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Mile High Club

BY: Traveller

i was going thru security... wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt. my belt had one of those big metal buckles, so it set of the detector. i had to have the little metal detector swiped over me and it went off, i had been suggesting lemme take off the belt and walk thru, but to no avail. then i got padded down after he stood up and with a straight face asked me if i had something in my bck pocket. obviously i did he felt it i said yes it was my wallet i had to take it out he looked at gave it back. i had to take off my sweatshirt and the detector went off over my belt again. i had to pull my pants to my ankles and so it did not go off over that area. so he let me go. i noticed a flight attendent who had been watching. she was kind of giggling, and so i walked over to talk to her, and she made some jokes and i played it pretty cool and made a few myself. we talked for a while and she jokingly slapped my butt after we went our separate ways.

so i was waiting at the gate and then we were boarding... i got on and took my seat. it took for ever before we took off. once we were at cruising altitude, the flight attendents were giving out beverages. i was surprised and joyed to see the flight attenedent i had been talking to. she didnt notice as she walked by me and i pinched her ass (since she had slapped mine) she turned around at the speed of light with this look on her face that would scare an evil spirit out of you. but she recognized me and her face lit up and said "OMG what a surprise, hhow u doin?" we talked for a few secs but she had to work.

later when i went back to go to the bathroom (#1), after i came out she was in that fligh attendent area and i started talking to her. she was actually staying the night in the same city as me and going to be on my same flight the next day. so i had a conference all day but i met her for dinner at about 830. after we went back to my hotel room, and u can figure out what happened. the next day i had the conference and i left a little bit early to catch my flight.

she walked by me and she arched her ass up for me to grab. then she bent over and whispered in my ear "do u want to join the mile high club?" of course i did, i was figuring the bathroom, but she took me to the flight attendent area. she pulled up her skirt (from her knees) to her waist, and she wasnt wearing panties, i was just like "i luv u" at the sight of that. after it was over i went back to my seat. i went to the bathroom alot to get some make out and feeling up.

she asked me the next tmie i was flying cuz she lived in a different city, actually in S. Cali, unfortunately i wouldnt be, i would have loved to date her.


"Clips from different sorority sister's houses and dorms across colleges."

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