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Sex in a public place

BY: Mirlin

This dare is to have sex in a public place. The more people around the better. Its actually cool if you do it and no one knows, but they could find out at any second. Tell us where you did it and who/what was around. Tell exactelly what you did.

As an example, last year my girlfriend and her best friend, who is very slutty, were at a bar. The girls were sitting on the stools and we were by them. We were scrunched into the end of the bar as it curved around into the back wall. Great spot for fun. The best friends boyfriend started fingering his girl as we talked. I didn't notice for a few secs. As he is just the right size and my girlfiends friend doesn't wear underware He just pulled his dick out and started fucking right then & there.

It was hot to watch. The people in the bar were shoulder to shoulder which actually made it easier to hide. It was just dark enough to see if you looked hard, but dark enough to hide it. They moved very slowly to keep it up longer. One guy actually bumped into the boyfriend and apologized without even noticing. They screwed for about 5 minutes and I don't think anyone but the bartender noticed. She was way to busy to stop to say something. Since My girlfriend & me were basically blocking the view of others down the bar from seeing them my girlfriend wouldn't go for it herself. Maybe well get the cornet seat next time.


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