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Sun Bathe Nude Dare

BY: Liz

This is especially for Mandy.

Janey and I had decided to spend the day relaxing poolside. With our privacy fence, sunbathing nude is not especially risque', but there have been times - this turned in to one of those.

Larry called on his cell phone to tell me he was heading home early. And he didn't stay on the phone long enough for me to tell him Janey was here. Janey decided it would be a nice surprise for him to find us both sunbathing, so I didn't call back. In hind sight, I should have, but this is life with Janey - you do things you normally wouldn't (or is that you don't do things you should?).

Well, Larry was surprised, but not quite as much as the gal that accompanied him! Larry had returned home to get some drawings he had left, and the courier-gal was to rush them across town. Larry thought it polite to make the introductions, her name is Sue - he thought the phone call would have warned us. It didn't.


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Well after the very brief embarrassment, more to Sue than Janey or me, we managed to relax as Larry went for the paperwork. When he returned a few minutes later, he announced he had to make some changes to the drawings, and it would be about thirty minutes or so.

I offered Sue some lemonade while she waited. Leaving someone with Janey is dangerous. When I returned, Sue was down to her bra and panties and applying sun screen. While her khaki uniform didn't hide the fact that Sue was very busty [a little too disproportionate maybe], seeing her nearly overflowing her bra was quite a sight. Sue never gets a good opportunity to tan during the day. She is always driving from place to place. Well, I wasn't complaining. And Sue didn't seem to mind it one bit when Larry made an appearance - he needed closer to an hour.

Janey went into the pool to cool down, and when I sat on the pool steps, Sue came over to dangle her legs in the cool water.

Our hour of sun together seemed quite short. When Larry reappeared with his finished work, Sue had to scamper about to dry off. She didn't even try to hide from Larry. And Larry wasn't bashful about looking either. Well, we all were looking, too. Sue was gone in a couple of minutes still buttoning her shirt as she walked through the house.

So Mandy, Janey and I did your sun bathe nude dare. Now its our turn: We would like you to do one of the towel dares - there are three different ones. Good luck! If you need us to pick a place, we'll offer these choices: go for a drive; Go grocery shopping; get you car washed - self serve or automatic; or just a pleasant nice long walk around the park.



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