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Road Trip

BY: Andrew

This is a story about a few years ago while I was in college.

It was a February Friday afternoon I was leaving the gym when I ran into my buddy who was waiting for me, he told me that his Girlfriends parents have condo near a ski mountain a few hours away and that we were going there for the weekend. So with nothing else planned I agreed to go and said I would need to take a quick shower and grab some clothes. He told me he had been looking for me all day and stopped by my room earlier and gathered some stuff I would need and that we were going to be late to meet up with his girlfriend at a rest stop along the highway.

I didn’t think much of it and jumped in his car.

A few hours later we were pulling into the rest stop and Courtney was already there waiting for us. I was excited to grab a bite and put on some clean clothes as I was still in my work out cloths.

When we got inside the McDonalds there were three girls that Courtney picked up and no boys.

Courtney started to bitch that were late and she had to get a move on it because she had to meet up with her parents who were up there and needed to use one of the cars to get home for some reason. Anyway corntey gave us quick directions and then jumped in the car with Dave and drove off. Leaving me with the three girls to drive the rest of the way.

They told me to take my time eating and then we would get on the road.

I got a quick bite then went to meet the girls at the car they were in the car with all the doors locked. They said if I were to get in the car I would need to be naked.

Not quite sure what to think I nervously laughed and told them to open the door. One of the girls popped the trunk and said if I didn’t want to I could ride in trunk.

Thinking I could out fox them I stripped down to boxers and begged to be let in the car.

They said the only way I was getting in the car is if the boxers were in the trunk. I agreed after all its not everyday three girls tell you to strip and hell I didn’t know if it would ever happen again. so I drop my boxers and throw them n the trunk

Now I am naked in the middle of the winter standing naked in the parking lot of a McDonalds at a highway rest stop and thought they were going to take off.

One of the girls unlocked the driver door and slid over the seat into the back seat. I got in the driver’s seat and slammed the door. After all I am now naked in a car with three girls I only by association.

They chucked and my uneasiness passed after a while.

We chatted and sang songs on the radio they type of stuff people do during a long drive. And finally we got to the ski condo. I asked one of the girls to get my clothes out of the trunk. She grabbed the keys out of my hand and said no.

So I went inside where Courtney and Dave were hanging out.

Now, Courtney and Dave have seen me naked a lot as when we get together we play a lot of drinking games which usually ends up with all of us naked, so I feel comfortable around them naked.

I walked in the front door an they both started laughing and said I was a little ahead of my self. I told them what happened and they were laughing even harder.

I found a blanket and wrapped myself up and grabbed a beer out of the fridge, a cigarette, and a few puffs of a joint and I was fine again. we started to play Asshole. And yes you guessed it I was asshole the very first rule made was I was to be naked all weekend. Right up being dropped off at my dorm room.

Now it was my goal to get the same rules passed for a few of the girls. After about three hours of playing and the time coming up on 3am we called it quits on the game and actually everyone was now naked except contend some how she always wins. Her and dave went up to bed and she told us fight it out for the couch. I volunteered it, went over to the fire place and threw a few logs on it and curled up in a blanket next to two of the girls.

The next morning came quickly. I was woken up by the two girls I was sleeping next to, who were wearing there underwear now. And I am still buck naked with morning wood like you read about.

Dave and Courtney were in the kitchen when I went in there I remembered Dave was also voted naked for the weekend during the game and much to my dismay the girls were holding us to the game.

Apparently the only time we are allowed clothes is at the ski mountain. Now I am a little hung over naked with another guy and four girls I got a great idea I rushed all the girls to hurry up and get ready for the mountain.

The girls would let Dave and I get dressed until we were in the parking lot at the mountain.

So it was a great day skiing we were at the mountain at 7:30 am by 1:30 were done for the day.

I offered to go pick the car up and drive up to meet the girls but since there are a lot of families I asked If I could keep my cloths on till we got home. Finaly we compromised with once we were out of the parking lot. I would have to strip my clothes off while driving.

Dave and I went to pick the car up and he asked what I had in mind. I told him no one ws getting in the car until they were all naked I popped the trunk and grabbed a 12pack of bud put it up in the main cab Dave and drove up. And gave the girls the rules. No clothes in the car. None! Dave and I then drove off to a remote place in the parking lot. Jumped out and stripped down Dave got in the back seat hoping one of the girls would need to sit on his lap. We opened a few beers and waited for the girls who walking over to us laughing as if they had something up there sleeves.

We made sure the doors were locked and the trunk was open.

I was actually amazed to see no argument from the girls and they were even topless a good 25 yards from the car. Now I am getting my wood back Courtney is runway model hot and her friends are no slouches either, and watching them approach the car was like a r rated music video. It was awesome. They all stood behind the car so we could not watch them strip their boots and pants off, an done by one they got in the car now here we are all naked pilled in the car Courtney got up front with me and immediately drew attention to my rock hard cock poking me in the stomach. Hey each took a turn grabbing it and giving it a hank before Courtney made the stop because I needed to drive us all away from the ski mountain before we all got arrested. ( I doubt the Vermont state Troopers are as fun as they were on Supper Troopers)

So I started driving us down the road Courtney grabbed me another beer opened it up for me and was feeding it to me. It sounds stupid but having a naked woman hold a beer for you while you drink it while you are driving and three other naked women watch you as you do it. Is strangely erotic you must try it.

Now Courtney roles down her window and throws the rest of my beer out. Before I could say anything her head is in my lap sucking on my hard cock. I look in the rearview mirror and see it looks as if Dave is getting a blowjob and is enjoying every minute of it so I reach over and spread her legs with my fingers and start in on her already dripping pussy.

Now I am driving up the drive way as I blow my load and she takes it all in and hand pumps me for more, I rest my head on the steering wheel to regain my composure , I mean I couldn’t speak it was the best Blow job I’ve ever had. Now she has given me blow jobs before but never like this (I think Dave likes watching her blow me)

We all go inside and start to make lunch.

Courtney has the great idea everyone take a piece of paper and write down what you want to do to someone or have some do to you. But you have to writ it in the first person so if you say I want be fucked by Courtney and another girl pulls it, you will be fucked by Courtney.

And so it goes. So all eat our sandwich and the game begins. I can’t even begin to describe the game, needless to say it ended up with everyone smoking cigarettes and just happy to be alive.

I don’t remember going to sleep but we all fell asleep together, and naked.

When I woke up the next morning everyone was still sleeping I think it was 5 am and I woke up to go to the bathroom. And looked down at everyone. I actually sat there opened another beer smoked a few cigarettes and was just one with my surroundings. All was good with the world.

Then I went back to sleep and was the last to wake up. It was almost noon. And the three girls had left already it was corntney and dave and myself, I went to take a shower and again I remembered no cloths till we were back at my dorm.

So I went downstairs and they were still both naked. We chatted and Dave asked me if I liked it when Courtney blew me in the car. I said “It was the best I ever had” Courtney looked at me and said “ Dave is driving us home so I will make a deal with you. For every orgasm you give me I will give you one back.

Needless to say this was the best weekend I had ever had……………………..Until I meet them at the cap that summer.

But that is another story.


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