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Sex in the Woods

BY: TheWife

Have you ever made love in a wood?

written as a story but it really happened!!! SUNBATHING

The sun was hot on our sweaty, semi-naked bodies as we basked in the hot summer sun, Jacque's rock-hard naked titties were pointing at the wide blue sky, the nipples firm. Her hips were hunching slightly as the sun worked its sexual magic on us. As I watched, her aureola and nipples began to swell from the heat being generated in her loins, My cock began to stiffen, bulging the pouch of my G-string, Her hand moved across her chest wiping the sweat from her titties, causing a slight catch in her breathing as she brushed the nipples.

Through slitted eyes, I watched Jacquc's hand creep down her oiled body to the skimpy thong that barely covered her heart shaped pubic hair and the shaved lips between her legs. Her fingers came to rest at the junction of her tanned brown thighs and began to lightly play across the silky material,

Neither of us was paying any attention to the other couple about 50 feet away as I watched my lover begin to lose herself in the rhythm of her rising passion. Her hips began to squirm and move as her finger teased the clit through the thin covering.

She must have heard my breathing change, because she turned her head toward me and opened her beautiful brown eyes. My eyes were drawn to her soft kissable lips as the tip of her tongue licked the sweat from her upper lip. I raised my upper body to my elbows and watched closely as she spread her legs slightly. The skimpy material seemed d to suck into her soaking wet cunt baring the naked lips on both sides.

My lover rose and kissed me pulling me down as her tongue danced over my face, then began to work her way lower. I felt her hard titties slide down my belly as her teeth found my nipples. Her wet mouth covered my chest and neck with licks, nips and bites as I began to squirm. I lay there with my eyes closed, hoping she would go lower, afraid she wouldn't because if the openness of the park. Aware that she was fully in charge, I allowed her to pull me to my left side.

I trembled when I felt Jacque's fingers at the hook on the side of my G-string. The sudden nakedness of my cock brought me to full rock hardness when she pulled the black silk aside. The sun on my cock was like heaven as my anticipation leaped.

Her tongue licked the full length of my hardness and down to my balls. Her mouth took each of my testicles into her hotness as her hand pumped my hard cock. The warm cradle of her mouth was accentuated as her tongue caressed my swollen sac. She allowed my balls to pop wetly from her mouth then shifted her attention to the head of my cock. She took just the head, letting her sharp teeth catch in the groove. Her tongue traced a path around the mushroom of the head, then tried to worm its way into the hole in the tip. I didn't dare move too much as she kept a grip with her teeth. Her hands cupped my ball with a slight pressure. I began to smell musk of her sweet hot cunt and opened my eyes. Jacque had shifted her position, putting her pussy next to my face, but just out of reach of my mouth. One leg was raised allowing me to see that the material of her thong had been pulled to the side baring her naked cunt to my eyes. She asserted her mastery of the situation when I tried to catch the protruding pearl of her clit with my mouth by rolling her hips back out of reach. When I wouldn't stop my efforts to lick her steamy pussy she bit down on the head of my cock to bring me into line. When I stopped trying to lick the dew from her cunt she eased the pressure of her teeth and sucked me deeper into her throat.

Her legs spread further to allow her better access to her naked cunt. Her clit protruded from the spread fingers as she massaged her sopping wet slit. She buried two fingers deep into her honey hole, causing her body to shudder.

Her mouth opened wider and her throat relaxed, allowing me to slide fully into her until I felt her soft lips on my hairless pubes, Her mouth fucked me slowly, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat with every down stroke of her head.

I was in heaven, buried in her hot mouth and her naked hairless slit just inches from my face as her fingers worked the steamy folds. I could tell from the grunts and moans that she was almost ready. I had a beautiful view of her puss as her orgasm wracked her. The strength of her orgasm seemed to turn her pussy inside out as she sprayed my face and chest with the hot mist of her come.

She rotated her hips toward me and pulled my hungry mouth to her wet cunt. I tried to lick as much of her musk as I could swallow, while she hunched wildly at my face. Another spasm took her as I continued to tongue her hot pussy. As the orgasm eased she slumped to the blanket, allowing my cock to pop from her mouth. I slowed the action of my tongue, to allow her to back away from the intensity of the orgasm.

Opening my eyes, I lifted my head and was slightly embarrassed when I realized that we had forgotten there were other people close to us. I relaxed when I saw the naked lust in the stares of the other couple. Laying spoon style, he had pulled her bikini top down, baring her large pink tipped breasts allowing his hand to tease and pinch while her hand was busy in the bottom of her suit.


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When my lover herd caught her breath, she reversed her position and pushed me onto my back, my hard cock waving in the air. She plastered her tiny titties to my chest and kissed me deeply. Her mouth sucked my tongue just as she had been doing to my cock moments before. She reached between as and guided my cock into her honey-hole. As soon as she had impaled herself, she pulled her long tapered dancers legs up under her and squatted over me.

Using only the strength of her legs, she began to fuck me. She clamped her cunt muscles tight and then began to ride me. She rose until I would almost pop out of her, then slam backdown. Her hard little titties were bobbing and jiggling in the warm sun, the nipples swollen to almost an inch long. The slapping of our hairless pubes had to be audible to the other couple.

Jacque's soft brown were glazed with lust as she fucked me, bucking and riding my slippery cock in her single-minded pursuit of her orgasm. The tempo of her strokes speeded, the slapping of her crotch on mine louder and harder. Her lusty moans became louder and longer. Her orgasm caught her in mid-stroke, every muscle in her body instantly rigid. As the waves came she collapsed on my chest. The spasms of her pussy squeezing my rigid cock from her.

She snuggled down next to me as she recovered, her hand seeking my still hard cock. She began to stroke me, keeping my cock stiff. As soon as she could breathe she slid down to my throbbing dick. This time she positioned herself so she could watch the other couple as she took me into her talented mouth. I turned my head to watch them also as she swallowed me deep into her throat.

Still side by side, he had stripped her bottoms and was fucking her from the rear. We both had a good view of his thick cock hammering into her. One of her hands was mauling the bounty of her huge tits and the other was frigging her swollen clit.

My lady's mouth began to keep pace with them as we seemed to become one with them. As his pace increased, so did Jacque's mouth on me, I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat as my jism started to boil. His long cock slid out of her as they both began to come, his spunk squirting into the thick red hair of her pussy. Jacque lifted her head and let my come cover her face as she finished me with her hand.

Jacque crawled into my arms and kissed me, whispering moans of satisfaction. The warm sun took over as we relaxed an enjoyed the view of the other couple as they remained naked.

This actually happened June 1988




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