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Sex in the Woods

BY: Kat & Hubby

For the passed couple of years, Kat and I had been doing nude pictures to trade on line. As well as among a small group of friends that we like to call light swingers. Now itís not like we swap partners although some in our group do. The group is just a brunch of horny couples who like to show their bodies and have sex in front of each other and sometimes strangers. We were surprised when first we got into it, to see how many other couples enjoy being watched as they fuck. Not to mention, the thrill of watching others fuck too.

Kat was still and has always been attractive woman. She was of of Italian decent, with a classic hour glass shape. She was always a well endowed woman, with large ample tits. Tits so firm it seamed as though they would never sag. Her coffee color nipples accented her warm olive skin. With her long perfumed dark brown hair and lustful Mediterranean brown eyes. Kat easily made a great impression on the camera. In my opinion if Kat had the nerve in her younger days she would have made a great porn star. As a matter of fact she did have an interview with playboy in her twenties. Playboy however didnít like her Brooklyn Italian accent.

As for my self I was a skinny kid who picked up weights as an adult. Just so Iíd look good stripping. Back when male strippers were the latest thing, and every catering hall had an all male review night. I went from looking like David Bowie in my late teens to looking like David Coverdale. That lead singer from the band White snake, as a young man. With the long hair and that rock and roll pretty boy look, I did well out on the dance floor. Now in my forties I kind of look more like Howie Long. I was six foot four two hundred thirty pounds of horny well hung white guy. So said my wife and most of my girl friends when I dated.

I was very well practiced at all forms of sex. From oral to anal and manual, I was a true male whore. Some men fear the use of toys, and rush through sex like they had an appointment or a time limit. Not me I was a firm believer that good sex should take hours, and sometimes all day.

I loved giving women orgasm after orgasm. I was proud to be one of the few that could actually satisfy Kat, let alone bring her to a hot wet screaming multiple orgasms.

Kat and I were getting a little older. We both became more aware of our changing bodies. As well as the fact that we both starting to get that forties bulge around the middle. This just would not do, we wanted people to enjoy looking at us. Our exhibitionist life style required us to try to stay some what appealing.

Kat and I decided that since we lived In the rural part of Pennsylvania, a mountainous rough part of the north eastern USA.. Hiking might just be a good part of our regular exercise program. The fact of the matter was that one of the most strenuous and longest hiking trails, was practically in our back yard. The Appalachian trail ran two thousand and two miles from Kentucky to Maine. The two hardest states to traverse were Virginia and you guessed it Pennsylvania. It was in a place called the Delaware water gap national park., where the Appalachian trail went through Pennsylvania.

Must have been about 6:00 am Kat and I started out. We had planned the day well, bringing as always, a lite lunch and some sport drinks as well as some water and fruit. We also always packed our digital camera. Our camera went every where with us. We were always on the look out for a good place to take some hot dirty pictures. The thought that we might get caught made it even more erotic to us. Kat and I were no strangers to sex in public places, and had never really had to much trouble getting away with it either. We have been know to have sex in restaurant, movie theaters, and public bathrooms. We even did it at company Christmas parties in elevators and weddings, all surprisingly without getting caught.

We were living only forty minutes away from the gap so we were able to get a nice early start. The whole trail that we where taking, would take us about five hours to complete. Even at a relaxed pace. When we arrived we checked the parking lot and noticed that ours was the only car around. During the summer months the gap was always packed with hikers from all over the world. Springtime, this spring in particular it was deserted. The long cold winter and the slow start to spring had scared off the meek, I guess?. Even though it was early spring, none of that fresh green foliage had even started too bloom. Still to us the view from the Delaware water gap was still quite beautiful. On some areas of the trail you could see for miles into New Jersey. We were planing on taking a trail that most hikers said was the hardest of all the trails. We loved the smell of the sweet clean air. And the musical sound of the churning cold water of the Delaware river. The Delaware still had ice bobbing its way down stream. We crossed the bridge from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The smell of pine and mulching leaves filled the air as we walked deeper into the forest. It was that sweet musty smell of the mountain forest, that became a natural aphrodisiac to Kat and I.

