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Nude in the Gym

BY: Natalie

Well Holly and I got into a pickle this week. We were both at the YMCA working out and trying to get into bikini shape for summer. She had called me and asked if I might want to go with her because she hates to go alone. I like working out alone some times, but working out with a friend is fun too. I told her I would go if she picked me up because my car was on empty and I was low on cash. Holly picked me up and took me to the Y and caused all these problems to occur. Had I stayed home none of this would have happed to her… or me.

I was flirting with a few guys working out in the room. Holly and I were doing the bikes and these guys were just getting ready to. One was about 48 or 50… the other was a bit older then that. I was enjoying the effect my spandex was having on their jogging pants. They really were getting turned on watching my ass as I peddled the bike.

Holly was egging me on and doing a little flirting of her own. Neither of us were really wanting to hook up with these guys. We both like to tease guys and get them hard. Then it is fun to strand them with no way to blow off the steam. I am really bad about doing it… but I am good at doing it. Haha Holly is not too bad. She tries to be a little more refined since she is married, but deep down she is a wild child just like me. So, we teased these two guys to no end.

Well, after they worked up the nerve to speak to use we started to tell them a big line about how we were on a bicycle team and that we where here from Boston on a cross-country tour. It was a real riot! They seemed to buy ever word of it. Maybe it was because their cocks were doing most of the thinking by this point.

Holly just made it worse because she hinted that we went town to town and often had to get a “Hard” workout to be able to handle “riding” the bicycle seats all this way. Hearing this almost set the two guys over the edge they were really getting hot, and Holly and I were laughing out butts off. Little did we know at that time that the biker shoe would be on the other foot soon enough.

The guys told us that they too were from out of town and they stopped in to work out too. They were on a bus tour of the counties of Ohio for the bicentennial. Holly had heard of it and started to ask them about that. She was starting to bore them, so I mentioned that Holly and I normally like to bike naked on deserted roads. The guys loved hearing about this, so I kept spinning the tail more and more.

After chatting ourselves up quite a bit and making them think we were really sluts that just fuck out ways across the U.S. of A we ended up doing something even dumber. If that is really possible! Holly told them that we sometimes skinny dip to cool off, and that it was not unheard of for us to just take our clothes off at the drop of a hat. One of the guys there said something about wishing he had a hat. Which was lame, but kind of funny at the same time.

I followed suit, not wanting to be out done by Holly, and told them a story about how once we bet two guys in a race with us that if we beat them we would shower with them at the end of the race. Again, their curiosity was perked. They asked what happened, and I told them that we had won… so the guys had to streak the hotel parking lot.

All this was getting to be a bit much. I am not really sure how much of our story they believed. It seemed like all of it, which could have been due to wanting to believe it. They started to get a little fresher and wanting to get to “know us better” and such. Getting tired of the game Holly did the dumbest thing of the night! She told them that we were really busy but if they could ride for longer then us they could…

Interrupting her I said, “See us naked!” Looking at these two I could tell that they were in no shape to out last the two of us on the stationary bikes. After all… we had been riding for about 30 minutes already… and… wait… maybe that is why were got so damn tired, so damn fast!

Holly was only trying to blow these guys off and now we had made a bet with them! We had bet two of the guys that we could go longer on the bikes then they could. The challenge couldn’t be taken back. In seconds they agreed to allow us to see the same if we beat them. It was all going so fast. Neither, Holly or I could have guessed that it would have come to this.

I looked at Holly to see if she was serious. She looked back at me as if to say, “We can take them.” Or at least that is what I thought she meant. I was later told by my dear cousin that she meant, “Tell them we are full of shit!” I sure that we could beat them myself, so may have read more into what she was saying then she was… well… saying. Haha

This is how the bike challenge began. What started off as more of a joke was now quickly getting out of hand. And if we didn’t win this we were soon to be getting out of our clothes. What was it they say about telling the truth? Well, some one should have reminded Holly and I… because it would have saved us a lot of sweat… and…

The truth will set you free… but free of what? As we peddled away on the bikes we were really starting to feel the burn. Our cover as “touring bicyclers” what starting to lose some credibility. It would not be long before we both had to give in and just face the facts that these two guys were going to get a really nice look at our naked bodies. The show would follow as soon as one of us could take no more.

