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Torre's Dare Story

BY: Torre

Before everybody rags on me, I want to apologize for such a tardy report - and especially to Tamala who should have given up on me weeks ago. We both agreed that we would post our accounts of that night together at this site and we also agreed that neither of us would read each other's report in advance - so I have no idea what she is going to say. I do hope this makes sense. So much happened since that night that I am having a hard time recalling it all. Maybe her report will fill in any blanks I might have.

I had many misgivings about taking Tamala up on her offer to use her store for the Mannequin Dare. I really had only just met her that one time while doing the Changing Clothes dare. I had my doubts about her sincerity and figured she only wanted to lure me back into her store to get me in trouble. Still, she seemed to have gone to a lot of effort if that was the case so I decided to go through with meeting her as planned.

It was 9:00 o'clock. The parking lot at the beachfront shopping center had a few sporadic cars here and there. It was almost dark. I sat in my car for a few minutes checking things out. Everything seemed OK.

As I approached the storefront of Tamala's shop I could see that the lights were still on. The sign on the window said "closed". The shop apparently closes at 8:00pm Monday through Saturday. I peered inside and saw no one around. Staring into the window brought back the memories of my previous dare and all the range of feelings that went with it. I was about to leave when I saw Tamala come out from the room at the back of the shop. She gave me a very welcoming and friendly smile which boosted my confidence. I waited for her as she unlocked the door. Once inside it was apparent that we were alone. We talked about Natalie's group for awhile to break the ice. You know she really is a nice girl. Most of my fears began melting away as we talked about stuff she had read at the site. She seemed really into the whole risk-taking concept and wanted - like Johnny and the rest of you guys - to hear as many details as possible about stuff I had done. When I asked her if she had ever done anything like that she just turned a deep crimson and looked at the floor and got all quiet on me. My guess is that she hasn't but judging from my own experiences SOMETHING must have happened in her life to pique her curiosity! She just hasn't been willing to confide in me yet. Maybe Oz can get her to open up.

Anyway, after talking for another half an hour I finally suggested we get on with the dare. I had given her some limits of mine in advance since, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't really trust her all that well. I told her I would model three - and only three - outfits in the store window for 20 minutes each outfit. The outfits had to be selected from her store. I didn't want her bringing in any outrageous stuff and setting me up. It seemed like a good safe protection for me at the time. Looking back it really wasn't necessary.

She told me she had three outfits all ready for me and led me to the dressing room in the back. The first item was a VERY skimpy string bikini. The top consisted of two small triangles of cloth and the bottom was, well hardly there. It was a "Thong/T-back" type with an ever so small piece of material for the front. To top it all off, it was yellow. I hate yellow. The entire suit fit easily in the palm of my hand when she gave it to me.

Tamala had a broad smile as I took the garment. I thought "This girl must have a wicked streak in her a mile wide." I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I was very self- conscious as she watched me change into the suit. Knowing that she was probably as excited as I was about doing this dare made me even more embarrassed. When I looked into the dressing room mirror I was ready to call the whole thing off. I mean, not because of any risk associated with the dare. No, because my pubic hair stuck out all over the place from the sides and top of the Bikini bottom! As some of you may recall, I don't really shave "down there" except for an occasional trim. It is pretty much kept in a neat black triangle. I was humiliated at the thought of having others see me like that! This may be hard for you guys to understand but I would be more comfortable completely naked than having you see me with hair everywhere. It was just too weird.

Tamala's excitement, however, soon got me back on track. She handed me some thick-rimmed sunglasses, "To hide your eyes from passersby," she said.

I put them on and nervously followed her to the front of the store hoping to get this first outfit over with. She had cleared away a space on the right of one of the large picture windows at the storefront. There wasn't really a platform or anything to stand on like my friend's Bridal shop had before. It was just a space on the floor. The store's window had a 2-foot wall at the bottom of the picture window so my feet were not really visible to anyone outside unless they happened to be on the sidewalk directly in front of the store and they happened to look down.

There were only two cars in the parking lot when I had arrived and they were at a distance away. I quickly took my position in front of the window. Tamala suggested I put my arms on my hips to make me look more like a model. After I did so she said, "PERFECT!" and I saw her look at her watch. She then stepped away.

Those damn dark sunglasses prevented me from seeing outside in the darkened parking lot. I could only see about 15 feet or so immediately in front of the store and then it all faded to black. The two cars I knew were out there when I went in were essentially out of my view. I was in fear that at any minute a car would pass close by the store and I would have no warning it was approaching. I had no idea how many people were out there in the distance. That thought alone made this dare all the worse for me.