The day was so beautiful warm sunshine and the storybook blue skies. As usual the weather in northeast Pennsylvania was totally unpredictable. In the first hours of the hike the temperature jumped up at least 20 degrees. Not to mention the fact that the trail we chose was so steep and difficult this was not going to be a walk in the park. Kat and I both took off our jackets, and before we knew it we were down to tee shirts and jeans. Rolling up our jackets and sweat shirts, we put them in our back packs by our first water break.. Even among the tall dark shadows of the pine trees we were still sweating. Our skin glistened and our shirts started to sweat through. You could see wet spots on both our backs. Our hair was starting to look as if we poured water on our heads. Beads of sweat ran down our flushed faces. Higher and higher we climbed. The trail was stealing our breath and beating us down. At times the climb was so steep that we were forced to crawl on our hands and knees, to steady ourselves. We pushed on taking only short breather breaks, we never even thought of turning back.

The mountain seemed not to have a top. Our hike was becoming what appeared to be an endless climb. We were about three hours into the hike and should have seen the top by now. I began to wonder about my map reading skills . Kat and I were half way through our sport drinks and water and still we saw no top to this mountain.

Two fatigued hot sweaty bodies collapsed on a huge flat bolder . The bolder situated half in and out of the sun . The perfect placement for our needs. Shaded from the now unusually hot early afternoon sun. Three towering intertwined cool green pine trees, shared their welcome shade. Stripping our back packs off like they were bags of rocks, and just laying back catching our breaths for a moment. Slowly we got our sapped strength back and sat up. Only to notice we had arrived. We were at the top of the beast that had worn us down. We had won and didnít even notice.

Kitti and I laughed at ourselves, we were so involved in the climb we didnít realize we had finished. Fashioning a picnic blanket out of our jackets and sweat shirts We sat back opened some sports drinks and had some fruit and cheese for lunch. The spot was so beautiful so isolated from the rest of the every day world. For just these very few moments this garden of trees was just ours. Nobody actually owned or could own such a beautiful spot. The dried brown leaves blow like little tornados around us as we drank our fill and devoured the fruit and cheese.

We sat on that rock laughing and talking of nothing in particular. Playfully taking pictures of the chipmunks scurrying across the rocks to steal some cheese and fruit. We took some pictures of each other, and with our remote took some together. All innocent pictures, the kind all lovers take to remember moments of vacations. After all Kat and I were lovers and our little hikes were to us mini vacations from the every day grind. Kat started posing more provocatively with each pose. Opening the top of her paints and sliding her hand inside. Kat undid her bra and removed it the way women do without removing any thing else. Rolling her tee shirt up to make it look as though she wore one of those cut off tees. Cut so short the bottom of her firm round breasts peeked out the bottom of the shirt. She returned her hand to inside her pants. I knew she was playing with her clit. I could see her eyes roll back up into her head. The way her lips part when lust takes over. She was posing and playing at the same time. I kept snapping away picture after picture. This just served to turn her on more which turned me on as well.

Forcing my achy muscles to move I rose walked over to the edge of the rock., the side that was in the sun. Keeping the sun to my back I started shooting a succession of pictures, depicting Kat wearing less and less with each shot. First her top was raised to reveal her dark brown nipples. Kat started to play with her nipples with one hand and her pussy in her pants with the other Shortly after she started to squeeze her tits together , the top was then removed. Kat laid back and slipped her pants and panties off. She laid there naked in the warm sun, I could see sweat building up on her forehead. While moister built up in her slit.

Kat was making me so horny, my cock was bulging out of the top of my pants. Handing the camera to Kat I started to remove my clothes. I opened the jeans I wore and my hard cock stood straight out. The stiff shaft pushing my boxers down and out of the way. Freeing its hard purple head as it stood straight out like some kind of pump handle. I grabed the bottom of my tee shirt and flung it off, my jeans and underwear dropped to the ground.

Stepping out of my clothes I once again took the camera.. I wanted to shoot Kat, as she put on her favorite, and my favorite fingering show. Kat teased her pussy and slowly made it wet she pulled at the lips and rubbed the clit, and her pussy opened sucking in air. Her pussy forced the air back out with a hiss as she slammed two fingers deep into her wet sloppy hole.


