes. I of course lost and they told me to slowly strip and then masturbate. I gave them a little dance as I took off my clothes then started playing with myself. I made my roommate get some baby oil and I rubbed some on my dick and sat there jerking off. I actually masturbated for almost forty minutes. The girls sat and watched and we all talked as if nothing was out of the ordinary. When I finally wanted to finish I lay down in the middle of floor right between the two girls and closed my eyes and started moaning . I then started thrusting my hips in the air and pumped my cock furiously. The girls were so close I was bumping into them. When I came I was yelling and the cum shot onto my chest almost to my chin. My body continued to spasm for a couple of minutes and I rubbed the cum all over my chest onto my face and into my hair. When it was over I lay there with cum all over me. We talked for about two hours before I finally went and showered.

The next day I came home and my roommate is on the living room couch naked. This was the first time I had seen her naked and she is masturbating with a vibrator.She then uses the vibrator on herself for about 20 minutes until she has an orgasm. Since then we both are naked all the time when we are both home alone and most of the time when we have friends over.


5 of us were playing Truth or Dare one night; 2 girls, 3 guys. Nobody in this group was drinking, so everything was done with a clear head. The first couple of rounds were fairly tame; a guy might have to strip to his boxers, or a girl had to kiss a guy's nipple, etc. I decided to take a dare and was floored by the dare I was given by this one girl, an attractive small-breasted blond: masturbate.

I thought she was kidding, but she wasn't. As I start undoing my pants, ask if I get any visual aids. The two girls look at each other and decide who will provide the visual aid. The brunette, a hippy-type who rarely wears a bra for her C cup breasts and is wearing one of those backless patchwork halter tops, shrugs and lifts her top exposing her perfectly shaped breasts at me and the rest of the room.


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I grab a couple of Kleenex, whipped out my cock, and start wanking. Trouble is, we've just started playing and I don't really want to blow my load so early. I bargained with the blond; I could stop after 2 minutes. But she wasn't going to make it easy; she took her shirt off and teased me like the brunette was doing.

I could barely keep from cumming, but somehow I managed. For the next couple of hours, nobody else had to do anything nearly as risque. The girls kissed each other frequently. Occasionally, a guy would have to kiss another guy. Someone might get felt up.

One of the guys dared the blond to model a Victoria's Secret bra she had been bragging about, and model nothing BUT the bra. She rolled her eyes in dread, but eventually retreated to her bedroom to change. While she was gone, I made some comment about finishing my masturbation dare when she returns. The brunette liked this idea, and none of the guys were opposed to it.

When the blond returned, she stuck her head around the corner, teasing that she woudln't go any further. She eventually came out into the middle of the room in most of her glory. She was a true blond, indeed! I was rubbing myself looking at her. She caught me doing this and the t/d was on me now. I chose dare, hoping she'd tell me to masturbate again, which she did.

While I undid my pants, I dared the brunette to strip nude. The blond took her bra off, and both of them stood 3 feet in front of me completely nude while I masturbated. It was probably the shortest wank I've ever had. I came in a couple of Kleenex in about 20 seconds. I immediately started wishing I had finished it off the first time so I might have been able to get hard again later on.


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