After several minutes my thoughts turned to the image I had seen of myself in the mirror only a few minutes before. IF ever there was a moment that I would have considered shaving myself bare "down there" that would have been it! I like myself they way I am, but . . .OH, NEVERMIND! You wouldn't understand. Natalie, help me out with this.

Anyway, I stood there motionless for quite a while and as far as I knew nothing happened. Finally, Tamala told me my 20 minutes were up but that she wanted me to stand still until "those boys left." My heart started to beat faster and I mumbled half under my breath, "WHAT BOYS!!??"

She told me there were some guys outside their car not too far away and that they looked like they were getting inside to leave! "SWELL!" I said to myself. Apparently they left because she told me that it was OK to move and the first thing I did was reach up and moved the sunglasses so as to peek over the rim. I saw nothing. "Maybe they were never there," I consoled myself. I was just grateful to leave the store window and get into something else.

Once back in the dressing room I took off my suit and put it on the chair standing naked as Tamala went into the main part of the store for my next outfit. She probably shouldn't have done that - left me naked and alone. There is something about being naked in a place that you normally would be dressed in that does something to my hormones. By the time she returned I was pretty aroused.

My first reaction to my next garment she chose for me was one of relief. From the looks of it in her hand it had substantially more material and it wasn't yellow! It was white. I took it and then my initial relief vanished. It was a beach swimsuit cover-up. You know the kind with all the holes everywhere! Hoping that there was more I asked apprehensively, "What kind of swimsuit have you chosen to wear under this outfit?"

Tamala just giggled. She has an infectious, wicked giggle that is normally really cute. But right now I hated it. "Silly, That IS the garment I want you to wear. There's nothing else." She went back to outright laughter as I must have made a face or something upon hearing her answer that tickled her.

I sarcastically responded by saying something like, "You actually want me to wear this cheesecloth-full-of-holes in that window! Why didn't you just ask me to stand naked out there?"

She didn't miss a beat and immediately answered, "I would have asked you to do just that but YOU said I had to pick out three OUTFITS and I didn't think your birthday suit qualified as an outfit." She was definitely amused at her own wit as she laughed all the more.

I put on the cover-up and looked in the mirror. It wasn't so bad. Clearly anyone up close could see EVERYTHING! But I figured that from a distance it might be hard to tell. Once again I swallowed hard and took my position at the window wearing those damn sunglasses!

I stood in silence, horny as hell wondering if anyone was looking at me. I heard nothing, saw nothing. Tamala was silent too saying nothing to give me ANY idea of what was going on. This went on for quite a while. I was sure my time was almost up and I was getting bored. Then, a yellow flash of light caught my eye. At first I thought it was my imagination. Then there was another and another and other. SHIT! It was one of those private security cars! It was driving slowly on the road in front of the store. My heart was in panic mode and my first instinct was to run but I figured that was a bad idea! The car passed out of my view almost as quickly as it had come. I breathed a big sigh of relief. I was going to ask Tamala if that dude suspected anything but before I could get it out he came back!!! The car passed from the opposite direction and was going slow and I mean REAL slow. This time I could see the guy in the car and he was looking at the store. He passed by though without stopping or anything.

Silence. That's all there was. Silence. I wanted like anything to know what was going on but I dared not speak or move a muscle. Finally, Tamala took pity on me and said. "Don't worry about Frank. He's just the Shopping Center's security guy. He'll be gone in a minute. He checks pretty much all the shopping centers along the beach." There was a pause and then she continued. "Yep! He's gone."

I didn't care if my time was up or not, I just left the window and headed back to the dressing room. "Do you think he noticed me?" I asked my friend.

"I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention," she responded playfully. "Hopefully HE wasn't either."

I figured that whatever Tamala picked out for my last outfit would be the worst of them all. I was wrong. It was a very colorful - mostly red, yellow and orange tube top and a matching long full-length skirt! "What's the catch?" I asked as I put them on. Tamala said there wasn't one and that she didn't really have a particular order for the outfits she had picked and that maybe this one should have been first. I was relieved!

Looking at myself in the mirror I was relieved that it wasn't see- through or anything and it looked pretty cool. It had a Caribbean flavor to it. I liked it. It was a little large for me but Tamala explained that was the only size close to mine in the store. She then tucked at the waist of my skirt until the top of my pubes showed. "Oops! Too much." She said and hiked it up a little until the skirt just covered me. "This skirt is supposed to be worn low - like this. Too bad you don't have a belly-button ring." She said admiring her handiwork. I liked the outfit. I really did. The only drawback I could see was that it was made out of fairly heavy fabric - especially the long skirt. It would be MUCH too hot to wear in the summer around here. A person would die from heat stroke, I thought!