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With one hand I started the video option on the camera, with the other I stroked my massive hard cock. When every Kat did her fingering show it always made me super hard. She loved putting on the show and I loved watching it. Two fingers on the one hand fingering her pussy with unrestrained pleasure. While two fingers of her other hand wring her wrinkled nipples. Pinching them hard to stay off her own orgasm.

Kat bucked and grab at her tits, as she added yet another finger to her pussy. Humping and raising her hip up to the warm sun. She inserted two fingers into her mouth sucking them like a cock.. She suck with a purpose, quickly getting them as wet as she could. When she took them from her mouth, I could see strings of spit as they hung from her fingers. Reaching behind herself she slowly pushed her spit soaked fingers gradually up her ass. Kat let out a satisfying moan as if she just got what she needed.

Now Kat alternately fucking herself, fucking both her holes. As she pulled the fingers almost out of her ass she pushed with the other hand into her sloppy wet snatch. Then she pulled the three fingers almost completely out of her snatch, and push the two up her ass. She repeated this over and over, her body shook from orgasm after orgasm. The orgasms she could no longer hold back.

Kat collapsed on the rock, her eyes were closed and she was breathless. She turned her head and opened her eyes, to look down the trail below. Standing behind a tree was some young college boy beating his meat. Kat didnít even flinch, she stood and kissed me on my neck and told me about our audience. Kat said that she was going to give him a really good show. Dropping to her knees Kat grabbed my throbbing cock and started to lick the entire shaft. She teased the head of my cock with her tongue until I screamed for her to suck it. She slapped my cock against her lips and covered the shaft with spit. Shoving my massive prick deep in her mouth. Stopping every now and then just to pull my cock from her mouth and stroke it with such speed and then stop at the edge just before climax . Kat was making my balls boil as she stirred the brew. Juggling and playing with my balls in her hand and fingers. Sucking on them one at a time. Drawing them into her mouth and caressing them with her tongue.

The college kid in the trees would have something to tell his buddies about when he got home. Kat watched him as he jerked his now fully engorged cock. His pants down around his ankles and his hairy balls waving in the air. His tall thin frame still visible behind the small trees, he should only have known he could have sat on the rock and watched . His presence that close would have only made Kat more aroused.

Kat turned my body so she could suck my cock and still watch our young voyeur. He still stood half behind that little trees stroking his huge cock. That boys cock looked more like a branch than a cock. He was long and fat with big hairy balls on a tall skinny body, this kid was all dick . All the time she sucked and stroked my cock careful not to let me cum she was teasing me and at the same time she teased herself and our audience. Kat knew her friend in the tree would not stand much more so she sucked my cock with new purpose. Slowly she slid my cock in her warm silky mouth, flicking the underside of my shaft with her tongue. Like a machine, she pulled my piston like cock out again. After a couple of strokes Kat would increase the speed. Faster and faster she sucked me. She was matching the speed that her audience, the same speed with which he beat his meat. Kat wanted us both to cum at the same time.

I could not be prolonged any longer, my balls ached to explode. Kat knew this and wanted to please not only me, but our audience. She pulled my spit soaked cock from deep in her throat. Kat vigorously stroked the shaft with both hands until I came. Shooting thick sticky wads of cum all over her pretty face. Kat rubbed the cum all over her face with the tip of my cock. In that same moment we heard a moan come from the trees. Our young voyeur was having his own powerful explosion and shot his huge load all over some bushes. Kat watched lustfully and sucked any remaining cum from my still hard tool. She watched the huge tool of the young man bounce with his every heartbeat, as it oozed cum endlessly.

We never got the young mans name or really spoke to him. However he did know we knew he was there. As he left he gave us a thumbs up as he hiked off pulling his pants up. We laid around the top of the mountain all afternoon. Kat and I went from kissing tenderly to fucking like wild animals. Eventually we dressed and headed down the mountain, a much easier trip then we had coming up. Needless to say we smiled all the way down and all the way home. Our picture that day were great and are part of our permanent collection. Kat and I still hike. We travel and try to do it all over the country. So if you see us fucking and sucking sit back and enjoy the show.


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