I could feel the spandex creeping up placed it really did not belong. And as the sweat rolled down from my face, I could feel it start to build into drip. How out of shape am I anyway? I couldn’t believe that I was already about to give in.

Holly on the other hand was about 100 times worse. Haha She was looking at me and moving her legs like they were made of lead. I was sure she would be the first to drop. She gets tired walking up hill. This had to be killing her. I think the only thing that was keeping her going was the idea of having to let these guys see her naked.

Holly is not like me. Well, she is… haha We are related… haha But she is not really as big of an exhibitionist as I am. She has a husband to go home to… and some one to explain things to. Haha Not wanting to give up, I looked over to see how the competition was holding up. These guys were after all older… and after all these guys were on a bus tour. What kind of people go on bus tours? My guess was people too lazy to drive. So if you are too lazy to drive then it would go to figure they wouldn’t make it far on a bike… right? Well, if you answered yes… then you are as dumb as Holly and I are. Haha

Well, after what seemed like miles of virtual miles… I could take no more. My legs were like Jello. I had to quit or I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day! I was not sure at that point if I had not already don the damage! Haha I started to go slower and slower… until I finally winded down to a complete stop. I then drooped over the handle bars in defeat. Knowing I had lost and cost Holly and I a bet, I felt really bad. Not quite as bad when I looked over and notice Holly had stopped too. At least I could be able to share the blame. Haha Was the only thing that made me feel the least bit better about the mess I was surly in. Holly’s hair was in her face, so I couldn’t tell at all what she was thinking, but, I had a good idea as to what she was thinking!

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Well the race was on… so to say. We had to keep our feet moving the petals or our hands would be moving our clothes right off our bodies. You could guess that we were going as fast and as hard as we could. Which… in some cases is a good thing… this was not one of them. Going full force was causing Holly and I both to tire out faster then the two guys. If the race ended before we started to get tired… we could have won for sure! However, our opponents felt that the race should go a little longer then a minute! This was not going good for us. The clock seemed to be stopped… and I still place some of the blame on a poor clock battery for this whole thing. Holly and I couldn’t really be in this bad of shape… could we? Haha

We had 15 more minutes to go and at the halfway point we were starting to lose ground fast. I almost suspected one of them had tampered with their speedometer. Maybe that would explain why neither Holly or I could keep up with these two geezers. Two Hair Club For Men candidates were beating out butts! This physiological spanking was made worse by the cocky men calling out their mileage!

When time was called… I tried to keep going… in the hope I would add just one more mile in. I was not really sure if the guys were pulling our legs when they called out their mileage or not, but they really had me worried. Truth or not, I was shaking like a leaf. Holly was about ready to cry. She couldn’t believe that we where even in this mess. She is not one to do things like this… so for her this was a little worse. But! I will remind you that it was no cake walk for me in the least!

Agreeing to strip for two guys should we lose a silly bet is something you could expect from me… I guess… haha But, Holly? This was really daring for her. I told her she better peddle for all she was worth, because if we lost these two guys would be find out we lied and get a nice view of our bare asses!

The guys came over to see how many miles we had racked up. The added them together. Holly checked their math. No use getting naked because some one forgot to carry the one. We were quick to check the guys speedometers too. I only wish they had lied about their progress. Needless to say… we lost!

Holly and I had to find a place to make good on our bet… and the guys recommended the showers. Not the showers in the women’s locker room mind you. The showers in the men’s locker room! Well, that posed a few problems. First off we are not guys… so we are not really welcome by the staff to stroll into the guy’s locker room. I am not sure why, but they frown on that kind of thing. The guys said that the best way would be to come in from the pool area, because no one watched that entrance as much. Plus that entrance goes right through the showers. The ladies locker room is kind of the same set up.

Well, this made sense, but we still needed to be able to get undressed quickly and then get out quickly. Holly was so shook up that she was no even able to speak. So, you can guess that all the plans had to come from me at this point. And you know how letting me make the plan turns out. Haha I thought about it, but the guys ordering us to hurry up rushed my brain just a little too much. All I could come up with was for us to get undressed in the women’s locker room and then sneak into the guys shower in only a towel. Not a great plan, but like I said… I was rushed and Holly was of no help!

