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Flash the PizzaGuy

BY: Exhibitionists

My boyfriend and I often have nights where we sit up and drink and chat. Invariably our conversation turns to sex and dares. Usually it is sexual stuff with each other, but recently we have taken to doing more public exhibitionist type dares. Like last week, I dared him that if the pizza delivery person was a girl, he would answer the door naked, and if it was a guy I would answer the door naked. Well, last week it was a girl, and to be honest he was really cool about it and did answer the door naked, but he did hide behind the door quite a bit. Ill give him credit for that, that he didnt scare the poor girl.

However this week it was a guy, we watched him get out of his car and walk towards the house. Your go said my boyfriend. We had been anticipating it, and I was wearing a short see-through wrap-around and heels.

This was the deal, I didnt have to be totally naked.


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Well we had both been drinking a little wine and I was feeling a little confident, so as I was walking down the stairs, I slipped the knot on my wrap.

It didnt totally open, but just gave a little hint of my breasts. Anyway, when I answered the door, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He was really good though.

He was very professional, but when he handed me a bottle of Coca Cola, and I turned and put it on the floor next to me, the top totally came apart, and you could see everything.

Im standing there with the top slipping around my shoulders and a young guy bent over picking up the pizza staring straight into my pussy.

To hell with it I thought, he's seen everything, so I just slipped off the top to the floor and stood there naked except for the heels, while I counted out the money for him.

We still do it from time to time, still a lot of fun. Its easier for me to be daring with the guys than it is for my boyfriend.


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