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My True Story of Spying on Holly

BY: CoolChick

Itís another cold and rainy night and I find myself wondering why I bother to come out here to crouch in the bushes in front of this little white house next to my apartment building. Then, as the light goes on in the window in front of me, I remember. Holly, the curvaceous redhead that lives here, she is gorgeous with the most perfect breasts and shapely ass I have ever seen. Every time I hear her car return home I slip out of my apartment and creep across the lawn to hide here by her window so I can watch her get ready for bed.

Tonight I really should have stayed home and watched with my binoculars instead, but I just couldnít resist seeing her up close again. In my hurry to get over here to see her I neglected to put on more appropriate clothing. I hadnít realized it was raining so hard and by the time I got across the lawn my white t-shirt and cotton shorts were plastered to my body. My breasts and nipples are clearly visible through the thin cotton and Iím afraid to check whatís showing through my shorts.

I reached up to rub my nipples as I watched Holly reach around behind her to unzip her skirt. I bite my lip to stifle a moan as she turns toward me and begins to unbutton her blouse. She tosses the blouse across the room and sits down on the edge of her bed to roll down her thigh high stockings. I slide my hand down my wet belly and into my shorts to feel the warm wetness that I was adding to the cold wet rain.

This has become somewhat of a ritual for me, every Friday or Saturday night I listen for Holly to come back from a night out with her friends. She often comes home wearing the most sexy clothes Iíve ever seen and on a few occasions has returned home bare naked, much to my delight!


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On nice nights I slip over here and watch quietly from the bushes outside her window, normally on a night like this one I will take off my clothes, turn out my lights and use binoculars to watch Holly. Tonight, however, Iíd spent the evening watching porn and chatting on the internet with my kinky friend Feline. My activities tonight had made me so horny that I just had to get as close to Holly as possible.

Holly was now standing towards the middle of her room, as I watch she reaches behind her and unclasps her bra. As I watch she slides the straps down her arms letting the bra drop to the floor. She then slides her hands up her belly and over her wonderful full breasts, giving each of them a firm squeeze and teasing each nipple with her fingertips.

By this time Iím rubbing my clit with reckless abandon. I have to bite my lips to keep from crying out as I start to get close to a knee rattling orgasm. I use my free hand to squeeze and knead my own breasts and pinch my nipples. As I pleasured myself I watched as Holly eased her panties over her hips and down her legs. As they reach her feet she gives her foot a little flick and the panties fly through the air to land near her bra.

She walks over to one of her dressers and bends down to rummage through a bottom drawer. I am pleasantly surprised to discover, as she bends down, that what used to be short well trimmed pubic hair is now totally gone. Sometime since last Friday she must have shaved it all off.

I had shaved my pubic region years ago and had never allowed it to grow back. I used to greatly enjoy the stares I got from the other girls in the high school locker room as I strutted around it naked, not the least bit ashamed of my pubic baldness. It would turn me on to see all those girls stare at me with shock and amazement.

Holly stood up from her rummaging, in her hand she held a small gift wrapped box. She carried the box over to her bed and read the tag. As Holly read she began to blush from head to toe and gave a small sigh, then she unwrapped the package. I was surprised to see her remove a small vibrator, and I wondered who gave it to her. As I watched Holly crawled into bed, pulled up her covers, and much to my frustration, turned out the light.

Now without the light from her window I needed to get out of the bushes and back to my apartment. In my highly sexually frustrated state I made the mistake of trying to get out of the bushes to quickly. My leg caught in the branches and I went crashing down though the bush and into the mud. I quickly started to scramble to my feet and whipped around to look at Hollyís window and the light was back on. Just then Hollyís face appeared in the window.

Holly opens her window, ďKat what in the world are you doing out here?Ē

Oh greatÖ now Iím in trouble!


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