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School Teacher

BY: MatureLady

I don't know if you have read any of my earlier reminisces, so I will risk offending some of my older readers by offering a certain immodest description of myself. I am a five feet, two inch tall young woman and have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear a 34C cup, have a twenty-four inch waist and had a tiny bit of a bubble butt. All in all, I'm pretty hot and have no difficulties at all attracting boys and, in some cases, grown men.

Well, I would 'visit' with Mr. Boyd, the boy's high school gym teacher, two or three times a week, and I would 'see' Thad, our assistant minister, on Tuesday evenings after choir practice and on Sundays after the service, so you can see I was definitely sexually satisfied during that period. Haha!

In fact, I was helping to raise our national orgasm index quotient. That's an important stat, you know the higher the orgasm index quotient is, the lower the homicide rate is. Honest to God, that's because there is more coming than going. Mwahaha!

By this time it was nearing the end of May and the school year was going to end soon. I don't know about where you grew up, but in Florida we got out of school about the first of June. But we have to start school before Labor Day and, of course, we don't get any snow days, so it all balances out in the long run. I had just had my nineteenth birthday and I had one heckuva of a birthday party, but I'll tell you about that another time.

I think because the school year was drawing to a close and Mr. Boyd hadn't been able to figure out one way that he would be able to see me over the summer, he became super horny and was banging me all the time. But I had no complaints, I loved it and it was helping the country too, you know haha!

On Thursday afternoon in the last week of May, Mr. Boyd had to go to a special teacher's meeting at four o'clock concerning graduation ceremonies, so after we had finished fucking I felt at loose ends. Not having anything better to do, I decided I would walk down to the mall. I would probably run into some of my friends there.

As I left the school property and started walking down beside the busy thoroughfare that led to the mall, I had the strangest feeling that I was being followed. When I turned around to look, I only saw a young woman wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, who was driving some kind of a late model Pontiac. I don't know very much about cars. It just looked as if she were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and was condemned to creep along behind me. I figured that was probably the reason I felt as though I was being followed.

I went down a ways further and the traffic had started to loosen up, but this woman was still behind me. I was beginning to get pretty paranoid about the whole thing, but I told myself I was acting like a nit wit. Well, guess what I should have listened to myself, because myself was right! Mwahaha!

Right then the Pontiac swooped into the curb and, just as I was walking by the car, the woman threw her door wide open knocking me ass over tea kettle onto the sidewalk. She jumped out of the car lickety split, opened up the rear door of the auto, and threw me in to the back seat quickly.

The young woman took out a huge roll of duct tape and yanked my arms behind my back and ran that roll around my wrists five or six times and then tore it with her teeth. Honest to God! This woman was crazed! She tore the duct tape roll with her teeth! I was beginning to get a glimmer of understanding who this might be, but I was hoping I was wrong.

She then wrapped the roll of duct tape around my mouth and cut off my means of communication. Lucky I wasn't asthmatic it might have killed me. I bet that dumb bitch didn't even consider that.

The crazy lady then jumped back into the driver's seat and we took off like a rocket to Mars or something Vroom! Apparently she didn't care if I saw where we went or not, because she didn't cover my eyes or anything, but it didn't matter anyhow. I had no idea where we were after awhile. It was somewhere that I wasn't familiar with. Finally we arrived at our destination and she opened up her garage door with one of those garage door openers that you use from your car. Those are very convenient when you're abducting someone. Mwahaha!

So she pulls the car into the garage closing the door behind us. She hustles me out the back seat and she's none too gentle about either. The young woman was throwing me around, as if I were a rag doll. She was considerable taller than me and didn't have any difficulty at all making me do whatever she wanted.

Stepping into the house, we started down some basement steps. Now in Florida, most houses don't have basements, because the entire state is a dredge area. That's right, the entire state is dredged sand from the bottom of the ocean, but some of the older houses do have basements.

After reaching the basement floor, the crazy woman pushed me to the very back. It was fairly dark naturally and she was becoming quite irritated with me, as she was banging me into various things, such as, old furniture, and boxes of long unwanted items.

Finally something inside of me snapped and my mouth overcame my common sense and, despite still having my mouth covered with tape, I exclaimed, "Hey! Lighten up, bitch!"

I guess she could understand the gist of what I said despite it being muffled, because the words were barely out of my mouth, when the insane acting female smacked me hard across the back of my head!

"Ow!" I complained.

She snarled, "Shut up before I really hurt you."