Once in the window I begged her not to force me to wear the sunglasses but she said of all the outfits THIS one needed them the most as I would look out-of-place without them. After a little whining I relented.

It was well after 11:00pm now and I could barely make out the faint glare of several headlights of cars entering the parking lot. They where way away from the store and they seemed to all gather together. I figured, like most empty parking lots, this one was used as a hangout on weekends. After a while several more entered and I could hear the revving of engines every now and then and once I heard the squealing of tires like someone was making a donut on the pavement. Ah, the good old days, I thought remembering how many nights I had spent in parking lots like this with boys I knew.

My thoughts were interrupted by the awful feeling that my skirt was slipping. Nah, just my imagination I thought. But the more I breathed the more I was certain of it. Of course now THAT was all I could think of. Was it really falling? I pooched out my belly to test my theory. THAT was a mistake! I definitely felt it slip for sure then. It was then I heard Tamala snickering.

"Better hope it stays up, you've got ten more minutes to go!" she said almost to the point of euphoria.

That bitch! She KNEW this skirt would likely do this. Of all the sneaky, low down things to do. Of course in the back of my mind I knew I had found a kindred spirit in Tamala. She was proving to be VERY resourceful and I LIVE for things like this - you know the unexpected. She obviously had put a lot of thought into this and I was beginning to sense her own excitement - like electricity it filled the air and that made me all the more aroused! Think about it. Another person, practically a stranger getting excited about the possibility of seeing you naked!

As I shifted my leg under the skirt in an attempt to make things better and hold the skirt in position, I felt it slowly slipping. There was nothing I could do! It was on the way down in slow motion under its own weight and there wasn't anything I could think of to hold it up! My only hope was that no one out there would notice. Now I know how a spider feels when it freezes on a wall when you enter into a room and suddenly turn on the lights! The skirt finally dropped to the floor and the sudden slight chill of the colder air against my now naked pelvis made me gasp! I froze just like the spider hoping for the best and that I wouldn't get squashed!!

Tamala just busted out laughing. Not that cute little giggle she has either. A deep-seated belly laugh and she kept it up. "NINE minutes to go," she taunted, "Unless you want to chicken out. It's OK if you want to." I just stood my ground. There was no way I was going to have her write about my weaseling out of this dare at Natalie's.

I waited in silence. Then she teased me some more, "Would you look at how many guys are out there? Why there must be 15 or so and a couple brought there girlfriends along too. Sure hope nothing happens to attract attention to you. After all you only have 6 minutes left."

There was something about the way she said that last remark that made me think she was up to something. Another minute passed and so far as I could tell nothing was happening. Then all of a sudden it got really dark in the store. "OOPS!" Tamala squeaked. "I accidentally bumped into the light switch and turned off the lights. Sorry" she said chuckling. In a flash they were back on. I was so mad I was sure I was going to make her pay for this. But I stood my ground as if nothing had happened. So far so good. No honking of horns. No shouting outside. Maybe they hadn't noticed.

Soon my friend said, "Time's up" in a very disappointed voice. I didn't bother to pick up the skirt. I just stepped out of it and practically ran back to the dressing room and got dressed and handed her back those stupid sunglasses. I kept daring her to try modeling something in the window but she kept refusing saying, "Maybe another time." She invited me over to her place to hang out and I accepted as I wasn't ready to go home yet.

She turned off the lights and we walked to the storefront in near darkness. As we stepped outside and she locked the door, I was startled by the sound of sudden applause and cheers - not from the parked cars about 50 yards away but from a line of 6 or 8 people standing maybe 30 feet from the window!! I was embarrassed! SHIT! They had seen everything! We both made a break for our cars and got the heck outta Dodge! All I could think of was Tamala getting into trouble with her mom by those guys saying something. It wasn't until I got to her apartment that she explained that she had set me up and the people were friends of hers.

To make a long story short, after many drinks and tales of my adventures, I finally did get Tamala to accept a dare from me. I dared her to walk out to her apartment swimming pool and swim three laps in her bra and panties and walk back into her apartment.

Did she do it?

That's a story for her to tell.

We spent the night together as it was getting way too late for me to drive back and I was feeling a bit tipsy myself - not safe to drive anyway. I found new, albeit, "SHY" friend and look forward to doing other things with her. I can't believe she actually joined this club!



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