The guys however felt that this made it a little too easy for us to sneak out and not go through with our end of the bet. I tried to tell them that my word is good, but I think the look of horror on Holly’s face was telling them another story! So, I told them that I would make them a deal. They could ask any of the women around to watch the door and make sure we didn’t leave. They still were not happy… they felt that a woman would side with us. So, we agreed to let them tell another guy about the dare. Then they could watch the door to make sure we didn’t sneak out on them. This seemed like a good idea… and I blame Holly for not telling me anything to the contrary. We went into to the women’s locker room after they talked a tall black man into watching the door for them. The guy got a real kick out of the story and said that he couldn’t believe that anything like this could happen in this town. The really bad thing about letting this guy in on the bet was his big mouth!

Once in the Lady’s locker room Holly started to cry and said that she really couldn’t go through with this. She said that she just knew her husband would find out about this and she would end up in a big fight with him. I know she has an exhibitionist deep insider her, but I also know she is more about talk and fantasy then action. I told her that it would only be two guys and it would only be for two seconds. How hard could that be? She shook her head and peeked out the door. In the hall she saw the look out was talking to a few of his friends. As soon as they saw her they all looked over and waved. Each laughed, and according to Holly… each was drooling. Haha What was to follow was almost too much to believe. Holly and I got undressed and hit the showers. We half thought that by waiting them out, they would just go away. I mean, who really waits around… just to see two naked women live and in person? Well, I can answer that… a lot of guys! More then two anyway!

Covered only in our towels Holly and I peeked out into the pool area. There was no one to be seen, so we started our trip toward the guy’s locker room… more or less just to see if they had left or not. As we got closer we could hear the water in the shower going. Not wanting to walk in on guys showering… in only our towels… We started back to our locker room. I mean how would that have looked?

Well, we didn’t make it half way back when the two guys walked out into the pool area still in their workout clothes. They wanted to know if we were chickening out. Well, those are fighting words to me… but Holly looked about ready to lay an egg at any minute! So, I took matters into my hands again. I know… I know… bad idea! You all have read my adventures before… and know… I have a talent at putting my foot in my mouth… or just plan screwing myself over time and time again! I said that we didn’t want to walk in on them and run the payment of our bet by seeing them naked first. They guys laughed and said they would believe that for now, but thought we really should pay them before it got any later.

Keep in mind that we were in the pool area. This comes into play really soon. You see the guy that was supposed to make sure we didn’t get away had talked one of his friends into watching for us…. While he and his other friends went into the shower to watch the show. The two older guys told us that if we went into the shower now we would be putting on a show for 5 or 6 guys. If we just dropped our towels now, we could get by with only showing two guys. They had a good point, but this place was a little more public then the showers would be. We would be sure to show off to 5 or 6 guys in the shower, but there was a chance that some one would see us out in the pool area if we waited much longer. I looked at Holly and then pulled my towel free. I turned and flashed the two guys. They couldn’t believe it! Holly couldn’t believe it… hell I couldn’t believe I did it! They let out a cheer and then another as I pulled Holly’s towel from her. There we where… both naked… next to the pool. Pale… and covered in goose bumps. Holly went to cover her crotch first and I quickly started for my towel. This had to be a good show for the guys. Holly was a little pissed off that I had pulled her towel and grabbed my arm before I could get my towel. Spinning me around… giving the guys a nice view of her ass and mine… She tossed me into the deep end of the pool… well kind of pulled me in… as we both went flying into the water with a splash.

Holly was quite pleased with herself. First off she had gotten a little revenge for my pulling her towel off and exposing her to these two strangers. Secondly, she knew the water offered a little cover from their glairing eyes.

Lucky for the two of us these guys were gentlemen and they tossed our towels in to us. Humiliated we didn’t say a word to each other the whole ride home. Holly dropped me off and didn’t bother wave as she sped off. Two days later, she calls me to tell me that one of the guys at the YMCA goes to her church! I felt a little bad for her… but… then again… not too bad. Haha Holly now has a big dare under her belt and a big does of humiliation too… so maybe there is some good to come out of all of this. Haha I guess we shall see.



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