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Dirty Word Dare

BY: Laura's Friend

This is for the Ladies:

1- Pick a word that is used often during a day.

2- Everytime that word is said go into private and strip off an article of clothing.

At First i thought this wouldnt be to good ofa dare but My friend Laura told me to do a random dare and this came up so i decided to do it for the hell of it.

The word i picked (hoping that it wouldnt be shone) was ass. So i put on my shirt, black bra, a miny skirt and a thong on and headed out the door. So i went down to my local target and i heard some boy say ass twice so i thought to my self "shit im in a target i need to take sumthing off" so i realized My socks i could take off my socks the next time i heard it was when i was at the mall. i was gettin a massage from the chineese massage place when i heard like 4 boys say ass 3 times. I was stunned i went "omg." Now Laura had been with me the whole day to make sure i would do the dare so She started laughing so i thought to my self and took off my shoes and my shirt. The Massage guy didnt seem to mind (i think he thought that i wanted him to rub me with out a shirt).


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So as soon as that massage was done i got myself out of there as fast as i could (i never got to shop) so on my ride home i decided to watch a dvd i had just got before the massage and it was shang-hi knights so i was in the car with the portable dvd player watching it when the world ass came up a few times so to cut to the point i was but naked and getting very horny everyone who passed us instantly saw me. Also laura wouldnt let me cover my self. then it happened laura tied my hands behind my back put my keys in my hand and droped me off 6 blocks from my appartment. Remember im Butt naked and have to run 6 blocks to my appartment Not only that but it was on a busy road and it was 4:00 in the after noon so to make it short i finaly got home horny and dripping cum from my pussy from the excitement and i got home called my boyfriend over (he lives in the next door to me) and we fucked he fucked me like i had never been fucked before.

Over all this has been a great dare. now to think of somthing for you to do


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