We reached the very back part of the basement and she pushed me against the wall and knelt down and duct taped my ankles together. I'd always wished I'd used that opportunity to slam my knee up against her temple, but even if I had what would I have done then? My arms were taped behind my back and my lips were sealed, so to speak. I had no idea where I was. I would have had a very difficult time just opening an unlocked door!

The woman stepped away from me, leaving me slumped against the back wall.. She took off her sunglasses and baseball cap. She lay her sunglasses down and she shook out her long brunette hair.

The woman was quite attractive. She had an oval face, a classical nose and a wide mouth and was wearing a quite short brown dress. Judging from what I could see from the plunging neckline of her dress, her breasts were substantial. But then she had been quite good looking the last time I saw her, also. You see, I knew who she was. She was Mr. Boyd's girlfriend! I remember him introducing her as Catherine.

She declared, "I think I observe just a modicum of intelligence in your eyes and you have remembered where you know me from."

The attractive woman stepped forward and grabbed the bottom of my chin in a vise like grip. "You stay away from my boyfriend or I will fuck you up! You are going to ruin his life, cause him to lose his teaching license and possibly go to prison. Now I am going to remove the gag for a minute. I want to hear your answer."

Man, when she ripped that duct tape off my mouth, that smartened me up a little, whew! Catherine asked, "Are you going to stay away from him?"

I don't know what gets into me at times like that, but I always get rebellious. Plus I didn't know what the crazy lady's hidden agenda was, but I doubted she was just going to let me go if I told her I'd stay away from Mr. Boyd.

"Well," she demanded.

"Fuck you!" I suggested.

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I'll have to hand it to her. I thought she would go off half-cocked and start yelling at me and beating at me, but she didn't. Catherine stood for a moment, and then almost musingly said, "Fuck me? No, I don't think so, dear. Fuck you!" the crazed woman exclaimed, while slapping me hard across my face.

When she pulled her hand back for another swipe, I was ready and, this time when she brought it down across my face, I bit it and hung on for the ride!

"Ow!" she screamed.

Catherine naturally attempted to yank her hand from my mouth to no avail. It turned out later I had bitten her almost down to the bone and human bites can be quite nasty and become easily infected. When she couldn't obtain the use of her hand again, she attempted to convince me in another manner. The crazed woman reached out with her left hand and pulled my short skirt off in one swipe. I wasn't wearing any underwear, as usual. I guess she thought that was going to embarrass me or something.

After pulling my skirt off didn't have any affect, Catherine grabbed my blouse at the top button and pulled down, opening it for a full view of my bare breasts The blouse couldn't fall off because of arms being held behind my back. That, of course, didn't stop me either.

The brunette woman reached down with her left hand and began to manipulate my clit. Now that did give me pause let me tell you. The more she pushed on my 'love button,' the more my grip with my mouth on her hand lessened until she finally just lifted her hand from my mouth.

Instead of stopping what she was doing to hit me, Catherine lowered to her knees in front of me and replaced her finger with her tongue. Now this is what I was talking about when I referred to a hidden agenda. Whether she was aware of it or not, this is what the young woman wanted to do to me the entire time.

She reached up and manipulated my nipples, which were already erect, but making them harder while she continued to lap at my pussy, sending waves of ecstasy cascading through my body. Suddenly my orgasm hit with my cum flowing out of me. Catherine seemed intent on drinking down every drop. When I had finished, the woman looked up at me with her lips glistening and smiled.

And that's all there was to it. Catherine agreed to take me home on her way to the emergency room to have her hand looked at. It surely needed some stitches. Mwahaha!

But she had her revenge on me big time. The pretty woman just threw me in the car, as is and dropped me on the sidewalk in front of my house. As she sped away, I glanced around my suburban neighborhood at dusk and noticed I was quite the spectacle standing there stark naked with my ankles bound and my hands tied behind my back!

People were out mowing their lawns, working on their cars, playing catch with their kids, and gossiping with their neighbors. Naturally when they caught a glimpse of my stark naked beauty all activity ceased and they all stood and stared; except for the mothers. They were rushing around attempting to protect their children from what they already knew that people were naked beneath their clothing! Oh lord, people are funny about the human body.

Of course not one of them came over to discover if they could help out so I hopped on up to the front door and somehow managed to finally get it open. You should have seen how my family looked when I came in. They were seated at the dinner table. They, of course, bombarded me with questions, but, as usual, I only gave them my name, rank, and serial number.

I turned and hopped on up the stairs to my room. Later my younger sister came and released me from the binds of the duct tape. I slipped under the covers and went right to sleep. After all, it had been an exhausting day!


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